Adventurer #15
31 июля 2004

Scene - Demoscene rebel.

Demoscene rebel                 

demoscene rebel

Rather strange things happen in my
head, when it comes to demoscene
understanding. I'am talking about
demoscene as a whole, not dividing
it on spectrum or somewhat else,
the main point remains the same.
Now, I'am understanding people and
core of the things much better,
and can examine what is this all
about at last...

It should be obvious for everyone,
something wrong happens here, ta-
inted, no one talks about it, but
hushes it up . It's like you spoil
the air in an expensive restaurant
and everyone keeps silence. No,
I'm lying, we have something diffe-
rent here, though... It seems to
me, here is like in a hospital -
patient is not told about cancer,
or its more similar to the family,
where mother is leukaemia sick,
and everyone tries to be silent,
not reminding about this and live
the time left as good as possible,
not saddening it. Of course everyo-
ne is thinking about it, and thin-
king very often, even while la-
ughing, this theme still cracks
and cries inside, maybe even
screams, making the earblocks -
but they are like not even noti-
cing and doesn't want to see it.
Pretending that there is nothing
going on. I want to believe, and
even frankly saying - I believe,
we have no leukaemia and no aids.
Its rather light mutation occurs
here, gradually, or better saying
we are evolving. Experiencing one
phase of evolution. Becoming
better, faster, gaining quality
and maybe evolving in something
different, but somehow or other,
vector of our development is still
the same. We are inevitably chan-
ging and deforming, and any chan-
ges are going in the same stream,
same direction. Like a big
highway, road, or even a lot of
roads... Some are riding a bi-
cycle, others on a Segway, the
rest are using a metro, but they
are heading in the same place.
They even could be moving in diffe-
rent directions, but striving to
the one aim. Someone will turn to
the byroad, and stay somewhere in
a forest, someone will rush for-
ward on the main road, and someone
will open a snackbar on the road-
side - but all of them, nevermind
the difference, inevitably become
the part of this global evolution
process, everyone will play their
special role in this performance.
Our process, by the other side, is
just a part of common human pro-
cess, where Kafka with Antonioni,
and Aleksandra Marinina with
'Tatoo'. This is amazing, splendid
and shockingly interesting.
For now, speccy has two waves: one
paraziting and another -producing.
Yes, it's true: the first is a ri-
ver and another is a tiny stream,
but at the same time, this stream
is a 'live water'. The width and
the depth of a river doesn't mat-
ter - without this it will grow
turbid, becomes covered with mire
and dried out. Because the first
is a parazite, it is the appro-
aching of a New Age. This is
pop-art. People use the remained
drops of a live water. They
doesn't invent - they 'overin-
terpret'. They would better copy
Mona Lisa dozen of times using dif-
ferent colours, but there is no de-
sire, no aspiration even no possi-
bilities to paint something new,
that is sad. Oh, I feel I came to
far here, because I have a suspi-
cion, that we all are just a part
of a New Age, but then I'am lost
in understanding my motivation to
write on this theme and 'what for
is anything at all'. (Refer you to
the interesting article of Go-
rokhov 'Who is guilty, and what he
will  get  for  this?'
/, it reveals
the theme of New Age, deep and
full enough.)

Well, I'll talk now about concrete
notions, applying good focus, try-
ing to show it in macroshot. Com-
monly, I see the future of demosce-
ne in integration with mankind's
values and movements. It is obvi-
ous - when you are doing a very
complex fx, using assembler, you
are attracting attention of a one
part of people, but when you are
visualising an interlace of love
experiences - then you will have
another audience. And what is inte-
resting, inventor of this ultra
complex fx will be here too! We ha-
ve to move towards to this integra-
tion, have to learn all regions.
It is not enough to do a 3D-engine
for us - we have to create con-
tent, filling, and this engine
will be just a mean of presenta-
tion. We should have a message,
for what we choose a 3D-engine to
be a form, because it is not a mes-
sage by itself, it is neutral and
empty. And everything, you can
think of, is interlacing here!
Ascii, video art, demoscene - this
all have the future and sense only
if integrated with global things!
What is a banal logotype in ascii
or handsome design in a demo? It
is just a label, identificator, it
attracts our attention, helping to
have better sells for the good. Ma-
ybe someone is convenient with
this, but really, this is vile and
sensless. At best, it is the same
mean as our 3D-engine.

And yet, I'am thinking for a long
time, we have a luck with speccy,
with our place here. I'll try to
explain now.

Our little eightbit friend is a re-
bel machine till it's birth, it
has a genetic rebellion imprints.
And this is very usefull. Our re-
volt becomes more powerfull day to
day, that makes me happy. We have
a rebel experience, acquired in
childhood, developing in us from
those times. From the very begin-
ning we were in opposition to the
world, surrounding us. Another po-
int is - the state of conflict was
not so right. This happend because
of lack of knowledge, because we
didn't even know, that in 'out-
side' world there is something
more, except dumb pop and ridicu-
lous press. But this means
nothing, the main thing, that we
grew rebels till our childhood, we
have a rebellion habit! And with
years, as we would change - our up-
rising will remain with us, we
will always know, that there is
another way, there are secret ro-
oms and parallel reality. And we
have this rebellion desire, we are
happy in rebellion. I'll say, the
demoscene itself is a kind of re-
volt from its start, and speccy de-
moscene is a double revolt, and
today- speccy demoscene is a very
good revolt, strong and true.
Another thing, that amazes and
attracts me to demoscene - it can
include quite everything, from
extreme creation on absolutely
wild and analloted for this machi-
nes to the full - length film in a
wild compo. Want we this or not,
it contains those, who denies de-
moscene and those who in love with
it. On one server, in nearby fol-
ders, here would be placed KOSMO-
POLOVCI and Popsy Team, inward and
Omega Haxxors Group. And I think,
there is no big contradiction
here. Because all those groups
meet at demoparties and drink vod-
ka together.

Rise in rebellion my friends!


Темы: Игры, Программное обеспечение, Пресса, Аппаратное обеспечение, Сеть, Демосцена, Люди, Программирование

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