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31 июля 2004

Interface - AS C-major...

AS C-major...                   
Miguel/CyberPunks Unity         

As C-major...
by Miguel

Music is different. Every one of us
comprehend it in his own way, we
have different tastes and every one
has his own level of musical influen-
ce on his everyday life. For some of
us it's just a background, for some -
time of rest, for some - posses-

As a person, who compose a single
track in a year on average, I can
say, it can seem too weird or ridicu-
lous or too pretentious though,
anyway, it appeared that there's no
difference between the terms "my
music" and "Spectrum music" for
me. Constant struggle with my own
ambitions, idleness, simple every-
day rotine affection makes me think
whether it is really important for
me or not and makes me do the choi-
ce more often. Often hear from dif-
ferent people, that a man like me
must think about something else,
that I can't do what I want so long, I
see many people who don't want to
make any attempt to realise them-
selves, and it makes me sad. More-
over, I'm afraid of any thought
about living without it, that eve-
rything can unexpectedly change in
every minute, about broken keybo-
ard (that was fixed by Left Handed
not so long time ago - creet him
when meeting at Chaos Construc-
tions) or about something more se-
rious. At the same time, I un-
derstand, that all this are just a
little difficuilties on the way of rea-
lisation of thoughts that are in my
mind. "Bu-bu-bu", "tra-la-la" tal-
king with myself and "everything's
gonna be fine", "no problem",
"cool" for others became a usual
way of conversation. Sometimes I
think that I don't need Spectum to
be an instrument, that he became,
but on the other hand I connect with
him from time to time with the only
purpose - to catch and to finish
anything that flows thru my mind in
every minute in a 3 channel and en-
velope format. I know, he's feeling
OK - he stands aside, awaits of tur-
ning on, then looks at me while I'm
walking in my room from one wall to
another listening one single pattern
whitten just few minutes ago, rejo-
ices, laughing at me, anf then noti-
ces in astonishment my hand, re-
aching out for a power button... And
yesterday I've put a sticker on the
case "The X Files", so now he has a
croos that I can see from the dis-

I don't think I'm the only one. It is
amazing for me, when some people
can write a lot, often and why do
they succeed. I understand, that
without such musicians I would be
much worse, moreover, I thank
them, thanks to europeans for be-
ing themselves, thanks for AY and
Yamaha difficuilties, and also ABC
and ACB and such kind of things. I
seldom listen to Spectrum music
last time, like lone wolf while others
associate, send e-mails to each
other, exchange their things. I
thing I'll devour myself soon, but I
suppose, there's a moment for eve-
ryone, when there's enough of
Mm<m'a, Ironman'a and Never'a.

It appears, that many of us see va-
rious ways of development of
Spectrum music as it is, the possibi-
lity to realise their ideas on a
higher quality level, waiting for so-
mething evolutionary new, that will
give a strong impulse to many of
"stuck" musicians. But I'll say the
only thing - there's nothing better
than the familiar Pro Tracker where
you can do exactly what do you
want. Some can think it's ridiculous,
but I think that the simplicity in rea-
lising your own ideas is the indica-
tor of "intellectual" approach. I
won't teach anything here, instruct
and ctiticize, I think, someone who
can will surely understand what I
mean, cos they are very simple.

Simple as C-major.

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