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31 июля 2004

Scene - from party to party Cafe'03 and FOReVER 5 party reports and comparision.

Демосцена Демопати Отчеты, репортажи, впечатленияCAFe

from party to party             

- from party to party -

(Cafe'03 and FOReVER 5 party re-
ports and comparision by


in the summer'03 mikezt and ellvis
did a little mad thing - a travel-
ling little over 2000km to visit
Speccy party in Russia-Cafe'03.
trip was not prepared very well,
we were not taking care much about
accomondations or travellings. but
party was the main point and it
was most important.

we came to the party with a lot of
other people. we were little like
in another world - all those peop-
le who we knew about only because
of demos, were in the same train
with us. it was a nice feeling to
see that they all really exist:)

we missed the official begining of
party because we were eating in
close restaurant. well, food was
good, just the woman working there
was not really fast. :)

first day of party was about
Speccy. classic competitions as
gfx, music, intro (512bytes) and
demo. the first new thing for us
was the fact, that noone there had
own computer, party was strictly
only for watching the production
presented on bigscreen. technical
background looked very good
sound was great (and really not si-
lent:), big screen was really big.

CAFE'03 was biggest Speccy event
in Russia in 2003 year and it real-
ly looked like that - i think that
most of all active people around
Speccy were there. we spent a lot
of time in talks, but we also wan-
ted to enjoy the party (well, sor-
ry to all who did not understood
our jokes and also sorry for our
not joinings of people outside as
we really wanted to watch the pro-
duction). nice was the fact, that
mikezt took part in intro competi-
tion and even if he was not the
winner, he not ended on last

little surprise was the fact, that
after all the competitions the par-
ty place was closed and everybody
had to leave. we were little con-
fused, because we had no place to
sleep (and even it's not problem
to sleep on the street for us, but
we simply wanted some great com-
fort and not street!:-), but orga-
nisers finaly let us to sleep on
party place. thanks to them!

second day was about pc and amiga
competitions. well, it's ok, just
little boring after some time for
me. very nice was one amiga demo
pretty against USA - there were 2
guys from USA presented on the par-
ty so i think they were having
fun. :)

well, it was another world - so
much people around Speccy scene,
guys taking interviews for maga-
zines, lot of new productions,
words as "lamer" in the air:) and
so and so and so. the scene in rus-
sia is really big and it's possib-
le to take a lot of energy from
such events. CAFE was different
party then we used to know from
here, but it have a lot of advanta-
ges which we can't se here.


i came to party very late - it was
about 2am in saturday morning. the-
re was just very few people-i t's
little sad that people are unable
to free themselves for one full
wekend and friday. i met few Spec-
cy people - Shrek, Dizzy, Logout
and so. atari people were sleeping
or away in pub, c64 the same. fore-
ver is the biggest pure 8bit mul-
tiplatform party in middle europe,
but this friday was there just
about 30 people.

saturday was very good in the way
that there was official program.
so people were not just sitting
and working on their computers,
but hey had also fun with other pe-
ople. it was throwing with 5,25"
diskette and playing a football
match in microprose soccer on c64
(well, zx scene loosed:).

during saturday came the usuall
amount of people, so party was on
every year standart. afternoon
there were some presentations of
new games (c64), digisid - SID emu-
lation (Speccy) and later started
very long and boring music competi-
tions. this time was a little
problem with sound aparature, but
for next years it will be better
for sure.

demo competition was little surpri-
se for atari and c64 scene was de-
mo atTRAPA by MB Maniax. both sce-
nes prommised revenge, so i am un-
patient to see what they will show
us on next forever.

sunday is just about prizes gi-
ving, this time we made prizes
little more better - not only
t-shirts but also calculator and
other stuff.


well, and what's diferent between

computers. CAFE was party for wat-
ching and talking, meeting and so.
Forever is also the same, but you
can also bring your own computer.
well, saying truth, people here
even can't imagine that they will
be unable to bring computers to
the party. and it's not like they
all the time sit in front of com-

the scene. well, saying truth, rus-
sian scene looked to me little
like "professional". like it's ve-
ry strictly divided between
"elite" and "lamers". here people
take it as pure hobby.

on both parties is lot of al-
cohol:) people here visit more
pubs, on CAFE they were drinking
before party place.

CAFE is MUCH bigger party.

i wanna thank here to some people
who helped us a lot. at first it's
to Dizzy - he took care about us
for all the 2 weeks which we spent
in Russia. next is Unbeliever - we
were his guests for few days and
as he look like "professional
elite ":), he is really a great
person. next big thanks goes to or-
ganizers of CAFE - well, it was ug-
ly from you to let us sleep on the
street :) but thanks for letting
us on the party place and also
thanks for the party itself!

greets to all who we met there
i'll not write any names because
it was a LOT of people and i don't
wanna forget for anyone.


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