Subliminal Extacy #03
01 апреля 2001

Zilog: Dep Is Ugly But I Am More

Zilog: Dep Is Ugly But I Am More
                Zilog: Dep Is Ugly But I Am More

                            By Raver

Lately  we   can  witness   ruthless  battles   between  sceners
concerning their uglyness. Who's more ugly? Everybody wants   to
be the ONE (though I know, I know, who it is and my kazis should
know as well ;)) but only one could be him, got it?

So  lately the  journalists of   SUBLIMINAL EXTACY  spotted two
really ugly people fighting for the crown, both pretending to be
more  ugly  than   the  other.   The  battle   took  place    in
cyberspace (oho!! rhyme!) and the contestants were....





ZILOG  OF  HAXXORS  (hopefully,  because  we  write  only  about

What  else?   Hmm...  Well,   as  evidence   of  his    uglyness
Depredator sent Zilog his photo. According to Zilog,  Depredator
was a respectable competitor (and ofcourse foe), ugly enough  to
make you vomit three times each time you look at his photo,  but
he had  a strong argument why he is more ugly. "dep is SURE ugly
, but I'm more ugly," said Zilog.

To which Depredator had nothing   to answer. He lost the  battle
in a graceful silence. Hats  off, this  man knows how  to accept
utter defeat.

To close   this chapter   and give   Depredator a  ray  of hope,
Zilog added:  "I'm  sure,  if I   show dep's  foto  to  her, she
will say 'what a nice guy' ;)" with 'her' being Zilog's sister.

That only means Depredator is the real elite in uglyness,  rated
high enough to  join  our new  group  Most Ugly  Speccy  Sceners
(MUSS), sister group  of world's  famous Most  Ugly  Playstation
Sceners (MUPS).

Leaving the  battlefield, I  heard the  voice of  my mate  LaesQ
stating the well know fact Zilog didn't want to hide anymore: "2
teeth, 1 eye, 4 arms .. just Zilogs sisters type".

Oh yes.  I always  said, Depredator  is too  good to  be of this

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