Subliminal Extacy #03
01 апреля 2001

Assholes Speak Russian

Assholes Speak Russian
                     Assholes Speak Russian
      An article from series "For the love of the scene".

                       By Raver/Phantasy

Ehh, I have  to go to  work for fuckin'  capitalists... There is
the hate  hiding deep inside my  heart, so I will let my  raging
instincts take over my friendly attitude. I'm a foe of  everyone
today! And  blame the  same fucked  capitalists and  morning sun
outside PHT  HQ. Gotta  say some  things before  leaving for the
editorial office of capitalists newspaper that I'm working for.

To cut the crap, today I'll piss on the head of russian bear for
their fascism. Assholes speak Russian!

The music I'm  listening to this  morning really injects  myself
with some additional agressivity.  It's Mike Banks track  "First
Galactic   Baptist   Church"  on   the   Detroit's  "Underground
Resistance"  label, hi-tech  funk with  black women  vocals. On
vinyl ofcourse, not shiny seedee as this is not available on  CD
at all. And if you don't know what UR is, don't call yourself  a
techno underground admirer. And so the raging goes on!

Fascism is when thousands of beings write, speak and think  only
in their  native language.  Perfect patriots!  You couldn't care
less about the  rest of the  scene, because you're  the majority
and that's exactly what makes you LAMERS. I know that apart from
"amiga rulez"  and "pc  sux" it's  the only  word which  is well
known among these fascists or, we might aswell say, lamers.  And
then  they  are  crying  with the  foam  on  their  lips: "doloj
nacistov!", yeah translates  like "fuck nazis!",  so let me  say
they're the biggest nazis I've  ever seen! Also, let me  explain
the word "nazis" in latvian means "knife" and with my long  time
friend Hazard/Phantasy we often had a laugh about nazis and  all
the  shitheads around  using the  word while  they can  wear it

I'm not saying that Russian  is bad compared to english.  Simply
it couldn't  be a  scene language  in any  way - because (thanks
Satan!) speccy  scene is  still international,  because computer
related terms are in english, because scene related stuff, which
was  born on  Commodore 64  and evolved  on Amiga,  still is  in
english and because why the fuck group-names and handles are  in
english in this  "communistic" scene if  they dunno english  and
fucking because there is a  word called "fuck" in english  which
sounds so fucking  good. Actually for  me it sounds  like musik,
probably because in latvian there is some other word meaning the
same, it's the  word "pist" and  it sounds different,  don't it?
Therefore "fuck" isn't  something I could  call rude. Hmmm,  and
the  word  "pist" isn't  rude  also, as  it  only describes  the

And what can russians offer instead of "fuck"? "Jobannij v rot"?
"Bljad"?  "Poshol  nahuj", "zajebal",  "ohujel"?  Hey, that  all
sounds so childish not like the mighty Fuck which is well  known
all around the world by every single lamer.

Narrow-minded people think  there is no  need in western  scene,
it's enough for  them just to  have all these  russian geeks and
lousy local  scene. And  it's a  pity. Languages  are so easy to
learn if  you're not  a cripple  in ya  head, the  geniuses like
myself even  know three  of them  - native  latvian, english and
YEAH that same fucking russian, so I know what happens here  and
there.  The language  should be  no barrier  to have  the world
scene, to  communicate with  the speccy  freaks all  around this
tiny place.

Almost nothing else  to say... Except  one very important  thing
that I almost forgot: huge  "jobannij v rot" goes to  the mighty
March Cat/Condorsoft!  This article  might well  be dedicated to
you and  your language!  And at  last -  just to  set the things
clear - now you don't say I'm a fascist or nazi because in  fact
I'm rascist  - Harlem  is my  Mekka and  ofcourse all whites are
scum. Yo brothaz!


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