Adventurer #15
31 июля 2004

Scene - History of making demo "WeeD".

<b>Scene</b> - History of making demo
History  of  making  "WeeD"  

Officially,  the  work  on the new
product  started at 13 June - rather symbolic date (13+6). But,
not  this day, not the next month no one did nothing. All, that
was done - the spirit of the product have been defined. Massive
_sadness_.   Exactly  that,  nothing  else.  To  my  opinion  -
loneliness  is  the  most  sad  thing,  That's where I started.
Sometimes,   people   are   saying   that   I'm   cheerful  and
communicative  man, but the heart of sorrow and solitude is too
familiar to me - I had a fucked up childhood. Even these days I
can leave everyone without a reason and stay locked at home for
a 3-4 days. Don't know the source of this need, but after that,
when  you  go  out,  common  people  and  things are noticeably
changed. Kewl...

So far, the spirit was defined. At first, the music, was chosen
properly.  The  key  word  -  'was', the final version features
absolutely different score. The product missed a lot because of
this.  The state of depression, dominated in the first versions
of scenario, have been lost. By the way, about scenario. I just
don't  know  why  are  we  writing  it.  Anyway, all the useful
information it have is the keyframings and music synch. But its
worth  reading  after all, when the work is done. First version
of script is attached to this article. Key-jee even proposed to
supply  the  product with it, as placebogods did at their time.
Because  of  the  script  the boy appeared. May be he showed up
before  this, I don't remember. But it was clear from the start
-  the product will carry a certain idea, touch someone's soul.
I  don't  even remember, who invented this 'sad boy, beloved by
no  one'.  Seems  like  he appeared by himself. Strange, but it
wasn't  girl.  Basically, I like girls more. May be it's good -
he  was killed without regrets. Also, this is strange - the boy
have  no  name,  evidently, for his harder personalization. His
exterior also didn't matter at all. Generally, at the beginning
it  was  a kind of a cuboid. And if I've followed cj - we would
have  a thing, consisted of balls, as a main character. The use
of cuboid or balls would simplify the animating of a character,
but  having  a  human  being  instead, one can compare yourself
easier.  Thus,  the  choice of personage model was right and no
one  was pity about it later on. This also helped us to realize
some features to improve overall visual outlook of the product.
I  just  want  to  mention  -  the  part,  some  people  call a
protracted  intro before the final is supposed to be main. As I
perceive,  the  final  part is nothing but a powerful packer of
coloured  animation.  It  could  be released some years before.
Curiously, no one had any guess about this.

Keyframing.  In  our  opinion,  choosing  the  score within the
already  done effects is absolutely wrong. Only proceeding from
the  already  composed tune, its mood and construction, one can
imagine  the  visuals, palette and actions. That's why key-jee,
with  his  quite  frequent changes in music made me nervous all
the  time.  Sometimes,  I've  listened one pattern up to twenty
times  to  picture  the scene and the next day composer changed
everything. During some period of time I had an impression that
the  boy couldn't be killed at the end. I just couldn't imagine
-  the  boy  with  the  smile  over his face, marching with the
curling flag in the upshot. On the assumption of music it could
be  like  that. Fortunately it never happened - key jee changed
his  mind.  The  main  problem of the product is the protracted
music. That's why we had to separate some conceptual parts into
pieces.  Beginning,  for example. City, camera zooming. Nothing
of  that  done good. This problem should be solved in the final
release. The rest of keyframing is successful to my mind.

Parts.  All  of it were born in sequence, different to the one,
used  to be in demo. I'll describe parts in order it came to my

Camera  zoom. At first, I suggested to apply an alfa-channel to
change  frames.  Cj  proposed  to use the same engine as in the
next  part - 3d with the keyframes. Finally, we ran out of time
and  used  diver's idea - easy to realize, good looking method.
This   scene   is   a   right  way  to  show  diminutively  and
insignificance of boy's life.

Camera,  scrolling  in  an  empty  room. Why its empty? Because
frame  features  only  a  piece of wall and a cube, imitating a
bed-side  table.  And  sprite, remains a sprite. But cj has its
own  opinion. Scene carries out deep emotional message (maybe).
He  is  alone,  emptiness  fills everything. He is deficient of
something.  Sitting here and thinking what does he need and how
it  could  look like. The outerworld is boring and dull. By the
way,  the  world  doesn't  cares  about how it perceived by the
creatures,  born there. No one never know the true sense of the
things,  surrounding  us. All we see is not true. Everyone sees
its  own,  usual  and  comfortable  way.  By  the  other side -
outerworld  is  a fruit of ones perceptional paradigm. In other
words,  if  you  feel  something,  then  you are a universe and
everything  goes  within  you.  Wars,  disasters, love, plastic
surgery  of  Michael  Jackson  -  you  have  imagined  that  to
entertain  yourself  -  you  are  god.  In this case, situation
corresponds to the boy's mind, its empty.

Loading.  Seems  like  his mind got a purpose. Purpose imprints
the  boy's  universe.  Door,  opening nowhere, he overcomes it.
Bathroom  -  the  place  of solitude and revelation. Purpose is
right  there.  Everyone  wants  his purpose to be important and
significant.  Fuck  you,  get this! Take a candy. Ok, at last a
candy. What is inside?

Hallucinations.  This  is  the name of the part. Eight pieces -
eight  visions. A battle between stereotypes and reality starts
in the boy's mind. Apparently, reality wins, everything appears
just  like  it  meant  to  be. He learned to change things. But
there  is a mess in his head, so everything turns into a chaos.
All  scenes  developed  during  one  week  as  a  result  of  a
brainstorm.  'Vulgar'  stuff  rejected immediately, we tried to
keep   only   the   most  precious  things.  I'm  not  good  at
hallucinations,  had  to  provoke  it  in reality. As mentioned
before,  listening  one  pattern  up  to 20 times is enough for
that. Paranoidal incidents, happened to me this time have to be
mentioned also. It's fun, but terrifying.

No   one  loves.  In  my  opinion  its  a  culmination.  Silent
contemplation  of  incomprehensibility.  Situation  comes  to a
norm,  shrines  to  the  one  place,  where  something is still
happening.  Probably,  its time to calm down. I stand my ground
firmly,  walls  are  not  moving,  I  can  pay  no attention to
somewhat  spinning  near  me. But hey, its interesting! Idea of
this  scene  was  taken  (borrowed,  copied, stolen, converted,
_sneaked_) from some Japan film. There was a similar character,
frequently  loved  by  no  one.  Objects... Objects appeared by
itself, adhering the principle 'no pyramids'.

Beautiful.  Maybe,  it  symbolises  a total mind divergence, or
otherwise  boy's  transition to another, better world. But most
likely, it symbolises nothing. Just a pop insert to guarantee a
prize place. Was born in tortures. Nothing more to say.

Second load, intro. Can't say anything - don't remember. It was
invented  by  diver  and  cj,  I was busy at this moment, can't
remind the line of their discussion.

The  end.  Death  of  a  body.  Yes,  the brain remained in the
colourful  gutter.  Child's  organism  couldn't  survive such a
strike.  Put  yourself  in a place of imbecile, being a healthy
child  for  about  a 4 minutes ago. We planned to kill him from
the  start.  I  don't  remember how this idea stroke our minds.
More likely we were drunk or stoned. Maybe cj remember...

That's all.

Youth say 'no drugs!'


history of making - part two.

Being a naive chukcha youngster, following the requests of some
authoritative  comrades  I dared to write my part of history of
the  making...  Alas, I didn't succeed - the result couldn't be
compared   or  even  used  in  the  same  zine  with  brilliant
psychedelic  gd's  part.  That's  why  I've changed my mind and
deleted  the article... But I had to write something because of
a given promise and here is my 'much different' work.

A  lot could be said about the history of the making itself, in
case  of our memories were not so faded. Certainly, this is our
most  complex  work  -  as  for perception and for the creating
process  itself.  Due  to  long  duration  of  demo it was very
difficult   even   to   invent   parts,   not   mentioning  the
visualisation  and  creating  it. No, nevertheless, our path is
small  blasting things as melange or detroyt. As I said at CAFe
from the stage 'we wouldn't do it again'.

Difficulties   rose   when  someone,  somehow  just  became  an
imaginative  supah-dupah designer, crying and ragging, altering
already  done  scenes  or excreting such an ideas that my hairs
started  to  tremble  (and  not  only  at the head). Key-jee, a
naturally  gifted  monster-musician  recomposed the whole track
during  one week (respect!), Unable to correct pair of patterns
for  about  two  months  then.  Prof suddenly became indignant,
abused   and   cursed   me   out  -  completely  rejecting  his
participation  in  demo  (although  we pined our hopes on him a
lot).  Diver, unearthly great artist - started to touch the gfx
for  one week before the party, hadn't finished, and then, till
november didn't even tried to create, feeding my disappointment
in   mankind.   And   of   course   my  mental  braza  -  gd  -
threedimensionalartistnot.   Driving   me  catatonic  with  his
'intricate'  scenes  -  this  can't be explained with the human
language,  no,  not  too  horrible,  there  is  even  something
beautiful  there...  But it makes me even worse. All this would
be seen in our forthcoming productions :)))

Everything  went  as always - we did it all together. No, I was
the  only  coder  and  key-jee composed the music, but everyone
thought  that  he  has  to  'participate'.  That's why it is so
complicate to find who is guilty of what...

Sense  of  the  demo?  :)  we  want to know the answer for this
question  too.  Everyone has its own. Gd is narrating something
about  solitude  and  fight  with reality, I did the demo about
drugs  and solipsism. And mixture of all this is called 'weed'.
Really, there is no special sense - whole demo constructed in a
harry,  and  much  of it is not as have been really thought of.
Some  parts  contrived  of  nothing,  even  the name itself was
chosen  two  days  before  departure... The only one paradox is
that  doesn't  existing  sense,  I  saw it those soggy autumnal

You shouldn't pay a lot of attention to my words - there is not
much  deep  meaning here. At the end I want to apologise to our
not numerous 'admirers' (hi everyone!) For the long-long way to
the  final release (still imperfect), i'll doubtly complete the
party  version with our frozen-out guys ever again :) I give my
great respect to all, who supports the zx-scene!!! See you next
party - ascii04 is on the way :)

fuck animation!!!!! 

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