Adventurer #14
30 июня 2003

Scene - Interview with Yerzmyey/Hooy-Programm.

<b>Scene</b> - Interview with Yerzmyey/Hooy-Programm.
Interview with Yerzmyey 

That time I've got Yerz's music.
While listening to oldschool so-
unds and watching crazy pics, i
thought that H-PRG is the most ac-
tive European Speccy team now.
Always unpredictable, headcrushing
and full of schizophrenic ideas.
Its interesting to know what lies
behind the screen and how it was
started for Yerz and the rest of
the team.

elph> I've heard that Hooy-Prog-
ram was founded in 1989, is this
true? It's sounds great for me, be-
cause here, in ex-USSR we didn't
have any groups that time. So tell
the story of H-PRG.

Yerz> Well, yes - that's true. I
started to make my first demo with
H-PRG name in winter of 1989 and I
finished it in 1990. Of course the
demo was extremely primitive, but
yes - it was a beginning of H-PRG.
:) I thought out HOOY-PROGRAM
name, as I always wanted to make
funny programs, stuff with sense
of humour. I was watching many Po-
lish  funny  zx-demos
(Kaz&Ziutek's, ESI, and many
others) and I was laughing. :) So
I wanted to make people laugh as
well. :) H-PRG has a 2-years break
in its activity. It was 1994-1995.
Last two demos I made in 1993 and
I thought in that time, that Spec-
cy is dead and nobody is interes-
ted in zx-progs. But in 1996 I fo-
und many new progs on internet and
I started demomaking again. :) And
I do it until now. :) We had many
strange members, now they are
gone... We have made some
crazy-demos for PC too.

elph> It's very interesting to
know, is 'Hooy' word from your na-
tive language?

Yerz> Hehehe, yes - HUJ means the
same what in Russian. :) A dick.
:) Our name is a joke as eve-
rything what we make is a joke
too. :) Sadly some people without
sense of humour can forget about
it, but well, fuck them. ;)

elph> Tell me your current mem-
berstatus and some info about each

Yerz> Well, ok then. Me -
Yerzmyey musician. I make some
graphix too. I spread our pro-
ducts. And I force everybody to
work. ;) Polish.

Vavrzon - gfx, ideas... Polish.
But in fact his job in our group
is mostly only vodka-drinking. ;)

Hellboj - a coder. He makes some
gfx sometimes. Czech.

Gasman - a coder. And a musician.

TDM - a coder and musician. Czech.

Expirt - a coder and very crazy
man. :)

elph> as I remind, Expirt is a new-
comer, isn't he? Can you tell me
the age of each member and their
real life occupations (I un-
derstand, that it isn't too 'scene
related' question, but it is inte-
resting to know how does your life
look like)?

Yerz> I have no idea what Expirt
does in his real life.

Hellboj studies nuclear physics.

Vavrzon - psychology.

Me - work in OPEL (hhehe, I know
it's awful) and I study hm, hm,
how I should call it in English...
'Knowledge about culture'...?

Habib - finished studies about re-

Gasman...? I have no idea, hehehe.

TDM - the same. I have no idea
what they makes in their real
life. I mean it. :)

elph> What products, as you think,
are the most significant releases
of your group?

Yerz> Hmmmm. Most typical for us
are so-called "old-school demos".
But what demo is most significant?
I don't think I can tell it. I
think only watchers can say it.
What do I like the most of our
progs? Probably "CANNON BALL"
demo... And "PONDLIFE" (my first
bigger co-operation with Gasman).
But I like our crazy-demos too. :)
"CRAPMO" series... Or "DUPA BIS-
KUPA" demo... :) Hehhehehe. We ma-
ke them in this way: we sit, drink
vodka and code. :) It's great fun,

elph> Yes, i know what you mean,
we are doing the same ;) What rele-
ases we can expect from H-PRG in
near future?

Yerz> Well, I have just finished
"Yerzmyey's Music-Tape" - a hu-
ge music-collection, probably the
bigger ever made for Spectrum. I
included there almost 40 of my tu-
nes made since 1998 to 2001. What
will be next? Well, I have some
plans actually. We are still ma-
king a demo with Expirt
(new-school). We make next one de-
mo with Hellboj (old-school mega-
demo). And we started to think
about some new-school demo with

elph> It's cool to read about for-
thcoming products from you, hope
we'll compete at some party this
year ;)). What is going on with
Spectrum related teams in your
city ? Here, in Rybinsk we have a
situation, when someone have to
work a lot to earn money for li-
ving, so some of CPU members
simply have no time for creation,
coz multinational corporations
took their lives away...

Yerz> Well, in my city - Krakow
only Iceman was making demos
for ZX, but as I know, he's a seri-
ous doctor now, hehehe, so probab-
ly he abandoned Speccy. Generally
it seems that I am the last active
ZX demo-maker in WHOLE Poland,
man... There was DC PAK/CLAW,
but he's silent for years... There
was Jordan/Exodus, he even said
that he'll release some demo,
but... He did nothing with it.
It's sad, I know...

elph> Ok, lets talk about the
past... we all know what is going
on today, but 10 years ago we had
no contacts out of our country.
Where did you get new demos at the

Yerz> Hmmm. I got demos/utils and
games from some kind of market.
Not some professional shops, but
from big market, where ppl sell
and buy progs (pirates version
not legal - of coz ;) ). It was on
the beginning of '90 years. Cool
times. :) We got progs from fri-
ends too... :)

elph> I know, there were many
crackers in Poland, who was the
greatest in your opinion?

Yerz> Hmmmm. I don't remember
them very well actually. I remem-
ber cracks from Bill Gilbert,
Kicia, Radxcell and other ppl...
Hacker Chris. Jacek Michalak. I
don't remember them, really. Espe-
cially that now we are drinking
vodka with Habib and Vavrzon. :)

elph> The majority of i-net connec-
ted people have already read inte-
resting news about your hardcore
ay-oriented audio project. I think
it's a great idea, so how it was
born, what is the progress for now
and what do you plan to do with
the whole material?

Yerz> Well, I have made two trax
for now. Music is made on speccy
(bass/percussion/noises) and rest
is added on professional stuff. Ta-
ke a look on:

For now only Factor 6 sent me
some tunes to remix. Actually I ma-
de this project mostly for Russian
people as they make the best hard
techno. But nobody from Russia ga-
ve me a sign of life. :( I don't
know why.

elph> Time have passed since our
last mails with Yerz. The amount
of stuff he is spreading by
e-mail, remains on the same great
level, new project (Ay-Riders)
started, Gasman released a demo
for ASM2002, some local drinking
parties, organised by H-PRG took
place... I hope, this endless, ir-
rational fallic energy will evoke
insanity in me and you, giving
birth to the pieces of art, never
seen on this planet before...

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