Adventurer #15
31 июля 2004

Scene - CAFe'2003 report from Chasm.

Демосцена Демопати Отчеты, репортажи, впечатленияCAFe

splash! where am i? yeah this place is nice - large amounts of alchohol ahead...
yeah! those drunk bastards surrounding me are: miguel guel, ahim xtreme and the most wackiest is sickboycyber! we gonna rush the whole time we are here.
look: the forest is wet and the people are wild and strange.

splash! this guy looks familiar, but it seems he has to be at the balcony. he calls himself chasm-huyazm. ok will it be like that.
splash! those little guys got maryjane from voronezh - great future awaits me, I can feel it.
suspendous exserts from my memory are - they have no ganja, the place is hot and the sand is everywhere.

splash! got inside the large hall. some people around. they just dont understand what is going on -  I have to explain. why the volume is so low on this mixing deck. hey guy! gett off tha keys I need sotakone to rumble around this place. whtf? some freaks are pushing the lever donw again. get lost! music m-u-s-i-c-u-m-u-s-c-m-uu-u-ummm-mmuu-uu I wnat not rats not the stupid slogans and proposals to leave the place. get lost. I have to preselect the music compo entries, yeah more juice and all be fine great stuff (but loosy sound). tired of wasting time here. some of amiga demos are great (eph and tbl roole). black screen. off.

wake up! are you cpu? no, I am ucp. 'hello' 2 bottles of vodka more (and a red polotenze also). fading away somewhere.

splash! its dark, but fire burns great! those nude persons are completely drunk - so am i. the ship will be suitable for us. we need a ride. what those man in uniform are doing here? ship is leaving, booze is leaking inside. huyazm got a stroke into his face from the tbl guy - great! lets kill each other! its fun and a sign of respect also! no one supports me. dig me deep please. the sand is so sweet an the fire is worm. people are friendly and i'am coco! yeah!

what have you done! whaa-a-a-at h -a-a-v-e-e-e YOU done? the last bottle is broken. the morning is cold. the people are shivering. the red polotenze is lost. need more dope.
obvious exits: east, west, up, down, temporal zone, downward spiral, and curling calyx of ak47. 

the place is great, the sun is shinig.
inventory: got all I need. i'am coco bryce yeah!

the man with macintosh didnt get the point and I repeat: will you give this machine for free? he is silent, seems dont understand me. get off, we gonna continue boozing.

great time on a red carpet even greater than with red polotenze! coco bryce, yeah.

and whtf are you think you are doing here, sitting behind a pc, controlling a projector and not showing up ephidrena and mfx ? you are doing a big mistake ! ok. thats much better. j/eph is great. ee-ph-i-i-d-r-e-e-n-a-a-a!

where are all my friends? chasm huyazzm, miguel guel, sickboycyber and ahim xtreme? doesnt matter, i'll get them later on. some guy is inviting me on the stage, talking crap, then gives money - good deal! want more. got more. even got a chance to talk crap myself. yeah! BRYCE MY COCO guys! i'll be back somehow (maybe intruding your mind next to this creature's cave).

Темы: Игры, Программное обеспечение, Пресса, Аппаратное обеспечение, Сеть, Демосцена, Люди, Программирование

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