Adventurer #15
31 июля 2004

Interface - Analizing ZX Spectrum games 2003 year.

Analizing  this  year,  and  the rest of last one, I think, the
logical conclusion could be made, that we have the raising game
makers' activity. Though, there are not so many games, that are
worth  of long time playing, anyway, most of it can leave the
ordinary  crap  game  competitions  entries far behind in it's
quality.  One  of  the reasons, as I reckon, is the activity of
Perspective  Group  - the 'Your Game' contest, the beginning of
game projects distribution, that, I hope, will continue, and of
course, 'Abzac', that directly reveal the field of interests of
its creators.
 We  took  a  little  interview  with  Alex  Xor, that shows his
attitude to the current situation and the following development
of game 'industry' on Speccy.

elfh> During  last few years you pay a lot of efforts to resurrection
of  game  making  from depression since the end of 90-ies. What
leads you and what is the highest purport of your activity?

axor> The  main  impulse  was  the fact that there were no good games
made during last years. The demo competitions became boring for
me.  So,  I  decided to make a game competition, the event that
had  never  been before on Spectrum. There are few purposes for
this contest, as for me, the main are the following:

 1.  To  attract  groups/people  that  can  make  good games for

 2.  To  attract  consumers,  new gamers seldom pay attention to
Spectrum  and  it  is  very baneful for our platform. I'm sure,
that  new  games  are  able  to attract the young generation. I
think  it's not a big secret, that it's almost impossible to do
it in big cities, but in province, where clubs and hobby groups
still  exist, this method can help. That's why I hope, that our
contest  will  yield  its  fruits.  However, we rely on contest

elfh> Are  you happy with the last year's results? What can we expect
this year?

axor> I  was  quite pleased with last year's results. There were many
games,  with good quality, moreover, this contest was the first
one for the most of competitors. What can we expect this time I
don't  even  know.  I  was  informed by many people about their
participation,  but  still  (27.10.2003)  we  have  a very slow
movement  in  this  direction,  so  I'm  very worried about the
contest.  And  I  was  surprized  with  6  games  presented  at
CAFe'2003  this  year.  I  don't know why people decided not to
take part in 'Your Game'.

elfh> As for me, the quality of games presented there was higher than
those from 'Your Game' - what do you think about it?

axor> I  don't  know.  Probably,  the  last  year's "Your Game' games
pushed  authors  forward  to  creating  better games. Anyway, I
don't really know.

elfh> The  realization  of 'Imperia 2' in the way that it was done by
you became something totally new on Spectrum at this time. What
was  the  reaction  of  users?  Will  you keep on creating such

axor> Yes,  it  was  a  new  approach. I think, here in Russia we had
nothing  like  that  before. But not so much people wish to buy
this  game  with  all  that stuff from the package. Will I make
something  else  of  that kind? I shall if anybody able to make
games, music and novels will support me.

elfh> 'Imperia  2'  was made only for machines with at least 256kb of
memory.  You  think  this  is  the  only  possible direction in
development of game making?

axor> Of  course  not!  By the way, the game itself let me down. Many
users were upset because it work only on 256kb, moreover, using
Scorpion  and  Pentagon  512  standart.  I  won't  do like this
anymore.  I  think, that there is a long time ago used standart
for  good Spectrum games - 128kb, that's enough, 'Black Raven',
I guess, is a good evidence.

elfh> What  is  the  most important aspect in this case: gamer or the
game   itself?  In  other  words,  will  Imperia  initiate  the
appearance of large amount of machines with extended memory?

axor> I  think, if someone had the purport of increasing the quantity
of  such  machines,  then  the games like Imperia 2 should have
appeared 8-10 years ago.

elfh> Is Imperia protected? I admit, the appearance of new games will
bring  the  revival  of  crack  scene. What is your attitude to

axor> I'll keep the secret about protection. What's about crack scene
-  I suppose, it's already history. There's nobody left. Those,
who  still  can  make  something  understand the value of a new
software, and I believe, they won't harm. The time has changed,
you  have to pay if you want something to appear. Though it was
actual long time ago. If situation with coders' fees would have
been  regulated  in  the  past,  now  it could have been not so
catastrophic. And I'm very displeased with crack scene! I still
can't  forgive  that asshole, who cracked the past year's 'Your
Game' release and put it in internet.

elfh> Do  you  play games much? Do you solve games, that take part in
the contest?

axor> I  seldom  play.  I  have  no  time,  anyway,  I prefer to make
something  by  myself  than  just  play.  Honestly,  I  haven't
completed  any game from last year contest, even mine. I played
it enough while developing.

elfh> It  is  well-known, that today there is an uprising interest to
retro-gaming  in Europe. Have you any plans for your appearance
on the international stage?

axor> Not yet. Can somebody give an advice how to do it?

elfh> I  see  the solution of this problem in the following: creation
of  a  english/russian  languages  site  with  all  appropriate
information  for developers and potential customers. The games,
subjected  to  distribution,  must be comprehensible to english
speaking  customers  and  russians.  The  problem  with formats
(trd/tap)  arise,  but it can be solved. Our gamers aren't used
to  pay  for  games, while it is the common thing in Europe. Of
course,  the  bet  must  be  done on the release appearance and
design,  as  it  was done with Imperia 2 - no crack can provide
such  feelings  that  it's  possible to gain having an original
release. What do you think?

axor> I  agree,  that this our trick with Imperia 2 is something new,
comparing  with  all  other  game  releases made on Spectrum in
Russia.  But  we  have  to  settle  down  all  affairs with our
(russian) gamer before presenting such products to the European
audience.  Moreover,  this game release let us down, cos it has
some bugs. I hope, there will be no more such rush releases.

elfh> How  wide  'Abzac' is spread? What is its circulation? What can
you  say about the tendencies in development - does the readers
amount increase?
axor> We  have  a  large range - Russia, Ukrane, Belarus, Poland. The
edition  is  still  at  the  point of 100 copies. The circle of
readers  is  almost  constant, some of them leave, some of them
are  just starting reading us, and that's good. Now my question
- why 'Adventurer' crew don't buy 'Abzac'?

elfh> I've  got  some issues and I haven't read them completely cos I
understood  -  it's not mine. We just have a different point of
view  and  different  interests,  what  can be seen in the last
issue  of 'Adventurer'. Though it doesn't decrease the value of
'Abzac'. Maybe some final words to the readers?

axor> I  hope  it  won't be censored? Anyway, I shall speak to you. I
wish  you just one thing - to get back where you came from, the
place  you  occupied  during  last  years. Now, by the readers'
replies,  I've  made a conclusion that people begin to like you
less.  And that's bad. Your attempt to unite our scene with the
rest  has  failed,  at  the same time it caused a split here. I
suppose, at first, we have to make everything alright here, and
only  then  to  show it to the rest of scene. I know, that time
change  us,  but  people  like  us  for  our  past, not for our
present.  Try  do not to lose the reader and correspondents and
then everything will be fine! Have a good luck.

elfh> Yes,  I know that last issue has distressed many people, but we
are not gonna stop our evolution (involution?). I wish you luck
in those affairs that we have practically left...

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