Scenergy #02
31 декабря 1999

Demo Party - результаты CC999.999.

<b>Demo Party</b> - результаты CC999.999.
CC999.999 list of entries by Diver/4D
ATTENTION! Entry number is not the compo ranking!

08:15 01.12.1999 version 1.0
formatted for 64 symbols/line

16K Intros:

Author                 Title                        Party Entry

Computer Rats Group    "Dive"                       PDX99
Partyzans              "JL#16"                      PDX99
Phantom Lord/AC        "DWISH"                      PDX99
SerzhSoft              "CC999 gift"                 CC999

4K Intros:

Author                 Title                        Party Entry

Constellation          "Millenium"                  CC999
ESA                    "ZoooooooM"                   DC99
Extreme                "Greed"                     CAFe99
Fyrex/Mayhem           "The Dive"                   CC999
Hacker Gri/Excess      "XYZ"                       CAFe99
M.O.T./AC              "Dotage 4k"                  PDX99
Megus/BW               "Malady"                    CAFe99
Omega+Dron/Omega+K3L   "4K Intro"                    DC99
Panther/Excess         "Space Invaders"            CAFe99
Sat/Remedy             "Fall Out"             out of DH99
Scorpion               "Beyond"                     CC999
SerzhSoft              "C2H5OH"                     CC999
SerzhSoft              "C2H5OH - 2"                CAFe99
SerzhSoft              "Doxycon"              out of DC99
SS+Mike/ZeroTeam       "17 Min"                      DC99
Virtual&Tigrr/BW       "Marazm"                    CAFe99


Author                 Title                        Party Entry

Accept Corp.           "63 Bit 3: Lethal Dream"     CC999
Accept Corp.           "63 Bit 4: No Exit"          PDX99
Antares                "Devotion"                  CAFe99
Beermanz/Extreme       "Demodyin"                    DH99
Crazytronic            "Mind Control"                DC99
Digital Reality        "JAM"                        CC999
Eternity Industry      "Napalm"                      DH99
Omega                  "Exception"                   DC99
Panther/Excess         "666"                       CAFe99
Raww Arse              "Bunch Of Arses"             PHAT9
Real Masters           "Anamnesis"                  CC999
Serzh+Friends          "WorkStop"           out of CAFe99
Speedway               "7Up"                        PDX99
Syndrome               "Muscate Nut"                 DH99
Volga Soft             "Free Art"                    DH99
Yerzmyey/Hooy-Group    "Crapmo 2"                   PHAT9
ZeroTeam               "Clone"                       DC99
ZK System/Excess       "VIDA"                      CAFe99

AY Music:

Author                 Title                        Party Entry

Al/Phantasy            "Snowblind"                  PHAT9 zak#15
Alex Placid/DP         "Bass Attack"                PDX99 mus#17
Alex Placid/DP         "HEATBEAT"                   PDX99 mus#18
And/Speedway           "Casablanca"                 PDX99 mus#04
Andrew Fer/IMX         "Another's Glare - Sketch On The Air"
                                                    PHAT9 zak#13
Andrew Fer             "Censored"                    DC99
Andrew Fer/PhF         "For Majam"                Complex
Andrew Fer/IMX         "La Futuristic Grahemania"   PHAT9 zak#16
Andrew Fer             "Stay Or Go"                  DC99
Andrew Fer             "Suxxonia"                   CC999 mus#11
Andrew Fer/PhF         "Twister's Dance Machine"  Complex
Arcadiy Gobuzov        "Broken Joystick"          Complex
Bear/MHCG              "100 Dney Do Prikaza"         DH99 mus#12
Black Groove/LFG       "Back to the Life"         Complex
Black Groove/LFG       "Live After Death"           PDX99 mus#09
Black Groove/LFG       "My Birthday"                CC999
Black Groove/LFG       "Paranormal"                  DH99 mus#10
Black Lord/LFG         "I want to Enlight'97"     Complex
Black Lord/LFG         "Satellite One"            Complex
Caliph/Syndrome        "From Future"                 DH99 mus#15
Cat-Man/CLAW           "Utopia"                   Complex
Chasm/CPU              "Rest From Your Deep Fears   CC999 mus#16
Cj.Le0/CA              "CrAzY !mPrOv!zE"            PDX99 mus#20
Criminal/Criminal      "HaPpY dOg AnD cAt (bOyS&gIrLs)"
                                                    PDX99 mus#19
Davos/CPU              "Voyage In Future"           CC999 mus#15
DJ Soundliner/CTL      "Before New Year"            CC999 mus#05
DJ Serg                "Unreal II"                  CC999 mus#09
DJ Wlf/AC              "Good Bye-3"                 PDX99 mus#13
DJ Wlf/AC              "Wlf Part One"               PHAT9 zak#08
DNK/Virt Group         "My Last Muzak On ZX!"       CC999 mus#03
Dr.Dismal/LFG          "Endless Chaos"              CC999 mus#13
Dr.Dismal/LFG          "Perm City"                  PDX99 mus#08
DX-69/CRG              "Happy New Year With Doxycon'99"
                                              out of DC99
DX-69/CRG              "Imprivization Tema 'nice'"  CC999 mus#02
EA/Antares             "Together With Me"           CC999 mus#21
Equator/PHD            "Elephant - Skin Longnose Bea"
                                                    PDX99 mus#02
Factor 6/ESA           "Nagual DNC"                  DC99
Factor 6/ESA           "Seduction"                Complex
Factor 6/ESA           "Stormlord"                   DC99
Flying Skull/Partyzans "pLeAsE tAkE Me oN CC'999"   CC999 mus#20
Hazard/Phantasy        "Onion Eats Himself"         PHAT9 zak#01
Hazard/Phantasy        "PHT Rock"                   PHAT9 zak#05
Hood                   "No Agents"                   DC99
Hood                   "Wash&Go"                     DC99
Ice/Power Project      "T-REX Must Be Attacked"      DH99 mus#04
Ironman                "Nu Loops"                    DH99 mus#01
Jaan/Phantasy          "Elephant"                   PHAT9 zak#18
Jaan/Phantasy          "We Are Not Children Anymore"
                                                    PHAT9 zak#03
Johny X/Naughty Crew   "4Doxy6"                      DC99
Johny X/Naughty Crew   "Strangled"                   DC99
Klim/OHG               "KLIM33: I Love Speccy"      PDX99 mus#06
Klim/OHG               "KLIM43: Mix"                PDX99 mus#05
Kriss/Illusion         "Draw"                     Complex
Kriss/Illusion         "Driver"                   Complex
Kunf                   "Unfixed Reampflied Vibes"   CC999 mus#22
LA Esq/RA              "Monday Massacre"            PHAT9 zak#14
Mast/Fatality          "Activity"                   PDX99 mus#01
Mast/Fatality          "Aerodrome"                   DH99 mus#07
Mast/Fatality          "Lullaby"                    PHAT9 zak#02
Mast/Fatality          "Memories"                 Complex
MC Maker/Fatality      "Death will come 4 U! So, open
                            the door and invite it" PDX99 mus#03
MC Maker/Fatality      "Lost In Space"               DH99 mus#09
MC Maker/Fatality      "Needle"                   Complex
Miguel/CPU             "Sweet Moments of Lust"      CC999 mus#14
Mm<M/Sage Group        "Apocalypse"                 CC999 mus#01
Mm<M/Sage Group        "MEHTb!"                      DH99 mus#02
Mm<M/Sage Production   "Moment..."                  PHAT9 zak#10
Mm<M/Sage Group        "Seeing"                   Complex
Mm<M/Sage Group        "Sense"                      PDX99 mus#07
MoonWalker/MHCG        "Smack My Beat Up"            DH99 mus#06
Mr.Bob/Crazytronic     "Mania"                       DC99
Mr.Credo/Dialog        "Danger"                      DH99 mus#03
Mr.First/#Face 0FF     "First 73"                    DH99 mus#13
Mr.Nut/Partyzans       "cHaOs iS bEGiNiNg today"    CC999 mus#18
Never/CPU              "Tortures Of Detonated Flesh"CC999 mus#17
Nik-O/Techno Lab       "Salute"                     CC999 mus#07
Noize/Phantasy         "Find The Vacant Place"      CC999 mus#19
Noize/Phantasy         "Fly With Me, To Another Worl"
                                                    PHAT9 zak#04
Noize/Phantasy         "Free Flight"                PHAT9 zak#12
Pat                    "Cat Mania"                   DC99
Pat                    "Gnd2"                        DC99
Phantom Lord/AC        "Autostop"                   PDX99 mus#12
Phantom Lord/AC        "Progulky Po Wode"           PHAT9 zak#06
Phantom Lord/AC        "Runaway"                    PHAT9 zak#09
Phantom Lord/AC        "Shock"                    Complex
Push                   "Birds-1"                    CC999 mus#06
Ravager/CRG            "I'm a Power Maker"        Complex
Ravager/CRG            "Your Look On Future"  out of DC99
Ray/HR                 "Anasha (Plan'er)"           PDX99 mus#14
Ray/HR                 "Wind"                       PDX99 mus#15
Ray & Mr.C/HR          "Free Remix #1"              PDX99 mus#16
Scull Chaser/THH       "Tracy Lords"                 DH99 mus#16
Sector/CTL             "Concept!"                 Complex
Sector/CTL             "Ineffable Themes"           CC999 mus#04
Shov/AC                "Miles New"                  PDX99 mus#11
Siril/4D               "Broken Popsa"               PDX99 mus#10
Siril/4D               "Flowers in the Sky"       Complex
Siril/4D               "Kettary's"                Complex
Siril/4D               "Liu-Go-Ma"                   DH99 mus#08
Siril/4D               "Secret"                      DC99
Siril/4D               "Spring"                     CC999 mus#10
Siril/4D               "There Is No Continuation"    DC99
Siril/4D               "Welcome To The Looser's Land"
                                                    PHAT9 zak#07
Spark/Syndrome         "It's Suxx It's For Me"       DH99 mus#14
TDM/K3L Corp.          "Nuinfa"                      DC99
TDM/K3L Corp.          "Peace"                    Complex
TDM/K3L Corp.          "Raw Recruit"                 DC99
TDM/K3L Corp.          "Startrash"                Complex
TimeKeeper/MHCG        "The Event Of Yesterday"      DH99 mus#05
Trivial/Beermanz/XTM   "Tale Of My Dream"            DH99 mus#11
Viper/Techno Lab       "Lost In Eternity"           CC999 mus#08
X-Agon/Naughy Crew     "Eliminator"               Complex
X-Agon/Phantasy        "Flimbo"                     PHAT9 zak#11
Yerzmyey/HG            "Koorvah"                     DC99
Yerzmyey/HG            "Sad Tune"                 Complex
Yerzmyey/HG^RA^CTL     "Tek"                        PHAT9 zak#17
Zhenya/Zer0            "Nothing"                  Complex

Standart Graphics:

Author                 Title                        Party Entry

?/?                    "Damn_it"                     DH99 pic#17
?/?                    "dihalt pic#21 (Ant)"         DH99 pic#21
?/?                    "dihalt pic#22 (Eye)"         DH99 pic#22
?/?                    "dihalt pic#29 (Hand)"        DH99 pic#29
?/?                    "MortCuko"                    DH99 pic#28
?/Accept Corp.         "Dragon 3"                   PDX99 pic#18
?/?                    "Hellroad"                   CC999 pic#18
?/?                    "Vfx1"                       CC999 pic#20
?/Die Krupps           "ZOMBIE"                     PDX99 pic#17
Alex Placid/DP         "Rose"                       PDX99 pic#10
Alf/X-Ray              "Cherish"                     DH99 pic#27
Alf/X-Ray              "Cobra"                       DH99 pic#14
Ally/PhF               "Fregat"                   Complex
Ant/CPU                "Gotcha"                     CC999 pic#15
Black Groove/LFG       "DragonSun"                   DH99 pic#05
Blade+Ice'Di Griz/TM   "Burbhmtv"                    DH99 pic#02
Chaos/HellRaisers      "Dog"                        PDX99 pic#09
Colorbok/PhF           "Everest"                  Complex
CVM/ZeroTeam           "Beast"                       DC99
CVM/ZeroTeam           "Robosabla"                Complex
Cyber Jack/LFG         "Groove Champion"             DH99 pic#07
Cyber Jack/LFG         "Stonehendge"                 DH99 pic#10
Deadie/CPU             "Wicked"                     CC999 pic#14
Demiurge Ash           "Demoman"              out of DC99
Demiurge Ash           "Nocturnal Lady"             CC999 pic#11
Diver/4D               "FarSight"                    DH99 pic#06
Diver/4D               "Lovekind"                   CC999 pic#13
Diver/4D               "My Kingdom"               Complex
Diver/4D               "Pride"                       DC99
Diver/4D               "We Rulez"                   PHAT9 gfx#09
Dr.Dismal/LFG          "Psycho"                      DH99 pic#08
Dr.Dismal/LFG          "Space Ship"                  DH99 pic#09
Dron/K3L Corp.         "Hellboy"                     DC99
Duke                   "Reality"                     DC99
Duke                   "Ufffo"                       DC99
Dwarf/Beermanz/Extreme "Atom"                        DH99 pic#23
Dwarf/Beermanz/Extreme "Hacker vs Musician"          DH99 pic#25
Dwarf/Beermanz/Extreme "Legenda"                     DH99 pic#24
Erena Kline/PXM        "Child of Nature"             DH99 pic#13
Factor 6/ESA           "DC99 Muzak Kompo"            DC99
Fil/Antares            "Dream"                      CC999 pic#09
Flying Skull/Partyzans "Lord of Chaos"              CC999 pic#19
G.D./4D                "Castle"                     PDX99 pic#04
G.D./4D                "Cyber Demon"              Complex
G.D./4D                "Face"                     Complex
GAS 13                 "Flood!"                     PHAT9 gfx#03
GAS 13                 "Sunrise!"                   CC999 pic#06
Goblin/Trolls          "Voodoo"                     CC999 pic#21
Grunge/Smash           ";-)))"                      PHAT9 gfx#01
Hannah/Crazytronic     "Airgate"                     DC99
Hannah/Crazytronic     "Beach"                       DC99
Hazard/Phantasy        "Child"                    Complex
Hazard/Phantasy        "Complex"                  Complex
Hazard/Phantasy        "Duality"                    PHAT9 gfx#06
Hazard/Phantasy        "Wrongsun"                   CC999 pic#23
Hero/Discovery         "HrumHrum"                   CC999 pic#12
Ice'Di Griz/TM         "StarWars"                    DH99 pic#03
Johny X/Naughty Crew   "4Doxy!"                      DC99
Kasik/Spectrum Club    "Charm"                      PDX99 pic#11
Kasik/Spectrum Club    "Confraction"                CC999 pic#05
Kristof/CTL            "Frog"                       CC999 pic#24
Kristof/SMG            "Hunter"                      DH99 pic#26
Max                    "Ed"                          DC99
Minisoft avec NRJ/ACL  "Reptile"                    CC999 pic#10
Mistik+Disabler/OHG    "Mario Islands"              PDX99 pic#13
Monarch                "Savanna"                    CC999 pic#08
Monarch                "Wrestling"                  CC999 pic#22
Mr.John/TNL            "Shadow"                     CC999 pic#04
New Art                "Future!"                    CC999 pic#03
Organism/#F0FF         "Dark Force Rising"           DH99 pic#19
Paracels/EI            "As a lightning"              DH99 pic#20
Paracels/EI            "BC&DP"                      CC999 pic#01
Paracels/EI            "Fight The Future"           PDX99 pic#07
Phantasm/Syndrome      "Girl Face"                   DH99 pic#18
Prof(ex-RAYman)/4D     "Discontent"                 PHAT9 gfx#08
Prof(ex-RAYman)/4D     "DJ"                          DH99 pic#04
PST/HellRaisers        "Tank"                       PDX99 pic#08
Ralph 124C41+/CCG      "Stockholm City Hall"        PHAT9 gfx#11
RAYman/4D              "Dark Army"                Complex
RAYman/4D              "X-Real"                   Complex
Relict/Phantasy        "The End Is Near"            PHAT9 gfx#05
Scalina/CTL            "Troll"                      CC999 pic#07
Second/#Face 0FF       "Hear"                        DH99 pic#15
Semen/HellRaisers      "Hunter"                     PDX99 pic#05
Semen/HellRaisers      "men.b1"                     PDX99 pic#06
Semen/HellRaisers      "Puma"                       PDX99 pic#02
Sergius Puzzler/PXM    "Kupava"                      DH99 pic#12
Shadow/WDG             "Gun Man"                    PDX99 pic#12
Snake/OHG              "Green_Br"                   PDX99 pic#16
Snake/OHG              "mns11"                      PDX99 pic#15
Tiger's Claw           "In The City"                 DC99
TimeKeeper/MHCG        "Stinger"                     DH99 pic#16
Tuleby/ESA             "Lobo"                        DC99
Twin/Global Corp.      "Death"                      CC999 pic#17
Unbeliever/Extreme     "Born Dead"                   DH99 pic#11
Vaniac/CPU             "Suicide"                    CC999 pic#16
Virtual/SCENE          "Arte Frontier"              CC999 pic#02
Virtual/SCENE          "Demo Or Die 2"              PHAT9 gfx#07
Virtual/SCENE          "Hero The Day"               PDX99 pic#03
Virtual/SCENE          "You Are Agressive?"          DH99 pic#01
Werewolves/Fatality    "Court"                    Complex
Werewolves/Fatality    "Demon"                    Complex
Wizard/NSDF            "Attack"                     PHAT9 gfx#01
Wizard/NSDF            "Sega Monster"               PHAT9 gfx#04
Yerzmyey/HG            "Death"                      PDX99 pic#14
Yerzmyey/HG            "Dog"                         DC99
Yerzmyey/HG            "The Larch"                  PHAT9 gfx#10
Zodiac/ZX-Maniacs      "Flower"                     PDX99 pic#01

4D   - 4th Dimension
AC   - Accept Corp.
ACL  - Ascendancy Creative Labs
CCG  - Castor Cracking Group
CPU  - Cyber Punks Unity
CRG  - Computer Rats Group
CTL  - Constellation
DP   - Double Plus
EI   - Eternity Industry
ESA  - Excellent Speccy Aces
HG   - Hooy-Group
HR   - Heel Raisers
IMX  - Intentions Matrix
LFG  - Light Future Group
MHCG - Master Home Computers Group
NSDF - Navy Syndicate of Dungeon Fantasy
OHG  - Omega Hackers Group
PhF  - Phantom Family
PXM  - Proxima
RA   - Raww Arse
SMG  - Serious Makers Group
TNL  - Technology Interactive Systems
TM   - Triumph
XTM  - Extreme

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Groups - анкеты действующих групп: Jupiter 77.

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News - Виртуальное пати Millennium, X-Raizor вернулся на сцену, Andrew Fer организовал новую группу, провал Германского пати Spectrology, новости от 3SC, Zero Team, Extreme.

News - мнение Megus'a о dentro compo СС'2000.

News - новости от OHG, Delta Hackers Group, Die Crupps, Волгодонских спектрумисто и от группы SpeedWay.

Scenergy - адреса для связи с редакцией.

Scenergy - благодарности соавторам журнала.

Scenergy - новое в облочке журнала.

Scenergy - обещанного видео в статьях не будет...

V.I.P. - Random берет интервью у Unbel!ever/Sage/XTM.

V.I.P. - The most noble tale of the scene.

V.I.P. - интервью с Arny и Mythos, создателями клона Elite игры Awaken.

V.I.P. - Интервью с Fatality, широко известными крэкерами и гейм-мэйкерами

V.I.P. - интервью с одним из авторов игры Elite.

V.I.P. - интервью с одним из самых прогрессивных художников на спектруме Diver/4D.

V.I.P. - Интервью, взятое у Random'а каким-то PC-журналом

Warez Pack - описание Inertia Player.

Warez Pack - описание демо 1140.

Warez Pack - описание импортной демки 'no work'.

Темы: Игры, Программное обеспечение, Пресса, Аппаратное обеспечение, Сеть, Демосцена, Люди, Программирование

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