Subliminal Extacy #03
01 апреля 2001


                      By LaesQ / Raww Arse


Well it's been a fucking long my friends, but at last we got our
arses into top gear  and SE#3 is here!  It would have been  here
sooner, but many things went wrong along the way.

Firstly, Phoenix's disk which he  was keeping ALL the source  on
decided  to fuck  in, and  so  the  main source  file got  lost.
Result: Complete re-code.

Secondly, the hard drive which I was storing all my edited texts
onto  had  a head  crash.  Result: Some  lost  articles and  the
remaining ones had to be re-edited and coloured.

These are two of the major factors for SE being late. We've  had 
several people help us along the way. Many thanks must go to all
people who contributed to SE. If you submitted an article and it
isn't here, please don't  hate us for it, I can almost guarentee
that it was  lost  in  my  hard drive crash  :(  Sorry  for  the 
lameness guys, but PC's suck.

The reason for the release  date change? Some people just  don't
understand what the  term DEADLINE means.  You few know  who you
are. Next time your articles will be just put in the next issue.


Now we've recovered from these major setbacks, we're back on our
feet and  having the  SE project  rolling again.  We should have
more regular releases of SE too. As long as YOU support it!  The
future of SE depends on YOU! ;)

As you can see, we now have support for Kempston mouse and Amiga
mouse on Kempston port as well as the usual keyz :) I expect the
Amiga mouse support  won't be used  much in the  eastern side of
the scene,  but most  western sceners  with a  Kempston port can
easily connect up an Amiga mouse and feel the difference :)


Yeah! Unlike other mags on the  scene, SE has been made to  work
first time on all original 128k Speccies. So if this don't  work
on your  Speccy, then  it isn't  an original  Sinclair model. So
don't expect no lame  update patches cos u  won't get em -  this
ain't a microsoft product!

Onto better topics...

The legend known as the Spirit (aka Danny Beach) got married (at
last) to the lovely Lindsey on the 17th of June 2000. Bogie  and
myself (along  with our  our halves)  where invited  to the  get
pissed post wedding celebrations and a good time was had by all.
All here at SE wish them both all the best for the future.

Happy  Birthday to  Point777 who  was 23  on the  1Чth of  April
(2001 ofcoz ;) ...  He told me he  was gonna celebrate in  style
with his pet cat, whatever that may entail.

Also I'd like to take this chance to officially welcome our  new
member, Grunge  in the  Raww Arse  Team. We  hope you enjoy your
stay ;)

You  may  read  alot  of articles  in  this  issue  of SE  about
Pentagons,  TR-DOS,  Russians,  etc.  I'm  not  taking  sides by
publishing them, it's  just alot of  western scenes share  these
opinions. So feel free to reply to them through SE so others can
follow the discussion.

Now I must do the credits...

Main Code - Phoenix / PD / RA
Main Menu Gfx - Kristoph / Constellation I.A.
Clipart - Grunge / Smash Band
All Fonts - K-Os / PD / RA
Article Editing - LaesQ / PD / RA
                - Phoenix / PD / RA
Dezign - Phoenix / PD / RA
       - LaesQ / PD / RA
Original Concept - LaesQ / PD / RA
                 - Bogie / RA
Music - See Music Menu for Respective Producers.

Well,  I  gotta end  this  text now,  otherwise  we'll miss  the
release date! Hope you all enjoy this fine release, but you know
our usual low standart, eh Raver? ;)

LaesQ / Raww Arse / Papaya Dezign / SE Team

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