Adventurer #15
31 июля 2004

Tutorials - hewle splines.

Программное обеспечение Описание Прочие программы

hewle splines...                
alff/cyberpunks unity           

hewle splines...

I want to speak in this article about
spline usage. It would be  desirable
to note, that the purpose of this ar-
ticle not to explain  what is spline
and how can you build them. You can
receive this kind  of information
from rush 02, but it would hard for
you because it was russian langua-
ge magazine...

Why should we use splines?

In spite of the fact that it is very
slow to build spline, even if will
completely rewrite routine from
rush02, all the same you will  not
achieve very high speed. So it
seems, that this thing is hardly
applicable in modern demomaking or
something like that. But it is  useful
there a lot.

I think, that all of you frequently
used tables of sine for construction
of different kinds of effects, all lo-
oks good, smoothly and cheerfully.
and if we try to use spline table
instead of sine, all become even mo-
re funny... (by the way in rush02
priest/em has offered such kind of
routine, it builds 256 bytes long
table, and there were 8 control po-
ints, actually you can find it in the
attachment, with hewle spline

It is not necessary to mention that
there is an opportunity of
construction of tables for move-
ment of different kind of objects and

But i didn't find any kind of conveni-
ent software for modelling  splines,
well and i decided to write my own. I
urgently advise you to read help.
There all is simple and clear.

That's all.


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