Adventurer #15
31 июля 2004

Scene - Emotional consumerism .

Emotional consumerism           
elfh/CyberPunks Unity           

Emotional consumerism

Overcoming the wall of alienation,
constructed by the stagnant minds
and misunderstood by community,
this year the speccy demoscene
was invaded by drones, philosophi-
cal deliberation within denial of
selfexistence in this continuum
and an endless search of incompre-
hensible in depth of deferlant sub-
conciousness. For some reason, I
thought it could happen in the
frontier of a new millennium, but
that year we got nothing except a
technical breakthrough, that is
considered to be important too.
And as usual, human mind was found
to be inexperienced to that range
of a new information. No, I'm not
surprised with such a low places
of why?, Evenless, the source and
fuckyouscene got at the latest par-
ties - this is not a candy for the
masses and all this system of
charts and ranks seems to be bor-
rowed somewhat from pop culture,
idolising Michael Jackson and Brit-
ney spears. But total absence of
reaction speaks for itself. The
one thing makes me happy in this
kindergarten - fairly deserved
first place of a demo, revealing
us inner life (or rather the lack
of it) and a sad fate of a man,
everyone can compare yourself
with. And then raise a question:
how deep is my cultural wealth?
What can I do for the sake of spi-
ritual evolution? I'm still surpri-
sed by the appearance of works,
doesn't carrying nor deepness, but
at last an attempts of emotional
or thoughtful exploration. Seems
like there is none. I can remember
unspeakable joy, I got within my
first discoveries in this world
and I want to get such an experien-
ces now. That is what charming na-
ture of drones and noise gives us.
Still not mastered by the mankind,
the knowledge about alpha, beta
and gamma states of human brain
was used centuries ago at an intui-
tive basis. And all this unspeakab-
le and unexplored beauty lies bene-
ath - just stay and try to find
out what it hides. Take this state
of still contemplation like it is,
something almost forgotten, but
calling, alluring with the answers
for the questions, humanity is
still unable to solve. And of co-
urse, this stands in contradiction
to the cornerstone principles of
consumerism -only products, cor-
responding to the norms and stan-
dards of our putrefying society,
could be absorbed.

But back to the parties, points
and places. The tendency of appea-
ring the works, beyond standard
criteria has formed almost this
year. As Unbeliever said at the
last CAFe 'you have your own
scene, I don't understand it'.
Yes, the scene is changing, reple-
nishing, trying to survive. Becau-
se the old state has proven its
dull languor and promises us very
sad future. Competitive aspect in
its old meaning lost long time
ago. And this freedom of creativi-
ty gives us possibilities to
explore, share our discoveries
with the world and transfer fee-
lings as some kind of metainforma-
tion, unable to be stored at any
constructed medium, but eager to
be embodied in any available form.
And if someone still needs prize
places, then there is a necessity
in a new rules for the democompo.
Major sport industry solves this
problem easy - various kinds of
competitions give participant abi-
lity to show his potential. But de-
moscene is not about sport and
even 512bytes intro as a nomina-
tion can feature eternity inside.
There could be a need for much nar-
row bounds to limit freedom of
ideas and aspiration. Or, that is
much more preferred, purely crea-
tive view at organisation, il-
lustrated, for example, by the
last Altparty:

But we are still here, tending
settled traditions - famous events
would be carried out, the voting
results would be out of any inte-
rest, and winners would stay sad
at the prize giving ceremony. And
I'm nurturing the dream about ap-
pearing of new meetings, where
adhering the norms wouldn't be co-
unted as a good behaviour, and sit-
ting within a fire, burned upon
the votesheets we would set up ri-
tual dances, surrounded by the so-
unds of AY chip, outpouring avalan-
che of low frequency pulsations
and crystals of infinite noise.

elfh    02.01.04

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