Adventurer #15
31 июля 2004

Interface - Moran/CPU interview.

When and why did you start to make spectrum music?

When  I  was  16 or 15, somehow I got a TechnoTraks compilation,
my  friend  occasionally  copied it in a record studio. Slowly I
began  to escape from russian rock and found a great interest in
unusual  trends  of  that  time  - techno, rave, trance and then
goa.  'Cos  techno music has a basic trait of simplicity I wanted
to  make  something  of  that  kind  by  myself.  At that time I
already  pulled  Ahim  in  techno too, so I got an access to his
Spectrum  48  and a very powerful program Wham! Then Ahim joined
army,  then  after  some  time  I met a guy who lived nearby and
offered  me  to  buy  Pentagon  128  for  300r. but I agreed for
250+b/w  monitor,  this  is how I started to use Pro Tracker 2.4
and  then  PT3.  By  that  time I joined CPU and then, when Ahim
returned,  pulled  him  into  this  organization too. But it's a
different story...

I  suppose, the first technical experience you gained exploring
someone's  tunes  for  samples, ornaments and other tricks. Who
was  that  spectrum musician who influenced your music and whom
you can call your teacher?

Yes,  I  got  some experience from Never, Miguel, dj Cont, Fatal
Snipe,  Ahim.  But I can't call myself a disciple, neither I can
call somebody a teacher of mine.

What was the first music editor that you used?

Miguel. He selected my music for Adventurer.

What  do you think about your past as a spectrum musician, what
important moments in your progression can you note?

I  always  look  at  my  past  creations  with a little grain of
horror  and  understand  that  in  future  I'll  have  the  same
feelings  about  my  current  musical ambitions. But at the same
time   I'm   somehow   pleased  with  the  fact  that  I  became
interesting for someone outside of my associates.

How  do  you think, do you have any fans, and what do you think
they  particularly  like  in  your music? Would you like to say
some words for them?

I  doubt  in  this, but if there are some - please respond, I'll
be very pleased and mentally supported.

What  musical  instruments do you use (if you ever used) during
composing prosess? Do you have any experience of musicmaking on
other platforms? What do you think about it?

None, except RND-mental method.

Do  you like to criticize yourself? What is the weakest spot in
your techniques (rythm, melody, arrangement or something else)?

Basically,  I  have  to  learn  more  in assiduity, patience and

What  kind  of  music do you listen, what bands/projects affect
you,  what  moods  and  feelings  you  try  to  put in your own
compositions? Remixes: what do you think of this?

Currently  I'm  interested  basically in Goa Psyсhedelic Trance,
then various techno styles, ambient, drones.

What  music compos did you participate in, what was the highest
rate and what do you think about your achievements?

I  can't remember all of them, though the highest grade was when
I  took  6th  place at some of foreign parties. I regard it with
some  piece  of  irony,  I  always  want  to break the beauty of
conventionalities,  to  excite, to show, that there is something
else in AY music, deep and powerful.

What do you feel when your track is playing on a party? Are you
concerned  with sound equipment, people that vote or it doesn't
bother you much?

I  haven't  visited any party outside of Rybinsk yet, so I can't
say  exactly.  But  I'm  gonna change this situation. What about
the rest - I'm for sober publics and against emulators.

Do  you have any interesting ideas about the future of spectrum
music?  Maybe  there  are some hardware or software innovations
that you would like to have?

I  would  like  to see the combination of beep and Ay sound, the
proper  editor  and the death of Pro Tracker 3.xx that kills the
long tracks.

What is the most interesting aspect in spectrum music composing
for  you  -  to  perfect  your  skills within the bounds of one
'style'   or  'genre',  or  to  continue  the  thorny  path  of
experiments with sound and techniques?

I've  never  thought  about  it, I guess it's inseparable, these
things  are  always  too  interrelated, so I can't speak of them

Can  you  tell  us  some  your  original ideas that you want to
realize  in your music, maybe you want to make a demo or a game
soundtrack,  maybe  just  to try what you have never tried yet,
the new field of applying your talent?


What   do   you  think  about  co-operative  composing,  is  it
interesting  for  you,  whom would you like to make music with?
Please name 3 authors among the contemporary spectrum musicians
that you like most.

Positively.  Though  it  is  only  when necessary. When you have
either  a  little  ideas,  or you want more fame, or you want to
make a totally uncomprehensible thing.

Can  you  say  some words of advise for those musicians who are
just starting out?

I'd like to hear some...

Темы: Игры, Программное обеспечение, Пресса, Аппаратное обеспечение, Сеть, Демосцена, Люди, Программирование

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