Subliminal Extacy #03
01 апреля 2001

Some Stupid Shitty Rubbish From Yerzmyey

Some Stupid Shitty Rubbish From Yerzmyey
            Some Stupid Shitty Rubbish From Yerzmyey

Hell-O, people!!!!! RAWW-ARSERS made me  to write some  text for 
SE-mag.  So here itis!!! 

Pointless words from an empty-brain! HEHEHEHEHEHEH!

I  still wonder  about zx-maniax  over the  world. What  various
people are fans of Spectrum.

Generally: Russians - very young (15-19 mostly) people, who  are
scene ppl mostly. I understand  them very well - the  demo scene
is a  great thing.  People from  middle Europe  - Czech, Polish,
Slovak etc. We are a bit  older (20-30 years old), we are  scene
maniax  as  well,  but  not  all of  us.  Some  of  us  are only
nostalgia-oriented men, heheheh. And western Europe - I  suppose
that people from Germany/England are much older people. Over  30
I think. I  noticed it when  I was reading  WOMO's paper-mag and
lookin'  at photos.  (Hey, L.A.!!!  Not everybody,  hehehe!!! I
said: GENERALLY!! ;-)  ).

More differences - people who  are IRC freaks are mostly  active
Speccy users.  On #z80  channel you  can find  many demo-makers,
hardware-men etc. On this channel  you can talk about new  progs
with their authors. But there  are such things as the  newsgroup
comp.sys.sinclair. There are a lot of people, who just play  old
games on Spectrums/emulzzz,  they talk about  the good old  days
and make nothing. But they are Speccy freaks too.

And of course system-differences, ehhehehehe. TR-DOS users, Tape
users, MBO2 fans, +D maniax. (I  will buy a +D interface in  the
near future, hehee). Etc.

But I never pay attention  to any differences. If someone  likes
old zx-games, OK!! I can talk about it with them for hours (With
the help  of vodka  of coz!!).  Someone writes  a new system for
Spectrum, that's  cool, it's  interesting as  well! Another  man
wants  to  create a  new  piece of  hardware  (Like my  harddisk
interface for TIMEX, hehee), great!!

I'm not  talking about  my demo-interests,  cause it's  obvious,
hheehe.  I can  talk about  demos the  whole night,  isn't that
right, Raver???????? HEHHEHEHEHEHE. ;) And I think all these men
should stick together.  We shouldn't let  ZX Spectrum die.  So I
don't   understand    when   Gasman    says   that    ppl   from
comp.sys.sinclair   are   not  interested   in   new  zx   stuff
(hardware/software)  mostly.  Why   TR-DOS  users  cannot   make
universal loaders for other system  users?? Or - why Andy  Davis
writes in his  (great) mag that  Spectrum is dying  despite many
new programs for Russian machines, many new hardware things?  In
fact  people from  middle/western Europe  still make  stuff for
original Spectrums and - at last - Pentagon is almost normal  ZX
Spectrum!!!! Many TR-DOS  programs are VERY  easy to convert  to
TAP  or  any  other  formats. And  the  progs  work  normally on
Spectrum 128/48K.  Or why  SAM users  think that  classic ZX  is

We're all in one big zx-family and we shouldn't fight each other
or anything like that. We have our history (and it is OK) and we
still have newer and newer  stuff like programs and hardware.  I
think everything  will be  OK. IF  ONLY WE  WILL STICK TOGETHER 


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