Adventurer #15
31 июля 2004

Editorial - elph: offering myself...

<b>Editorial</b> - elph: offering myself...
elfh/cyberpunks unity           

offering myself...
by elfh

turned into adults children could be
dreadful with their silence and tho-
rough penetrating severity of
stare. while a lot of adults, who still
remain children in their heart of he-
arts, often suffer from the at-
tempts to understand the structu-
re of the world, surrounding them,
exploring not toy soldiers and cars,
but the laws of existence, falling in-
to pieces, with every step they do.
my toys are not silent anymore,
they are not lying in disorder aro-
und me. they move, cry, scream,
feel, find harmony in all - devouring
chaos, sleep in cocoon, like a
larvae, when the void advances, and
move together, according to the in-
visible logic, realizing their des-
tiny. i don't want to play them any-
more, losses could be too much, be-
cause every broken off particle ta-
kes away a part of me.

adventurer is not less alive than
you or me. even if he lives only in our
consciousness, not having it's own
physical body, i believe, this side of
our existence is what stays after
us, growing and giving birth to a
new life. the body itself is not mea-
ning very much. well, i would like to
give him mine, at least for some
time, to let him feel your attitude,
to get more food for further
growth. but that means, that to-
gether with me, with everyone of
us, devoting ourselves to him, he
will experience all development pe-
riods, that are awaiting searching
human being on the way to eter-

you can offer something to him,
show him your world. maybe, that
will  influence his further fate, but
maybe he will simply pass by. in any
case, i'am  sure - he likes to give
himself out, unconsciously, not for-
cing anyone to anything, but at the
same time  rejoicing, when there is
someone near, who understands
him, and shares  his feelings.

we will help him for a long time more.
i don't know what is the age of  one,
who is not counting time, but i'm al-
ready starting to feel, that adven-
turer was ever.

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