Adventurer #15
31 июля 2004

News - actual news from: Research, Arhon, Gasman, Fatal Snipe, Skrju, ZX Time team, Newart, Elph.

<b>News</b> - actual news from: Research, Arhon, Gasman, Fatal Snipe, Skrju, ZX Time team, Newart, Elph.
i wasn't born for you scene...  
elfh/CyberPunks Unity           

i wasn't born for you...

hello. what are the reasons to wri-
te this text? don't even know. you
are  looking here to get something
new about scene projects, but i'll
turn it  another way.

after receiving a lot of letters
with replies to my request of news
for  this adventurer, i became a
bit upset. no, no one wrote
nothing sad, but  there were no
scene news as it intended to be.
everyone was caught by  life, the
same for all, different for eve-
ryone. and at the early  morning,
when bright summer sun has risen
at the sky, i just felt that
right now, at that moment, everyo-
ne of us lives and feels the same
lust for life, forcing us to move
forward, perceive the world, share
discoveries and experiences with
close friends. that is why we wish
mikezt success in his exams, to
slavka kalinin - never get into
hospital; luck and good fortune to
the whole spectre's family;
ellvis,  of course, will find a
good work; sq, kq, nq will write
beautifull  books, set insane per-
formances and meet live at party,
at last; diver  will find his for-
tune in family life, and all
4d+tbk will spend a lot of  great
summer days and nights at cyber-
jack's residence; slip will repair
speccy and publish his novels;
ay-riders will have a lot of per-
formances  and no borders would
prevent them to do this together,
live; and at  least all we will be
happy with the release of this is-
sue of adventurer.  that's right
scene, i wasn't born for you. our
life is infinitely deep  and diffe-
rent periods of it are bringing a
lot of new things, that  capture
our attention, thus we have no
strength to concentrate on  so-
mething, important and needfull,
but illusory and demanding a lot
of  efforts to be released. that
is why you not have to wait for
this  chapter in future issues of
adventurer. visit www.sce-,,,, to have  on-the-fly
news, and we will continue our
explorations in various not  time
critical directions.

but for now i have something to
tell you about projects, that are
ready  to splash out in the forese-
eable future.

back from the dead

as i had already expected, an old
teams, that were known a lot time
ago,  are starting to reestablish
their activity. this process will
grow  slowly, but inevitable. and
now research/volgasoft is repor-
ting very  good news - he has re-
commenced the work on famous
game 'Land of  Dragons', for now -
'In Utero'. work is not going
fast, but 50% line is  already
over. the main problem is absence
of designer, because renko -  the
former speccy grafician is profes-
sionally working in 'Mill' studio,
which is known for film 'Cuckoo'
and 'Midget Nose' cartoon. so, he
have  no free time, for the speccy
activities. it is possible, to see
demo  version of game at cc04. pa-
rallel to that he reworked FLN uti-
lities - a  set of tools to work
with the sprites, of course it is
used to make the  game creation ea-
sier. i'll remind, that previous
version of this packet  you could
find in addition to adventurer11,
for now it is possible to  use RLE
compression on sprites and do the
screen output almost without  per-
formance loss. look some screen-
shots (1, 2, 3) and do not forget
to contact volgasoft, if you can
help in production. also, research
is planning to release a music
disk, containing all released and
unreleased works of volgasoft for
AY, and may be a demo for CC04.

Arhon <>

despite not so good state of affa-
irs in GreenBitGroup - practi-
cally, not one of the started pro-
jects is not completed and there
is only little hope to see it rele-
ased, a hardware man - arc, amazed
everyone with his new develop-

arhon> he has elaborated and relea-
sed in hardware a Slot-1 construc-
tion.  it consists of 3 boards,
mouse  ps/2 + Kempston joystick +
Cmos. those boards assembled,
using slot  technology. it is con-
nected to transfer-slot, which is
put into  processor socket on
motherboard. that leads to compa-
tibility with almost  all speccy
clones. the author has full docu-
mentation to produce this  device.
everything is accurate and harmo-

so, write to the author, i have
all the more hope to rejoice you
with  new hardware discoveries in
nearest future.

riding the envelopes 
Matthew Westcott

i think, you understand, that
ay-riders are not planning to stop
on one  successfull performance.
according to yerz and gasman, the
next concert  is planned to be in
Zurich, but there are no specific
dates still.  gasman himself conti-
nues his experiments on field of
new sounding of AY  chip, using on-
ly programming techniques. sour-
ces and documentation of  his 6
channel player and editor used in
'apology' intro could be found  at
cy/apology/. further developments
of  this idea we will hear at as-
sembly04, where he will be presen-
ted at  oldschool music compo, and
maybe at cc04, where he is also
planning to  be. unfortunately,
h-prg is not doing a demo for asm
this year, but  someone will pre-
sent speccy there at oldschool de-
mocompo. music disk  with general
sound modules is also sheduled
this year.

trust in chip           
Denis <>

as fatal snipe/fenomen said to me
practically, he is the only one,
who  is doing something on speccy.
long time ago announced demo pro-
ject  'Oxygene' was given up, beca-
use all coders are being busy in
commercial  game making. but snipe
himself is continuing to create,
using available  technologies of
sound processing. his album 'Suxi-
nesex'n'sience' being  composed on
AY and then carried to completion
on pc. release is planned  at
cc04, where fatal snipe is coming
alone, probably bringing a pc demo
by fenomen.

updating your vision     
sq76 <>

i will not write any concrete in-
formation about skrju - what facts
and  words could be said after
their last work - 'Idiot'? answe-
ring my  question 'what plans do
you have, concerning speccy?', sq
answered 'love  people and do
demos'. that is all, i can finish
here, but in refutation  of ru-
mours, hovering in the scene,
about total submersion of skrju in
[v]arga, i assure you - this is
not true. kq, sq and nq are spend
their  time, perceiving the world
through music, literature and

rise from the slumber      

long-suffering AWAKEN (huge 3D
more_than_elite game with filled
graphics) sources, consisting of 6
disks of assembler texts in vari-
ous  formats, can't rest in peace.
it is known, that 4-5 groups held
it in  their hands, but no one ne-
ver spoke about any developments
in this  direction. and now, after
a few years it turns out, that Kar-
lo Computers  Software + Sty Deth
Crew had also touched the unknown,
and they have the  courage to con-
tinue work on this project. i
don't know more, but hope,  that
nearest issue of zx-time will save
us from the burden of ignorance.
anyway, we wish them successful
completion of this project.

walking in the mist       
Slava Kalinin <>

dizzy has experienced a lot of ad-
ventures in his time. fate presen-
ting  him another one - work on
the sequel of this game, started
by the team,  who created 'fire
and ice', have gone into dead end.
for some resaons  (it seems to be
internal discrepancy) graphician
Kirill Kagan stopped  his work on
the project. but this doesn't
stops newart, who nevertheless
founds a man, able to continue
work at a desired level. but, nea-
rest  dizzy's reincarnation on
speccy remains in a fog. more
exactly i can say  about upcoming
release of 'fire and ice' final
version. there would be  corrected
bugs, extra levels and final cut.
the happy moment of speccy  scene
music site realisation is also co-
ming closer and closer.

strike me down again 

i have reasons to assume, that sud-
den directional leap in development
of speccy demoscene, seen at
cafe03, will initiate appearance of
more interesting works this year.
for now, i know that placebo, 4th di-
mension+triebkraft, skrju, cpu, in-
ward and volgasoft will try to do
their chaos constructions works in
time. that is why, if everything will
go as it should be, democompo pro-
mises to be very solid. more to say,
analysing splash of gamemaker's ac-
tivities, we can wait a lot of game
compo entries. i have very optimis-
tic thoughts about forthcoming
party. we'll be there. there will be a
lot of us. come.


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