Subliminal Extacy #03
01 апреля 2001


                     >>>>> IMPORTANT! <<<<<

                         By LaesQ / RA

As  you  may  have  noticed,  we  recommend  this  diskmag   for
broad-minded adults only, this is because of the amount of adult
humour and information etc. it contains.                        

Now for some points I wish to make;  You may see some jokes that
offend you, containing racist, sexist or homophobic remarks etc,
we would like  to make it  clear that all  opinions expressed in
humorous articles are not meant  to be offensive, they are  just
meant to be humourous, no more!                                 

If you are offended, then this  issue and all  future issues are
probably not suitable  for you.  We  make NO apologies  to those
with no  sense of  humour, or  to narrow-minded  individuals who
refuse to believe there are two sides to an argument.           

If you disagree with something you read, then remember you  have
the right to reply (read  the contributions section), we do  try
to  show  both sides  of  the argument  (if  both sides  can  be
bothered to submit articles).                                   

Any opinions  expressed by  article writers  are not necessarily
the opinions of  the Subliminal Extacy  editors, Raww Arse  as a
whole, or  any individual  members.  Any  opinions expressed  by
the  Subliminal  Extacy editors  or  Raww Arse  members  are not
necessarily the opinions of  all the Subliminal Extacy  editors,
or Raww Arse as a whole and/or other individual members.        

Although  we  will do  our  best to  ensure  all information  is
correct, sometimes the  facts may change  after we go  to press.
Most of the time truth depends on what side of the fence you are

All articles printed in Subliminal Extacy are for  informational
purposes only, we DO NOT assume liability for the use or  misuse
of  information  contained  herein.   Just  because  a  topic is
covered by Subliminal Extacy, does  not mean we actually do  it!
- We do not encourage anyone to break the laws of their country.

Subliminal Extacy is  in no way  ment to be  competition for any
other  fanzines, diskmags,  tapezines, etc.  that are  still on

Subliminal Extacy  aswell as  being a  source of  information is
also ment to be a contact area for Speccy freaks everywhere!  If
you wish to include your address at the end of your article then
feel free to.  This way we can build up our Spectrum contacts.  

LaesQ / Raww Arse / Papaya Dezign / SE Team

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