Subliminal Extacy #03
01 апреля 2001

The Prince Of 4096 Bytes Conquers New Lands

The Prince Of 4096 Bytes Conquers New Lands
          The Prince Of 4096 Bytes Conquers New Lands
        "I Am A Free Man", He Said And Went On Wanking

                            By Raver

Yes,  it's   him. The   noble  freeman  Serzhsoft,  one   of the
scene's die-hard  hermits, who's  living high  in the mountains,
has achieved a new  record. Of course,  you know  this  (almost)
haxxor for  his famous  4K  intros,  which  contained a shitload
of  effects and stories, being incredibly long and boring.  Now,
with the release of the  1K  intro named  "Life", he   surprised
all  of us once again. Nobody  expected so  much boredom in only
1024 bytes!  Effect after   effect,  Done  minute,  two,   three,
the  show  goes  on! Of course, this  masterpiece was  #1 at the
party it  was made  for, PHATO.

Not  only  that, but since  a lot of our regular   readers  were
questioning  whether  Serzhsoft was  joining  slovak legend  ЗSC
Hardcore, we  performed  a  little  investigation  into  it. Our
reliable  sources  have   reported  that  some   unknown  scener
(Achtung!  Reveal his  name  to  us  and win a NEW  Porche  911)
was talking   with Serzhsoft  and asking  him, why  the hell  he
don't join some  group (haxxors  of course, how could you  doubt
it?) to become a real king,  not just a lousy prince. As  always
Serzhsoft started to moan that  he is a free man, who will never
be  the sexslave  of any  group,  unless...  it's ЗSC  Hardcore!
Yeah, hardcore  is  the way! No  more  childish titfuck!   Being
polite,  Baze agreed   to take  Serzhsoft  into  the group,   so
he  kinda   joined.  Though   later  on,  Serzhsoft  experienced
an enlightenment and  understood that  he still  has to grow  up
to join any group. "I am  a free man", said Serzhsoft. 

Oh  well, good luck finding your 32 megs simm, Serzh, I got only
16  megs for ya atm D;) 

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