Subliminal Extacy #03
01 апреля 2001

Alternatives to LOL

Alternatives to LOL
                      Alternatives to LOL
                         By Bogie / RA

DM - (GOLWBABU_D)  Giggle  Out  Loud  While  Being  Assfucked By

U_D - (TTLBCBMDISIHA) Trying To Laugh But Can't Because My  Dick
      Is Stuck In His Ass

Rumpledick - (WLOLIIDHMRAARIMOM)  Will  Laugh  Out  Loud  If  It
             Doesn't Hurt My Reputation As A Reg In My Own Mind

Spitfire - (LOLTCUTFTIACGWLLARBD) Laughing Out Loud To Cover  Up
           The Fact  That I'm A  Clueless  Gnome  Who's  Luckily
           Labled A Reg By Default

Leigh -  (LSTMSANTSAE) Laughing  Softly To  Myself So  As Not To
         Start An Earthquake

Dean -  (NLBIDHTBTLOL) Nervously  Laughing Because  I Don't Have
        The Balls To Laugh Out Loud

jIG  - (LMOAWLAMFBSAFB)  Licking My  Own Ass  While Laughing  At
       Myself For Being Such A Fuckwit Bot

GP - (DSL) Did Somebody Laugh

MAX - (ROTFLMAOWSALDYMT)  Rolling On The  Floor Laughing My  Ass
      Off While Shooting A Load Down Your Mom's Throat

Bogie^RA ra ra

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