Scenergy #02
31 декабря 1999

Coding - процедура быстрого умножения.

<b>Coding</b> - процедура быстрого умножения.

 Some  smart  man  said  hundreds  years ago: "When there are no
limits,  there is no creativity". Unfortunately we don't live in
his  era.  He  would  be  probably  glad to see how Z80 assembly
coders perform multiply.

 When we look at common calculations, we mostly need to multiply
some integer by fractional number in range <0, 1>. Good examples
are sinus, cosinus or perspective. People which are not familiar
with  fixed  point arithmetics might wonder how to achieve this.
As always... simply:

1) Pre-multiply fraction by 256 [to make it appear as 8-bit
2) Multiply our two 8-bit integers.
3) Divide whole 16-bit result by 256 [actually, just take higher

 This article is about doing it FAST. The main idea is hidden in

a * b = exp(log(a) + log(b))    [where LOG is natural logarithm]

 Smart  coder  will immediately find out that we need just three
table  lookups and one addition. So our first attempt would look

B, C - operands

        ld      h,LOG      ; set pointer to LOG table
        ld      l,b
        ld      a,(hl)     ; get logarithm of the first integer
        ld      l,c
        add     a,(hl)     ; add logarithm of the second integer
        inc     h          ; move to EXP table
        ld      l,a
        ld      a,(hl)     ; get higher byte of the result

 Unfortunately,  this  will not work. To prevent ADD A,(HL) from
overflow  we  must  store  logarithms  with only 7-bit precision
which  would  cause our results to be inaccurate. What do I mean
by  7-bit  precision?  Look.  When  we are making LOG table, the
biggest entry we can get is:

log(255) = 5.54126... => 6

 It is a good idea to pre-multiply all entries by 127 / log(255)
and  save  the  logarithmic  curve with more precision [so there
will  be no numbers 0 - 6 but 0 - 127]. Let's call this constant
S [scale]. Of course, we must slightly modify the calculation of
EXP table:

for X = 0 to 254
  EXP[X] = exp(X / S) / 256

 Anyway,  this  is  just  an example. To make our routine really
work,  we  must  increase  scale. After various experiments with
Busy  we found out that 10-bits is optimum. Results are accurate
[many  times  they  are  even  correctly  rounded!]  and  memory
requirements are still acceptable. Logarithms are no more 8-bit.
They  are  stored  in 512 bytes long table. EXP table has 1024 +
1024  entries  and  S  =  1023 / log(255). So we can move a step
forward and write our second attempt:

        ld      h,LOG           ; set pointer to LOG table
        ld      l,b
        ld      e,(hl)
        inc     h
        ld      d,(hl)          ; store logarithm of B into DE
        ld      l,c
        ld      b,(hl)
        dec     h
        ld      c,(hl)          ; store logarithm of C into BC
>       ld      hl,EXP          ; set pointer to EXP table
>       add     hl,bc
        add     hl,de
        ld      a,(hl)          ; get the result

 This   routine   would  work  perfectly.  Anyway,  it  has  one
disatvantage  -  it  can  be  faster. We can cut off highlighted
instructions  by  famous  table  offset  trick.  Imagine that we
stored  EXP  table at address 200 * 256. Look what happens if we
increase higher byte of logarithms by 100:

ld      h,LOG
ld      l,b
ld      e,(hl)   ; get lower byte of log(B)
inc     h
ld      d,(hl)   ; get higher byte of log(B) increased by 100
ld      l,c
ld      a,(hl)   ; get higher byte of log(C) increased by 100
dec     h
ld      l,(hl)   ; get lower byte of log(C)
ld      h,a      ; store complete logarithms into HL and DE
add     hl,de    ; 100 + 100 = 200! we have pointer to EXP table
ld      a,(hl)   ; get the result

We have just developed complete multiply in 73 T!
 Now  let's  talk  about  handling negative numbers. It would be
nice  to  call the same routine dependless of operand signs. And
it  is  possible to do it. We will just extend our trick and add
two different table offsets to higher byte of the logarithm. One
for  positive  numbers  [entries  0  - 127] and one for negative
numbers  [entries  128 - 255]. Since EXP table is 2048 [8 * 256]
bytes  long, difference between these values must be at least 8.
Let's  take values 100 and 108 for example and make out possible

               [+] * [+] = [+]    [+] * [-] = [-]
               100 + 100 = 200    100 + 108 = 208

               [-] * [+] = [-]    [-] * [-] = [+]
               108 + 100 = 208    108 + 108 = 216

 So,  at  address  200  *  256 will begin ordinary EXP table. At
address  208  *  256  will  be  stored  EXP  table with negative
results.  And  once  again,  there will be ordinary positive EXP
table at address 216 * 256. We will lose 6K of memory instead of
2K,  but  we don't need to care about signs. In addition, tables
will be more accurate. Because all integers will lie in interval
<-127, 127>, we can use S = 1023 / log(127).

 Those  of you which are extremely smart can ask: "Hah! And what
if  one  operand  will  be  zero? Everybody knows that log(0) is
undefined!".  Yes...  but  can  we  give  up  after such voyage?
Definitely no! We just fill table entries for log(0) with zeroes
[but  we  must  add  correct  table offsets to higher byte]. The
worsest  case  is: log(0) + log(127). When we add them together,
we  will  get  1023  [supposing that logarithms were scaled] and
final result will be:

exp(1023 / S) = 255

 Since  higher  byte  of 255 is 0, our problem is solved. If you
decide  to  use  correct  rounding  you can get value 1. In most
cases  nobody  will  notice  this little inaccuracy. However, it
depends  on  the  nature  of  whole problem. Either we decide to
round  [and  risk]  or  to  ignore fractional part [and make all
multiplies  slightly  inaccurate]. It's upon you. I suppose that
nobody will make any additional zero checks.

 Finally,  I  will  put  there X * sin(Y) routine, which is very
useful   in   vector  rotations.  The  only  difference  between
"classic"  multiply and this routine is in additional LOG table,
which  actually contains no S * log(abs(Y)), but S * log(abs(127
*  sin(Y  * PI / 128))) entries. If you are wondering about ABS,
you  better  jump  few pages back and think again about handling
signs by table offsets.

        ld      h,LOG
        ld      l,b
        ld      e,(hl)
        inc     h
        ld      d,(hl)          ; get log(B)
        inc     h
        ld      l,c
        ld      a,(hl)
        inc     h
        ld      h,(hl)
        ld      l,a             ; get log(sin(C))
        add     hl,de
        ld      a,(hl)          ; and we are finished

 You  will probably spend lot of time by building tables, but it
is well worth the effort. See ya next time.


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