Subliminal Extacy #03
01 апреля 2001

Interview with K-0s / Raww Arse

Interview with K-0s / Raww Arse
Interview with K-Os / Raww Arse
By LaesQ / Raww Arse

LaesQ interviews  one of  Raww Arses  most mysterious characters
and finds out some deep and interesting secrets.

LA: Hello K-Os!

K0: That's Mister to you!

LA: OK. Hello MR. K-Os!

K0: That's better. Hello.

LA: How did you first get interested in Speccy?

K0: Well, it was shortly after I was 8. My friends all had Lego,    
    but my parents decided that  I should have something a   bit    
    more complex than Lego.

LA: So you grew up on Lego?

K0: Well, I ate a bit of it if that's what you mean.

LA: Ummm, so what did your parents decide to get you instead  of    

K0: A great little computer called a Sinclair ZX Spectrum  which    
    boasted 48k of memory! Not  that  I knew what all  that crap    
    ment back then.  All I know  is I loved  playing Horace Goes    
    Skiing! Man that game kicked (raww) arse!

LA: Any other favourites you can remember?

K0: Yeah, I  remember  VU-ЗD.  I spent  a week  solid trying  to    
    design a Lego brick on it.

LA: So you where a big fan of Lego?

K0: I still am!

LA: But what about games? Do you have any other favourites?

K0: Umm, Commando. But I got that a few years later.

LA: What was the first Speccy demo you remember ever watching?

K0: LYRA II  by ESI. It  was on a  cover tape of  S.U. (Sinclair    

LA: Damn good demo! And what did you think of it?

K0: It made a change from playing games. It was like a new  side    
    of my Speccy I'd never seen before. I was impressed by  what    
    they could make a  Speccy do. I  enjoyed that dancing   bird    
    the most. I've  tried  to make  a  model of  her  from Lego.    
    That's  what disappointed me about the demo.

LA: What? Only one bird?

K0: No. No Lego in the demo.

LA: What's your obsession with Lego?

K0: What obsession? I have no obsession.

LA: Ok then. When did you discover you talent as a gfx guy?

K0: Well, ever since I was about 7 I've had a talent of  drawing    
    stuff. In  my mid-teens  I had  a period  of doing graffiti.    
    And when I got my first Amiga around the same time I started    
    drawing in Deluxe Paint.

LA: So when did you become aware of 'the scene'.

K0: Well, it was several years  after I got my Amiga 500  that a    
    friend got interested in   PD (Public Domain) software.   He    
    would  bring  round  demos  and  utils  which  where  freely    

LA: What was the first Amiga demo you remember watching?

K0: Desert Dreams By Kefrens.

LA: That demo roxx!!! And what do you remember about it?

K0: Oh everthing!  There's too much  to list! But  the one thing    
    that stuck in my  head was that the  gfx in that demo  where    
    great and I wanted to do stuff of a similar quailty.

LA: Was there anything that stuck in your head in the demo?

K0: Yeah! That circular saw that cuts through the screen! Oh and    
    also that it there was STILL NO LEGO!

LA: Stop it with the DAMN LEGO!

K0: Why?

LA: Cos this interview has nothing to do with LEGO!

K0: Oh, doesn't it?


K0: Umm, Well I'm off to play with my Lego now then! 

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