Adventurer #15
31 июля 2004

Scene - GALZA exhibition 2004.

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exhibition 2004           

Exhibition of GALZA group opened
at 28 of may 2004 year in Kalinig-
rad Art Gallery, it will last till
the end of july. In nearest time
foto and video materials could be
found at official site of group -


The place - starched white hall
about hundred square meters. We
tried to gather all directions of
ascii art in exposition - amiga
style, ansi, new school. All
works, presented at exhibition, we-
re either released in art packs of
GALZA, or will be published very
soon. Main part of works was prin-
ted at black and white A1 lists,
and some more at great, impressive
A0. Bright colour spots are
skillfuly interlaced in the strict
grid of black and white sheets: ma-
inly, these are works of Shadow,
plus merciless joint from the magi-
cians of suprematism in ascii -
zmej_ and bug.

I avow - big rectangles of ascii
looked very organic on a white
walls, creating an impression,
that it meant to be here from the
very beginning - soar in we-
ightlessness of snow covered white
walls, strenghten by the strict ge-
ometry of concepts, to build not
an exposition, but an atmosphere
of archaic creation (however, brin-
ging ultramodern filling).

In the first day, right during the
opening address of gallery directo-
rate, a ten-minute performance
was started: flute, white coats,
white axe and also white pies. Ac-
tion was arranged by the local ar-
tists. Besides, all time during an
exhibition a demo EVENLESS by Cy-
berPunks Unity was working in a
loop mode.

A few days before an opening there
was a radio report about an exhibi-
tion, at the first day - two tv
channels and journalists of a prin-
ted press. After - more tv and
radio. (Do not believe mass media.
It LIES. Always find primary so-


But for me, the most interesting
were next half and an hour: in
another hall of a gallery I was go-
ing to show works of groups KOS-
SKRJU. Specially for an exhibi-
tion, last mentioned, did a new
work - IDIOT. (unfortunately, IN-
WARD didn't succeed to do their
work in time.) Apartments, where
the demonstration took place, was
intended for about 100 people, and
fullfilled almost whole (I'am tal-
king approximately, because it is
impossible to be precise in a dark
room). Well disposed rows of com-
fortable blue coloured chairs, big
screen (about 3x4 meters), crowd
of people.

As it should be expected, it
wasn't done without technical tro-
ubles: for about 20 minutes we
tried to bring projector back to
life, suddenly died out during the
testing. Then, it clarified, that
presented hardware doesn't run a
lot of KOSMOPLOVCI works. The show
was started from the demos of COR-
Applause. FUCKyouSCENE! by SKRJU.
Applause. Unsuccessful attempt to
run IDIOT. Works by SATORI, ZDEN,
again KOSMOPLOVCI. Applause. Fi-
nally, after more than an hour
IDIOT: six minutes triangles rota-
ted on the screen and a very
strange, mercilessly minimalistic
noise was sounding . Then a basic
error appeared. Silence for the
ten seconds. I'am starting to clap
my hands - audience supports me.

This moment was beautiful! Certa-
inly, applause on KOSMOPLOVCI
surprised me, on FUCKYOUSCENE! -
even more, but when tired people,
subtly felt the moment of humour,
noise and zx-spectrum, after a
long delay, nevertheless sincerely
applausing - this is enchanting.

At least, after a week I un-
derstood, that I untolerably want
to repeat all this, or do so-
mething other way, but - untole-
rably. I was frightened by this de-

We completed with the announce of
tomorrow's videoart, showing a
small piece by ZDEN. I was very
dissapointed by the fact, that
exactly those works of KOSMOP-
LOVCI, I wanted to show didn't run
on presented hardware: HWR2, ko-
lonija, d796, migracija - none of
that was shown.


I want to open gallery, I want to
make a club, at least bar, I want
to do a printed magazine, I want
to organize stunning exhibitions
and performances in unexpectable
places, I want money, billions, I
want to live forever.

With my friends, almost a dozen of
people, on the roof of a
twelve-storey house, we celebra-
ted the opening of exhibition.
Champagne 'Riga' for 77 rubles.

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