Adventurer #15
31 июля 2004

Interface - c-jeff interview.

When and why did you start to make spectrum music?

Spectrum music I began to make in 2001, in December, to be more
correct. It started from bronchitis that I had at that time, so
I  spent  almost  a  month  at  home. I was occupied with Basic
programming,  and  I  wanted to make some musical accompaniment
for  a game, I wanted it to be done by myself instead of taking
it form Soundtracker's attachment. I tried to make something in
STP,  but  the  result  was  not  so  good because I understood
nothing in that numbers and letters. Little later I tried to do
my  best  in  Pro Tracker. Version 3.4 at that time. I remember
how  I loaded the track 'X-files remix' by Akira and started to
examine  it.  Then,  based  on  the author's text tried to vary
sample  values.  Finally,  by the evening I explored enough and
made 'Dreams of my memory 128k'. It was a big success for me at
that  time  and  after it was completed I listened it again and

I  suppose, the first technical experience you gained exploring
someone's  tunes  for  samples, ornaments and other tricks. Who
was  that  spectrum musician who influenced your music and whom
you can call your teacher?

I  was strongly affected by Key-Jee, Andy Fer, Siril and n1k-o.
I often loaded Insanity to listen 'Beautiful moments', 'The end
is  out there' one more time... I can't call anybody 'teacher'.
For me they are the people without whom there might be nothing.

What was the first music editor that you used?

Heh.  I  think  it's  Pro  Tracker  3.4,  cos I made nothing in

What  do you think about your past as a spectrum musician, what
important moments in your progression can you note?

The  past... Hmm... I miss it. I just like that atmosphere that
was  at  that  time when I began to make music. In other words,
now  when  I'm  starting  a  track  I'm  sure  that  it will be
finished,  but  at  that  time  I wasn't. And one more guy, who
involved me in 'scene' - arhon. Because of him I saw my name in
a  e-paper  (Body),  he  forced  me  to  take part in different
parties... So, that's it.

How  do  you think, do you have any fans, and what do you think
they  particularly  like  in  your music? Would you like to say
some words for them?

Fans?...  Probably  there are some: sometimes I recieve letters
from  people  that  like  my music and I'm pleased with it. I'm
pleased  by  the  fact  that  somebody  is  interested  in  me.
Concerning  particularities  of  my  music... It's hard to say,
maybe  its  uncommonness. Maybe something else... And I want to
say  that  I'll  try  to rejoice you with my tracks whatever it
takes and as long as possible.

What  musical  instruments do you use (if you ever used) during
composing prosess? Do you have any experience of musicmaking on
other platforms? What do you think about it?

I  don't  use  musical instruments, because I simply have none.
But  I plat piano though. I start composing in my head and then
write  it down in PT. Sometimes I make something non-melodical,
then  it's  just  pure  emotions. You even can try to determine
what  mood  I  had  while  writing  a  track.  Other platforms.
Sometimes  I  compose  on  PC. But mainly on a request. I won't
join  a compo with it. And I think that using PC is not so bad,
cos I'm still here, on Spectrum, right?

Do  you like to criticize yourself? What is the weakest spot in
your techniques (rythm, melody, arrangement or something else)?

Sometimes,  when nothing comes in my mind, problems with melody
can appear. Seems everything else is OK.

What  kind  of  music do you listen, what bands/projects affect
you,  what  moods  and  feelings  you  try  to  put in your own
compositions? Remixes: what do you think of this?

Mainly  electronica, but not only. I like Enigma, Robert Miles,
Era,  JMJ.  Among  trackers  I  prefer  Mosaik  (Radix), Little
Bitchard,  DJ Kor, Vibe, Vic. Also I like drum'n'bass and in my
last  works  you  can  hear its influence. In my music I try to
deliver  the  mood I have while composing, to make the listener
understand the track, to understand me. Remixes... They must be
really  good.  No, I'm not against it, it is great to listen to
some track on AY! It's kewl!

What  music compos did you participate in, what was the highest
rate and what do you think about your achievements?

Ooohh... OK, I'l try to mention them according to the order:

Cafe'o2. My mind is free. 13th place.

Paradox'o2. Lonely soul. 2nd place.

Antique toy'o2. Beside impressions. 2nd place.

Antique  toyz  present (ё n1k-o). 1st place. Amadeus voxon. 1st

Forever quattro. Deaf'n'dump. 12th(?) place.

Ascii'o3.  Peculiar peace. Feel. !no results yet! Paradigmus'o3
letigan noise rain. 5th place.

Cafe'o3 fioletto. 3rd place.

Millenium'o3. Acid voodoo bass. 6th(?) place.

As you can see - the highest place was teken in a virtual compo
-  1st.  On a real party - 2nd. But the greatest achievement is
Fioletto, I reckon.

Anyway,  I  think  there must be much more parties, virtual and

What do you feel when your track is playing on a party? Are you
concerned  with sound equipment, people that vote or it doesn't
bother you much?

I just sit and listen. And let come what may...

Do  you have any interesting ideas about the future of spectrum
music?  Maybe  there  are some hardware or software innovations
that you would like to have?

The  future... I wish many old ZX musicians to return, and many
new to appear. About hard and soft... I wish some new things to
appear.  For example, a compo where the works combining digital
samples  and  original AY sound could compete. I think it could
be  really  interesting.  And  it would be great to restore the
Digital Music Compo.

What is the most interesting aspect in spectrum music composing
for  you  -  to  perfect  your  skills within the bounds of one
'style'   or  'genre',  or  to  continue  the  thorny  path  of
experiments with sound and techniques?

I think the second. Now I try to experiment as much as possible
with sound. I don't know, whether it is good or bad, but I like
it and many other people like it too. I suppose, it is the main

Can  you  tell  us  some  your  original ideas that you want to
realize  in your music, maybe you want to make a demo or a game
soundtrack,  maybe  just  to try what you have never tried yet,
the new field of applying your talent?

Honestly?  I  would  like  to make a soundtrack to a demo, some
really  unusual  demo,  extraordinary  demo  so I had to make a
proper uncommon track.

What   do   you  think  about  co-operative  composing,  is  it
interesting  for  you,  whom would you like to make music with?
Please name 3 authors among the contemporary spectrum musicians
that you like most.

Yes.  It  is  very interesting for me. I try to co-operate with
people with different styles, with variety of themes. Just like
this  summer  together  with Yerzmyey we made 'Sound Fields'. I
think these actions must be.

OK.  Currently, the most interesting people for me are key-jee,
n1k-o and Fatal Snipe.

Can  you  say  some words of advise for those musicians who are
just starting out?

People!  Do what you wanna do! Do as you want it to be done! AY
music  is the art, it's the very amazing world. And there are a
lot   of   undiscovered   things!  So,  work  on  yourself  and
everything's gonna be all right!

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