Subliminal Extacy #03
01 апреля 2001


                   Again TRDOS TuRDOS TRDOS!                    

                            By Raver

Ohhh dear.  Just a  spare moment,  so let  me write some chaotic
words of wisdom, okay? Don't ask me to be stylish and write like
7h15 or shit like that when everything is divided in subsections
with  smart headlines,  HELL, this  is just  something to  think
about you motherfucking assholes :)

Technology  Research Disk  Operating System.  Sounds proud!  One
could argue if  it is as  proud as it  sounds, but well,  TR-DOS
users are perhaps proud of it, otherwise they wouldn't be  using
it, right? We've been discussing this system and bad ass machine
code loaders for ages, but still, a solution isn't here! Because
we  need a  disk system  and we  need machine  code loaders  and
therefore sticking to basic  isn't always possible. Also,  there
is a thing. It should be  obvious. TR-DOS is an old system,  and
used for  ages, it  has countless  versions and  remakes, people
were burning ROMs like  crazy bezerks and people  were exploring
original code, found  many ways to  use it, coded  a shitload of
different  loaders,  discovered new  ways  of protecting  TR-DOS
disks and finally coded ohhh so much software for it,  including
different operating systems, all sitting and based on TR-DOS. If
it's not a cult, it is surely something we, TR-DOS people see as
a part of OUR spectrum. And if you, dear TR-DOS hater, say  that
we are  nazi because  we make  software under  it and use cloned
speccies, think of  yourself. It can't  go away so  fast... just
like spectrum itself, it is in our hearts. We are used to it and
old habits die hard.  It's too late. If  we kick off TR-DOS,  we
perhaps  leave  speccy, else  we  use what  we  have got  there.

Because we never used original speccy and the only other  system
we know (older speccy people) is tape. Should we get back to the
r0OOtz? ;D

Tape rules.

I've came  up with  a possible  resolution, and  I've been  told
that it's not a new idea - just check this page:

Okay. Let's see what can I  offer. Each case is specific, so  it
could be rather  hard to have  some exact rules  what to do  and
what not. Documentation is  needed! Aha, that's it.  Either have
your fucking loading routines in a seperate file or either  have
them in  your own  file, but  make people's  life easier,  don't
crunch it, pack, encrypt it or anything like that... like, okay,
you've got one filed game,  just TR-DOS basic file, crunched  to
death. What to  do now? KRAKAITIS!  Oops, I mean  it's a job  of
cracker to get it working  on your ficken disk system.  Oh shit.
So, bastards! Have your fucking  loader at $5D40 after a  REM in
basic! Then, after another REM (if possible, if not - in an  nfo
file or somewhere where it will be spread along with crack  ehm,
any  release  that  is)  state all  the  entry  points  and used
registers! they would be THE SAME usually if you're lame  enough
to use good  ol' $3D13 (hehe,  in fact you  use it, because  you
want  full  compatibility   with  older/newer  TR-DOS   ROMs  or
whatever). And if we were  not such bastards, we could  even use
standard  entry  points  starting with  this  $5D40.  Along with
registers used and entry points, state how many files (or, well,
virtual files) do  you have there  linked in that  one file, and
state how  long each  file is.  ARGH!! but  no filenames, right?
So... maybe it's  better to write  a complete help  with all the
addreses etc how to load this  stuff bla bla. THEN WHY THE  FUCK
it's possible! If  it's not, then  okay. Let's say  there are no
filenames,   but  after   all  there   are  addreses   on  disk
(track/sector)... and lucky you, if they are loaded (files)  one
after another. If not, you  are in deep shit. Since  you'll have
to crack  it anyway,  HELL! I  said this  ain't easy! Else, some
smart  nigga   could  write   an  even   smarter  program  which
automatically  splits  one  file  into  the  desired  number and
dissects loader (ofcourse using information from the REM line or
damn NFO file in each case).

You see. Life is not easy, so stop moaning. Buy betadisk and  TR
-DOS  ROM. That's  the first  step. Second,  you TR-DOS  lamers,
always make TAP  version of EVERYTHING  you can, including  your
cracks and newspapers  (haha, they are  in russian anyways,  but
PRACTICE!)   And   then,   there  is   always   space   for  new
groundbreaking  groups,  cracking and  converting  software from
tape to TR-DOS and even more - in the other direction.

I know, it wasnt easy,


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