Subliminal Extacy #03
01 апреля 2001

How to use Subliminal Extacy... and more

How to use Subliminal Extacy... and more
How to use Subliminal Extacy... and more :)

Er.. It's  quite easy  really :)  You can  use A-mouse, Kempston
mouse and  keys. If  Kempston mouse is detected  even though you
don't have it (hardware  conflict) keep CAPS pressed on loading.
Keys are always active so if something  goes terribly wrong with
the mouse detection you can use  'Q','A','O' and  'P' to control
the  cursor. Space bar is left 'mouse' button and 'M', Enter and
Edit are the right 'mouse' button. Got   that? Good.  Now you're
probably  wondering  what  the  buttons  do  right?  Fear not, I 
shall put your troubled mind  to rest:  Left button  is used  to
select  something (the cursor will change  to a hand   when  you
go  over a selectable item) and to go up  and  down a  page (the
cursor will  change to  an arrow  when you  go over  the top  or
bottom of a  page). Right mouse  button is used to return to the
previous screen. Oh, and if you  double-click left  mouse button
anywhere there isn't a  selectable item (the cursor  will change
to a  musical note) you'll go  to the music selector - use right
mouse button to get back. Easy eh? Thought as much :)

Now I'll take this opportunity to write a few words about SE #3,
since I didn't have time to write any articles. I hope you  like
the  new  SE engine...  It  went through  some  changes till  it
reached its  current state  and I  just wish  I had  the time to
optimize it further and add some more bits n pieces. Like proper
mouse acceleration and a setup menu,  skin selector, etc. Yes, I
did  say skin,  the topic  icons and  top  and  bottom gfx  are
skinable - unfortunately we only got 1 skin  this issue  (thanks
Kristoph :).   Still,  let's  not be  fussy ;)   SE is  back and
we're here to stay!   All the things we  didn't have time to  do
for this issue  will be in  SE #4 for  sure. So now  i propose a
little challenge - Who will make  the best skin for SE #4?  Send
your contributions  to  The best  skin will  be the
default one, but the others will be selectable too of course.

Now some greetings and thanks to:

LaesQ/RA for his neverending  support and friendship. We finally
made it :) Now it's time to get down to real business...
Bogie/RA for saying that  normal page flipping like  in Scenergy
suxx... Right as always ;)
Icabod/RA for  some interesting  ideas on  how to  speed up  the
scroll routine. You're dirty! ;)
Pol/PHT For the A-mouse routine he  sent me years ago ;) (I sped
it up a bit... mail me if you want it ;)
Raver/PHT for the tunes and title screen he got us.
Jordan/Exodus I  used a  modified  version  of  your  SQ Tracker
replayer, so thanks for that.
X-Agon/PHT Thanks for sending me Jordan's routine :)
Kristoph/CTL For the skin :)
Ok, I'm very tired now and I need some sleep... See you in SE#4!

Phoenix/Papaya Dezign/Raww Arse

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