Adventurer #14
30 июня 2003

Tutorials - New trend in demomaking: Chunks 2x2.

<b>Tutorials</b> - New trend in demomaking: Chunks 2x2.
Chunks 2x2              
Poisoned CyberJack/TBK  

New trend in demomaking

Greets to everybody, who reckon
himself a coder or some kind of
such! Today i'm gonna amaze you :)

The modern demomaking (Spectrum
of course) is based mainly on
chunk engines. And that's right -
other way it would be very difficu-
ilt to realize some interesting
things. I'm not going to explain
anything, it was made sometime ago
before me. Moreover, the choice
has been already done.

Also, I don't want to explain what
is a 'chunk'. Try to find some in-
formation in any other sourses,
cos i'm trying to tell something
more important and such
'remembrance' is out of my plans

So, at the beginning i'd say, that
there are different kinds of
chunks. On Spectrum it's usually
4x4 (pixel - Refresh, Dogma, In-
between and multicolour - Eye
Ache 1/2, Rage, Stellar Contour)
cos it's the most optimal ratio
between the screen resolution and
its dimensions. The 8x8 kind of
chunks, attribute (any demo of
95-97) and pixel-attribute (Emer-
gency, 63Bit3, Smile_4K), due to
low resolution look poorer, cos
it's harder to make something good
in 32x24. By the way, here I mean
3D coding, cos it's the most diffi-
cuilt (and therefore, the most in-
teresting) coder's abilities appli-

All this has been tested long time
ago (in 97) and is boring almost
for everybody. Maybe there is an

And there is a kind of alternative
and it's well-known for a long ti-
me too. Remember Higher State/
3SC, Over The Top/ Enigma, Mat-
ricks/ Baze? Yes, i'm talking
about 2x2 chunks.

Many coders, who are far from ama-
teurs now, can smile
distrustfully. Of course, at first
sight there is not so much use of
such dimensions of chunks, cos
screen enlarges four times compa-
ring with 4x4 (and therefore, a
frame will be drawn 4 times
slower) - and it's not so easy to
put such screen in memory. The use
of windowed mode is not an exit.
Besides, the main feature of this
chunks is 5 colours, and it's not
enough for illumination realiza-
tion in 3D effects (Phong, Goraud
and even Flat looks awfully).
Alongside with all this drawbacks,
c2p is slower, cos reading has to
be more often than writing (again
comparing with 4x4).

But! I shouldn't pay waste your
time (and mine, which is much valu-
able), if I haven't realize 2x2
chunks in our demo, which we co-
uldn't finish for CAFe'2002 and
still we can't finish it :((( So,
here we go...

The most easily solving thing prob-
lem is the lack of colours. Of co-
urse it's dithering. In 2000 we ma-
de a c2p routine for chunks 2x2
with Baze/3SC which he used in
his Matricks with 16 colour dithe-
ring (but his personal c2p is
slower). c2p is following:

sp - chunk screen
de - 1st line on spectrum screen (#401F)
bc - 2nd line on spectrum screen (#4120)
pop hl
ld a,(hl)
pop hl
ld l,(hl)
ld h,a
ld a,(hl)
ld (bc),a

summary: 10+7+10+7+4+16+7+7= 68tct

The main feature of this procedure
is LDD command that turnes the pic-
ture horizontally, cos SP increa-
ses and BC and DE decrease. Chunks
of %---xxxx0 type. For dithering
it's necessary to put the gfx tab-
les in different memory banks and
to work with a single screen. I
think there's no use to explain
it's all well-known :) If you have
some questions - email me.

As you can see, such speed is high
enough - the whole screen can be
drawn in 3 frames. But the problem
of a too large screen remains - so
that's not a full solution.

Experimenting with different engi-
nes and filters, a wonderful tho-
ught has visited me :) What if we
will process not a whole screen,
but just a part of it, and the
rest of it will fill applying, for
example, linear interpolation?
Then there will be no use in a
slowly working filter (ala
Sair00s) that helps to hide the
drawbacks of the engine - so we
get the benefit in speed and
screen usage. There's some simila-
rity with Amiga gfx mode HAM8 (as
Isee), where's the colour of a
group of pixels depends on the co-
lour of nodal pixel - and the la-
test demos work not in 640x480 or
320x240 resolution but much
lesser. As i'm not an Amiga freak
(at all), Icould say a nonsense -
it's not the point :) We're tal-
king about Spectrum.

What I call a 'linear interpola-
tion'? I calculate every second
chunk in horizontal direction, and
the rest of them are average bet-
ween two certain.

For example:

Usually made:


I make like:

 (c0+c2)/2   (c4+c6)/2

As a result, a picture is a little
blured, and I like that :) Anyway,
it a bit risky to trace the chun-
ked screen, cos due to the low re-
solution and simplified shaders
the screen is usually ugly :) In
the last demos Sair00s acts like
this with 2 screens - but I could
use only one.

There's no benefit in speed in
using a separate operation for in-
terpolation, cos it's not too fast
(get 2 numbers from ram, then addi-
tion, then according to the table
recieving the result and then put
it into ram - about 40 tacts per
chunk). That's why I tried to com-
bine interpolation with c2p:

sp - chunk screen
de - spectrum screen
 h - previous chunk
pop bc
ld a,(bc)
ld l,a
ld a,(hl)
ld (de),a
inc h
inc d
dec d
ld h,b

summary: 10+7+4+7+7+4+4+16+4+4= 67tct

Mmmm... i'll try to exaplain. To
draw a plot (8x2 pixels) we have
to consider 3 chunks:

!             !             !
! -- c0 -- c1 ! -- c2 -- c3 !
!             !             !
 ^       ^     ^
So we have 16 tables (cos chunk
can be of different colour in pre-
vious plot), and graphics adress
can be calculated as (for the se-
cond plot):

c1*#0100 + c2*#0010 + c3

Chunks of %1100 kind, i.e.
#E0-#FE. In the end of the sector
there's a table of low graphic ad-
resses, i.e. from #E0E0, #E2E0,
etc. And the gfx is placed within
the rest of 32 sectors.

As you can see - gfx and multipli-
cation table are placed on the sa-
me adresses. I avoided it by exclu-
ding of 2 colours :) So i have 14
colours instead of 16. But it's mo-
re comfortable to work with 16 co-
lours, that's why I combined 0
with 1 and 14 with 15 (the multip-
lication table has the same va-
lues). However, it is possible to
make real 16 colours, but it will
slow down c2p, so I've picked out
this method.

Dithering I make with 2 memory
banks with different chunked gfx -
for even and uneven lines. It uses
a lot of memory and works with one
screen :)))

Finally, what do we have? Compa-
ring with chunks 4x4 screen increa-
sed twice (not four), the
fullscreen is traced in 3 frames
approx., we don't need additional
filter, the quality of the screen
is much higher i.e. we loose in
speed, but win in quality. This en-
gine is quite efficient, and we
tried to proove it in our demo.

In Attachment you can find the so-
urces of chunked gfx generator and
c2p with Strom syntax :(( And a
small engine demonstration.

respect to all spectrum's coders
and Adventurer's readers!!!

(c) Triebkraft

And here is an optimized version
of this engine, made by JtN/4d.
Read and think :)

pop hl          ;10
l,(hl)          ;7
ld a,h          ;4
exa             ;4
ld h,a          ;4
ldd             ;16
ld a,(hl)       ;7
ld (bc),a       ;7

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