Adventurer #15
31 июля 2004

News - sq: news around us.

<b>News</b> - sq: news around us.
news around us.                 

I can't remember exactly when I be-
gan to masturbate. I guess, I  was
thirteen. I remember how I loaded
ZX-Stag, stepped off the  screen as
the authors had advised, Techno-
man Group as I recall, sat down  on
the carpet and started. When I did
cum, I was very scared; this  all so-
unds too vulgar, I know, but it's
exactly what I've been looking  for
and couldn't find for a long time. A
perfect preamble.

Many years passed; you can remem-
ber a lot of discussions, that
Spectrum does harm a real life, it
began, I suppose, with Heresy, and
there were a lot of answers, one of
them was my own which I wrote for
Insanity. Can you imagine, they
guzzled ten years of my life! Gosh!
Swallowed and decayed! Someone
had already fucked. Later, I'll meet
a  girl, I don't know now how it will
happen, she was deflowered at  thir-
teen. And what I've been doing at
thirteen? I sat behind a computer
while my leg was being devoured pie-
ce by piece, I was being swallowed,
and you too. But nothing left to do,
except of being decayed. And later,
I'll start playing Starcraft, when
I'll get pc, Starcraft compos are
being held, and there are a lot of fa-
mous players all over the world,
and when they are being intervie-
wed and asked about their girfri-
ends and  they always reply with a
modesty, that they have no girlfri-
ends. Maybe  such thing were at
Spectrum too sometimes ago. Ho-
wever, all this  around_girlfriend
lyricism must be left aside decisi-
vely. Now they are  adult and mar-
ried, much of them even do have
kids. Only c-jeff didn't  marry. Diver
will soon. Arty Noonzen has the se-
cond child. Everybody has  children.
Everything's set alright and there's
no need to remind of  those jokes
about chicks, sceners and conti-
nence from Body. Everybody  had al-
ready slept with each other, and
that's good, let the sexual  revolu-
tion move forward, no pasaran,
russians and chinese are friends

I think you're not very pleased to
read this. And that's right.  Maybe
you think that I'm not sexually sa-
tisfacted, and I need this sex  and
so on. Forget about sex, maybe I'm
a sex contemptor, if you want to
know. Maybe I have something else
in contempt or don't have. I didn't
want to speak about this goddamn
sex at all. Maybe I'm speaking about
feminism and peace all over the
world. Maybe I'm Clara Cetkin's
grand-grandson. There was written
in Psychoz that I'm a jewish maid. Or
wasn't? They had to - I sent them

By the way, KYV//TRIUMPH says that
only three members of Triumph left:
IceDi, smoke ganja, Cooler, who ne-
ither smokes nor drinks and KYV,
who  drinks a lot of beer and grew
fatter since last 3 years and now is
65 kg  (about 155lbs). They still
hardly make Psychoz, some game
cracks, the  most successful among
them are Nemesis, Flash Beer and
Sid Spider. He  also says that Ice'Di
is gonna come at Chaos Construc-
tions. If you'll be  there you can
send him greets personally. I re-
member when we were  spending a
night at Volga beach with a lot of
drinks at Cafe'2003,  Ice'Di was rol-
ling over and over on the sand and
laughed and then rised  quickly, ran
along with the bank and fell down. It
was very funny!

These are Triumph. I remember,
how did I discover Psychoz at the
first time. That were the first is-
sues. It was the night before New
Year,  I was sitting behind
spectrum and reading Psychoz. I
carefully read  every Ironman
word, tried to feel it, tried to imagi-
ne myself being a  junkie, tried to
understand everything and to think
I'm cool. Then I  heard a whistle
from the window. Psychotron was
standing there, in the  blood stained
coat and in the white shirt, which
was stained too. He had  a friend
with him - Sasha. They knocked at
my door and I went outside.  They
said they had a fight on the street,
then went to the hospital  where
Psychotron's lip was fixed; said
about a drunkard who had laid  the-
re on the floor and he seemed to be
shit up???.... I came out. Sasha  sat
down on the stairs and started to
vomit. I turned off, but when I  loo-
ked down on the floor and saw that
this substance is covering my  feet,
I ran home, said everybody "bye"
and shut the door in a hurry, and
then continued to read Psychoz.

Psychoz is a good e-paper. Re-
member, Buzz is another good
e-paper!  Released by legendary Pla-
cebo. I still love and respect these
guys.  D-Man, Sairoos, Spy, Crazy
and of course Paracels who is uni-
versally  recognized as the sexiest
spectrumist (by the way, he insists,
that  Sair00s's despite of being mar-
ried still active, maybe he's doing a
demo). Only Diver can be a bit more
handsome. Once Unbeliever said,
and  that was not without reason,
that if he were a girl he would be
crazy  about Diver. I think many of
others would do the same. But he's
occupied. Irrevocable. Diver is gon-
na marry in august, and it seems
that  he's gonna come at Chaos
Constructions as a husband. Unusu-

Deus has returned from russian
army! Fonder and spiritual leader of
ex-Light Future Group. As Diver
sais, healty and alive as before.
Probably he will be the one among all
Perm guys, who's gonne come at
Chaos Constructions. However,
they wont bring a demo, cos the
main Perm  coder, brainman Cyber-
jack/Triebcraft (try to guess) is in
love! Nobody  can describe the situ-
ation in Perm better than G.D., so
now is G.D.  speaking:

G.D. - The cooliest guy that I know,
the leader of this band of  degene-
rates, megabrain, and simply the
most clever and handsome :)) I do
nothing. Devoured by job and after
it I have close sexual relationship
with pc - making a site for out en-
terprise. So you have nothing to
wait  from me for scene for some-
time. Though I still play with
Lightwave and  Flash MX.
Poisoned CyberJack - my Mental
brother, turned out to be a dirty
natural - he acquired a wife and a
child. He also do nothing useful.  All
suggestions to make a demo are
usually denied by him with answers
like: 23th of june I'll have 2 hours of
free time, wife is gonna go to  her
village, I'll become sad and then
we'll make something. So, he's  just
a bitch, no seaman.

Key-Jee - mysterious guy... What is
he doing now is unknown. So,  this
scum can make anything you don't
expect        :)
pROF - Romantic. Treated by misfor-
tune... One, another... But he's
standing firmly! Fucks verybody
with his pants on. He's the most
sceniest scener that I know. Con-
tacts with many people in the whole
country, helps the youngest gene-
ration, let down the most pre-
sumptuous  ones. So, Lelik is the
best :)

Diver - well... There's no sense to
write about him. Everyone  knows
him. So just a few words for those
who doesn't know. Cool just as
pROF, but in glasses. And he knows
everything about everyone.

Siril - Joined the lovers of school-
girls, japan anime and gays,  became
more reticent, seldom appears.
Still the best musician, but he's  ke-
eping it in secret. Joined some AY
coders' sect. So, he can be called
the most active among us.
JtN - I'm afraid of this man. When
sober - absolutely normal,  civilized
man, who can keep the conversation
about politics and ballet.  But when
being drunk starts to jump from 5th
floor  window,  shouts
"AMKAR-CHAMPION", kicks girl's
buttocks in a bus, swims in Kama,
calls  everybody 'drunk scums'. Tho-
ugh he has a diagnosis with a certifi-
cate  from mental hospital. ... Even
me, the kindiest man, punched him a
couple of times to make him shut up.
Is this normal, when he drinks wine
with proletariat at 1st of May, ta-
kes off the badges from pioneers
and  to the 14 o'clock he can't say a
word? I'll make a demo with

GreenMan from Nowhere - became
Vasya's colleague and is surely lost

And some more words about Diver.
Unusual. In spite of the fact  that,
he seldom talks about his private li-
fe and moreover, doesn't like  when
anybody do this for him, however, I
dare to say this - try to guess  whe-
re hi found his bride? At CAFe'2003
at Kazan. Maybe C-Jeff will marry
after visiting Chaos Construc-

As I mentioned C-Jeff and Brain-
wave, C-Jeff stated a few days ago,
that Vortex returned to
Joshkar-Ola, so probably there'll be
a demo from  Brainwave. Also, their
zine Joint can be finished. Antique
toy is surely  gonna take place,
works have been unploaded in in-
ternet, voting have began.  Eve-
rything's fine.

By the way, Spectre//OB and
Brom//Ellipse married too, more-
over, Spectre became a father.
Greetings. Maybe Freeman will mar-
ry too. I think there's no need to de-
fine his bride more exactly than it
was written in Body, if you ever
read it.

And I recalled my dream about
Chaos Constructions now. I often
dream at night about different par-
ties. Basically, in the most of cases,
my dreams are pure delirium, so
even I have a dream about party, it
again  delirium. Today I've seen
Stanly//Studio Stall. I didn't recog-
nize him  in the beginning, and only
later I realized. Realized very  con-
ditionally, thinking, let it be him.
Why, what could it mean? I don't
know, I only remember him sitting
on the table and dangled with legs.

And again I just recalled, when I
was small, I hadn't had even a  mo-
nitor, and I waited my mother and
granny when they finish to watch
Brasilian soap-opera, and then con-
nected computer to tv and played
different games that didn't loaded
very often and stated tape loaging
error, what usually made me to cur-
se everything and punch the tape

Hooy-program - there's such ama-
zing team! With Yerzmyey who
draws  amazing pictures, Gasman,
and many other people. Gasman is
gonna visit  Chaos Constructions!
And Mikezt wants to come and may-
be Ellvis! Probably  they'll make so-
mething for Chaos Constructions.
And that's very good.

Everything's fine and interesting
now! Everythings in its right  place.
Everything's how it must be. And I'm
gonna shit, and then maybe  gonna
sleep, or gonna eat something.

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