Adventurer #15
31 июля 2004

Scene - Dive Into Monolith (GFX compo).

Dive Into Monolith              
Moran/CybrPunks Unity           

Dive Into Monolith
by Moran/CPU

Dear ladies and gentelmen, I have
one desire, and I want to share it
with you. It is to shed some light to
the one style of graphic art, to  use
it then for the wellfare of not only
speccy, but a whole mankind.

Now I'll tell something about this
style - it is monochrome and
contrasting. Why? Everyone, who is
disposed to ennoble mankind -  idea-
lists. Sometimes I rank myself to
them. And them, those idealists  are
inclined to look at the world from
two extreme positions; good -  evil
or white - black. Doesn't matter,
who likes what. And I'am just  like
them, that is why, graphics should
be monochrome, you can use any co-
lours, as soon as there would be on-
ly two.  Judge  for yourself the
charms and merits of contrast
image. It is hard to  understand
white, if there is no black near it. It
is very easy to enjoy  silence after
noisy company. That is why, we can
put so much life in  image, that would
seem simple, but even outward
world will fade beneath  it.
That is why I want to organize a
graphic compo under the aegis of
CPU. It  would be!... Doesn't matter,
how many participants would be
here, maybe  only me, but then, at
least, I'll get high places and someo-
ne would  understand me, even if it
be only me myself.

Here come the rules of this

Platform, you use, means

At least PC should understand the
image format.

Resolution is restricted to 256x192
or lower. But, honestly saying 1x1
picture would be too extreme, that
is why the lowest value is

There should be no gradations.

Stylistic example is an intro to this
issue of our magazine, but I don't
want to limit you, that is why, ac-
cording to request of some people,
you can use noise.

Only two colours allowed, nothing
more, black and white is desired,
but I have nothing against other co-
lours if only speccy can
display it.

It is desired to apply some covering
text, but this is at your

Each participant can present up to
seven works.

It's a pity, that I have to restrict
an Artist, but it is needed to spread
all works somehow, to let them live
their own lives in people's

There would be a jury, and results
would be published in next issue of
Adventurer. The best graphics wo-
uld be in attachment to zine. Prizes
would be very symbolical. But this
not stands above everything, the
main point is participation and the
process itself.

So, participate - Monolith GFX
Compo. I'am not calling, but inviting
everyone, who wants to take part in
something. Those, who are spiritu-
ally close to organizers would be

Moran/Inward/CPU - organizer.
elfh/Inward/CPU - moral and mental
support, communication.

Темы: Игры, Программное обеспечение, Пресса, Аппаратное обеспечение, Сеть, Демосцена, Люди, Программирование

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