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01 апреля 2001

brief information about CC1

brief information about CC1
FILE:     brief information about CC1
VERSION:  3.00
DATETIME: 04/APR/2001 14:26
cc1. first and last.

The first and last  demoparty under name of  Chaos Constructions
to  be  held  in  third  millenia  is  going  to  take  place in
St.Petersburg, Russia in august, 2001. As per usual sceners from
all  over  the world  will  participate again  in  this historic
event. True demoscene spirit will be with you for over 24  hours
of non-stop  partying and  you can  be part  of it  for one more

18-19, August, 2001
Doors will  be open  at midday  on saturday  and close  sometime
during the sunday evening. Party will keep going until finished.

Yet  unknown, however  it will  be finalized  at least  1 month
before the party.

Up  to  $3  for  visitors,  girls  or  winners  of  previous  CC
demoparties walk in for free.

oldschool: zx  (pentagon 128),  pc (386  33), amiga  (500), c64,
           msx, bk
normal: zx  (scorpion 256  + gmx,  2mb), amiga  (1200+accel), pc

[main compos]
Maximum 2 entries from one  author in any compo. Maximum  number
of entries in any compo - 20.

demo: 8mb limit, 15 minutes
64k intro: 64k limit, 10 minutes
4k intro: 4k limit, 5 minutes
oldschool demo: 800k limit, 15 minutes
mod music: 2mb limit, 4 minutes
multichannel music: Чmb limit, 4 minutes
мрЗ music: fixed bitrate of 192kbs, 4 minutes
oldschool music: 64k limit, 4 minutes
animation: videotape/mpeg, 10 minutes
rendered gfx: maximum resolution of 800x600x2Чbit
hand-drawn gfx: maximum resolution of 800x600x2Чbit
oldschool gfx: maximum resolution of 320x200x8bit
wild demo: 10 minutes

[additional compos]
Whether  compo will  take place  depends on  number of  entries.
Minimum 3 entries are necessary.

256b zx intro
256b pc intro
512b zx intro
512b pc intro
flash demo
1 week intro (themed)

attention: theme  for 1  week intro  will be  published into the
nets one week before the party.

Winners  of  every  competition  will  receive  various  prizes 
- diplomas, hardware, symbolics, possibly money.

All entries must be registered and submitted by 11th of  august,
2001 to the following addresses:

If you want to become a  sponsor and be advertised on the  party
and/or website please email us - 

Things we need from you  the most: support, prizes for  winners,
media coverage,  hardware, web  design, financial  support to be
put towards organizing such event.

The following companies and  individuals have shown interest  in
sponsoring the event this year:
Concern Chaos

This  year the  event is  organized by  sceners that  you  might
remember from previous parties in Russia:

Enlight 1995, 1996, 1997          CC 1999, 2000
FunTop 1998                       CAFe 1999, 2000

If you have any question  about CC1, don't hesitate to  call us,
mail us, talk to us. Here're some addresses that you can use:
snail:  Random/CC1 orgz,  Level 1,  181 Broadway,  Ultimo, NSW,
        2007, Australia

(c) MM1, concern chaos.

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