Subliminal Extacy #03
01 апреля 2001

How To Contribute To Subliminal Extacy

How To Contribute To Subliminal Extacy
             How To Contribute To Subliminal Extacy

                         By LaesQ / RA

As we are hoping to be producing Subliminal Extacy around 4 to 6
Times a year, we  need  as many quality articles  as we can get.
Therefore  we  are asking  everyone  who reads Subliminal Extacy
to consider writing an article for it. Whether you are in a good
group,  an  unheard of group, considered a  lamer or not even on
the scene, you can still produce an interesting article for this
magazine,to mis-quote a famous author; Everyone has at least one
good  story in them.

Articles can be about anything at all, hints and tips, opinions,
reviews, silly or serious  stories and just about  anything else
you can think of!                                               

Please do  not copy  articles in  from books and magazines  etc.
However, there is nothing wrong with using books as  a reference
material, or  quoting from  them.  If  you find  an article in a
newspaper or magazine you feel needs reporting on, please credit
the  original  author and the  publication including  it's date.
We will print all articles  in good faith that the  copyright is
owned by the person who tells us he/she wrote it.               
Please...  Do....  Not...   Fill..  Your..  Articles...   With..
Dots.. like.... this... as.. it.. is VERY IRRITATING as I'm sure
you can see (and hard to read). If you put them in, we will take
them out! There is a comma you know!                            

Send Your Articles To :

E-mail    :
Snail Mail: LaesQ
            14 DeVerose Court
            BS15 ЗSW
Remember to  have all  articles in  ASCII format  at least.  32K
maximum per article. Try and format your text to 64 chars width.
All  views   are welcomed.    Anyone  may  write articles.  Just
follow these easy to follow rules:
             No Handwritten or Typewritten letters!     
                         No Time-wasters                
                 No other text format than ASCII        
About Clip-Art 
If you plan to use clipart  on your article please bear in  mind
the following:                                       

1. Maximum clipart size is 256*128 pixels (32*16 chars).     
2. Please send them as a SCREEN$ file.                          
3. You must leave space in your  article for the clip-art to fit
4. If we like your clip-art we  may use it in other articles and
   future issues.                                               

Thank you for taking the trouble of reading this before  sending
your submission!

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