Subliminal Extacy #03
01 апреля 2001

One more boring text from Yerzmyey

One more boring text from Yerzmyey
              "One more boring text from Yerzmyey"

                      By Yerzmyey/H-PRG^RA

Yeah, today  I'm serious  again. I  mean I  must protest against
nationalistic texts on #z80 channel or anywhere - if it's  close
to  me.  I  don't  tolerate  such  stupid  thoughts  and  I hate
primitive,  stupid  bastards  like  nationalists  are.  It's  an
unacceptable situation on Speccy scene or in ANY other places  /
groups of ppl.

This is NO excuse that  such people are young and  stupid. Their
parents  should  kill them,  so  that the  next  and next  again
generations of hate-prefering bastards are no more.

I like every nation, 'cause  I think there are many  interesting
things in every  nation. In every  country. And Spectrum  maniax
are THE  LAST bunch  of ppl,  who should  bite each  other, like
animals. I am writing  about it, 'cause last  time I saw such  a
big aggression, such a blood-thirsty, no-brain-person on #z80, I
wasn't able  to believe  my eyes.  He was  a beast  more than  a
human.  I  was  completelly   shocked  that  this  is   possible
(especially on my favourite channell!!). 

I truely scorn such persons. They are small, screaming, stinking
creatures,  full of  hate and  stupidity. Nationalists  are the
worst buttheads on our poor Earth. I have never thought that  it
is  possible  among  Spectrum  fans  too.  This  is  completelly
incredible for me. I cannot fit it in my head.

So  now  I  would  like  to  say:  FUCK  YOU,  ALL NATIONALISTIC

God with all of You,                       


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