Adventurer #15
31 июля 2004

Interface - elph: games, i haven't played.

games, i haven't played.        
elfh/cyberpunks unity           

games, i haven't played

games, games, games. i'am tired of
playing. sometimes, i'am doing
this, even not seeing the horror
of the situation. and after that,
staying amazed by the fact of how
deep, the desire to be someone el-
se could be, follow the rules of
the game, run from what i really
am. but, for now, we wouldn't exa-
mine the elements of psychoana-
lysis, thick yellow books can tell
you more on this subject. today
we'll talk about creation and cir-
culation of computer games, proce-
eding from spectrum reality, of

i have to confess at one time
practically, computer games
doesn't catch me. for about eight
years, not speccy, not any other
platform fails to attract my deep
attention, when it comes to ga-
ming. of course, i watch all spec-
cy releases, that are appearing
now, even played 'supercars' a few
months ago, but that is not mine.
that is why it was very interes-
ting for me to know and understand
captivated players and distribu-
tors. this was an incitement for
me, to carry out some interviews
and polls for adv15.

first thing, i've stalked with, se-
ems still to be a barrier of uni-
ting people with a similar views
us and them. russia and west. our
development was very different,
that drived to the truly absurd re-
sults. whereas abroad still exist
people, really involved in speccy
games, desiring to experience and
deepen in the worlds, created by
its authors, my nationals absolute-
ly doesn't care about accessibili-
ty of their works. projects, relea-
sed in russia, rarely become a com-
mon property there, even taking
into account its quality and origi-
nality, quite often surpass modern
foreign hits. a lot of people are
already submitted to tr-dos, but
our infinite russian language
still remains inaccessible for the
remained part of the planet. no,
there is no one guilty for that,
but we have to think about our ne-
ighbours, especially, that the
high-quality translation wouldn't
be the complex problem. because
there are a lot of people in our
community, who know english lan-
guage, and practically, anyone of
them would be glad to help.

next distinctive feature between
our cultures became the point of
view at game creating, so the re-
sults, according to this. at west
'jet set willy' still remains eternal
spectrum cult. not bothered by the
waiting of new complex games, peop-
le bought consoles, amigas, pcs,
where the flowering of 3d-shoo-
ters, rpg's and strategic games
took place. we had unsurpassed
'black raven', and a lot of splendid
demo versions, showing what can be
done by the one, who have the desi-
re to create, not depending from
the accessible means of producing.
evidently, here is the reason of
such a staggering differences bet-
ween releases of, for example, 'cro-
nosoft' and some outstanding rus-
sian works, rarely appearing at
scenergy, in party packs and 'your
game' contest. and while simon ully-
att (cronosoft) is having a good
time, devoted to his child, alex xor
tries to find sponsors, authors and
at least survive in this unfriendly
industrial society, throwing man to
spend most of his time in attempts
to establish his urban life.

and the most interesting disco-
very, i want to share with you, is
people,here and there are playing
old and new speccy games. and what
is more - they are even ready to
pay some money for it. and here
emerges one more problem, not be-
ing solved since the disappearing
of 'inforcom' (huge russian label)
absence of centralized distribu-
tion of spectrum software. it is
absolutely clear - there is no one
in russia, who is ready to buy cro-
nosoft releases, because the ship-
ping prices would be too high and
it is very hard to find 48k+tape
fanatics here. in the same time,
abroad, not much people know about
existence of modern russian games.
of course, i mean those, who could
be really interested. yes, 'zxf'
is paying attention to some
titles, but the whole layer still
remains unreachable to the fans of
retrogaming. the solution is evi-
dent - only one man infatuated by
his occupation, is needed to start
this 'business', unprofitable from
the beginning. i'am sure, that
will come very soon, because we
are getting older, finding some
not very burdensome ways to sup-
port our first casual bodies, get-
ting possibility to give ourselves
to the the things, we are really
interested in.

but there is one more, very power-
full feature, uniting us. that is
common for the every creator,
standing aside of mainstream
highways - dominating desire to
express ideas and feelings, but
not to live one more day in labour
for the sake of the system. this
absorbs, sucks out, fullfills,
bringing so needed circulation of
positive energy to our lives. that
is why i adore the results of work
of 'fire and ice' team, rejoice
and break into smile, seeing
'flash beer', look in depression
at some of my friends, who spend
their lifetime preoccupied with
'warcraft',  'silent  hill',
doesn't_matter_what_else, dea-
dening every single gleams of crea-

yes, in a big world, with the big
brothers, for a long time already,
game industry could be placed in a
one row with alcohol, drugs, TV
and all other direct or indirect
means of mind control. and what is
really sad now, everything is not
as it meant to be at the begin-
ning. we all know, what was put to
the first home computers by its
creators - an instrument, to help
human development. that was pro-
moted by built in programming lan-
guages and by the need to have so-
me knowledge even to load the
game. and sure, majority of us did
first steps in programming by lear-
ning the inner structure of 'wec
le mans', 'captain trueno' and
'puzznic', trying to get infinite

the system tries to use eve-
rything, that posesses the positi-
ve potential in its own purposes.
takes under control achievements
of mankind, imperceptibly changing
the direction of its development.
you don't have to think, why eve-
rything is so bad in modern socie-
ty and especially don't have to ma-
ke an attempts to change current
situation. but the human nature is
ineradicable, desire to resist co-
uldn't be suppressed by no offici-
ally authorized means, that is why
you are getting  an opportunity to
destroy some extraterrestrial in-
vaders, or even a passer-by, pea-
cefully going on the street, and
then you can calmfully drawn the
remained feeling of dissatisfac-
tion in a cheap alchohol in a nea-
rest bar, but not be late, next
day you'll have to spent at work,
obtaining welfare, that you can't
use in full scale anyway.
the history is being changed, rew-
ritten, forgotten. but everything
is not that bad for us. we are not
in system's interest. huge corpora-
tions will not try to put us down,
government will not be able to
dismiss us, and representatives of
the 'law' would hardly have a desi-
re to produce us an accusation in
illegal actions. but, not being a
closed community, we can
construct an elements of truth and
perfection, making it penetrate
the outer world, doing it a bit
better. and the only thing i hope
to have a power to realise all con-
ceived plans and ideas, and to re-
veal that is still closed by the
veil of time...


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