Scenergy #02
31 декабря 1999

V.I.P. - The most noble tale of the scene.

<b>V.I.P.</b> - The most noble tale of the scene.
here it is, seven years of marriage thanks to breadbox
by raver/phantasy

Recently i've interviewed a couple (yeah really couple) of c=64
sceners for c=64 magazine Domination. Since they have something
special to thank scene about, i think this one could be of
interest for speccy dudes as well. Additionaly, one of these
sceners is responsible for diskmags, as he invented a lot of
things in that scene producing legendary Sex'n'Crime and later
Propaganda magazines back in eighties.

Let me introduce you Oliver and Debbie or better known as

Antichrist/Genesis Project and The Sorceress/Genesis Project!

Most of the answers came from Sorceress, since Antichrist was
quite busy speaking straight only a couple of times. It's a
family game!

[?] hello Debbie and Oliver! prepare yourself for little flash-
back as we will talk about past, and be ready to drop an eye in
future, while for a start we could examine present time a bit.


[!] Since Oliver is working on many projects right now, I am
typing the interview and reading/answering the questions for
him aswell as myself. We have 2 computers in the same room so
he is right next to me.

[?] so, how the life is for you right now? where are you living
and what are your occupation and hobbies?

[!] Oliver and I are living in New York not far from Manhatten.
Oliver works for a local newspaper in our area as Production
Manager and he just had his 3rd book published called
"A Treasury of Pet Humor". He is also doing Cartooning and we
both do web designing. As for hobbies, I guess you can say that
the computer is our hobby since we spend alot of time on it
doing work and playing our favorite game "Rise of Rome" and
maintaining our websites. Other then that we are into watching
movies, having a good time and alot of laughs.

[?] i guess you're not active scenewise anymore, but perhaps
you're still connected to some digital devices, just like almost
everybody these days. what technologies are you using and for
what exactly?

[!] We both have computers and we use them for what I listed
above. I also run a graphics group which I like doing. As for
the scene. No, we are not active anymore. There is not much left
that we could offer the scene these days. It was fun while we
were on the 64 but being on the pc, it just wants to make you go
on to do other things.

[?] c=64 can affect destiny. bullshit! i should better say, it
is destiny! and this time i don't mean importing team. and so do
you still keep in touch with people you got to know in the scene

[!] We have been in contact with old 64 sceners but most of them
have gone on to get married and/or developed their careers so
the contact is there but its limited. It is interesting to find
out what happened to people we have not heard from in years. As
for the scene affecting our destiny... most people would say it
did not affect the directions in which their lives went, but in
our case that would be different because Oliver and I met
through the 64 scene and we got married, so yes it did affect
our destiny in a good way. We will be married for 7 years this

[?] so maybe you know about fact that Newscopy was recently
kicked out of F4CG?

[!] We both remember Newscopy. He was in Genesis*Project a long
time ago but we never knew he was in F4CG. Im sure his talents
can be used elsewhere.

[?] there's an affair with him being accused for stealing money
he got for a game.

[!] We can't give any oppinions on Newscopy being accused of
stealing money because we have no idea of what happened. I hope
he didn't do it!

[?] what about the scene itself? do you know what's going on, do
you check new releases?

[!] No, actually in America the 64 no longer exists so until we
stumbled onto a c64 site we thought the scene was gone. What a
suprise that was to see that there were sites up and groups
still going at it. We did look at some old releases but aside
from that we do not know what is going on with the 64 scene now
and we do not keep ourselves updated on new releases. We just
don't have the time right now to do it.

[?] well one might say there are still some more or less active
groups in the states but the illegal scene can be counted as
dead really. hats off to Fungus the one and only active american
cracker though. do you think that because of the burning decre-
asing of illegal activities, the scene is dead? is a demo scene
something really different for you?

[!] I think the scene is dead in the US because they no longer
sell games or c64's and people went on to bigger machines. If
the companys would have kept the games coming, the c64 would
probably be very active today because it was so affordable. But
although we had fun on the 64, we would not trade the PC for it.
I don't think many people would. It just has so much to offer.
As for the Demo scene, we were not really active in the demo
scene although Genesis*Project did make demos.

[?] question for Oliver: what do you think about magazine scene
and journalism nowadays as the pioneer of it?

[!] I haven't really seen any scene mags lately, but it's nice
to know they're still around. I did see a voting sheet for one
scene mag recently, and I saw they were using the word "graph-
ician" in it. The funny thing is, I invented that word! There is
no word "graphician" in the English language. In German the
words Musiker (musician) and Grafiker (graphic artist) end the
same. So I figured it works the same way in English. But it
doesn't. But I used to use the word in Sex'n'Crime all the time,
and later also in Propaganda... And now the whole computer scene
still uses it, after about 10 years! I think that's pretty cool!
I acually invented a word!


[?] past... for some this word have almost the same meaning as
scene, how about you? am i right saying that scene changed your
lifes, forever and for good?

[!] Yes, you are right about that : )

[?] there is a beatiful story behind the scene for you both.
will you share it with our readers? it might be not only an
interesting but also inspirating for the these who are part of
scene today.

[!] The scene does have a beautiful meaning for us because as I
mentioned above, it changed our lives and Oliver and I became
family. We met over the phone. Oliver was working on Propaganda
at the time and there was a section in it that asked the readers
what they thought about the last months issue. One day Oliver
(who I did not know at the time) called me and asked for my
feedback on the last issue of Propaganda. I told him that I
thought the issue was great although I did not tell him I didnt
read it yet. The issues were always good to my taste and I was
embarrassed to tell him I did not load THAT issue yet. Well, we
started talking and he told me a little about himself. I was
very suprised when he told me he was from Germany because he had
no accent. We talked for a very long time and became friends.
After that he started calling me often and we never ran out of
things to talk and laugh about, and not to mention the group
G*P. I ran a bbs and spread the warez that G*P put out. We
eventually started talking daily and became very close. You have
to understand that when your dealing with an overseas friendship
you actually talk more then if you were together in person be-
cause its all over the phone. Well this went on for a long time
and I always felt sad that one day we would lose contact because
of our locations (being on 2 different sides of the world). It
can make things difficult at times. The closer we became, the
more frustrating it got. Well, this was not going to happen.
Because of the 6 hour time difference Oliver would be going to
work at 12am my time... Did I mention we were very tired during
those days? The time difference took its toll. But back to my
story. So he would get up and after he would go to work, I would
go to sleep. One day he left as usual to go to work but he did
not call at the usual time when he normally would get home. I
worried that something might have happened to him but there was
no way for me to find out. At this point we were talking on the
phone for way over a year and have grown very close. At 12am my
time (U.S. time) someone rang my doorbell. I went to look out
the window but it was dark and I could not see who was there. I
just saw the chest part of the person BUT tucked inside the neck
of his shirt was sunglasses. Oliver had bought new sunglasses
and sent them in a picture to me and those were the same ones.
It crossed my mind that this could be him but I ruled that out
because he was in Germany. (Suprise on me!). Well, I didn't
answer the door because I was not dressed and my mind would not
stop bothering me. Was this actually him??? Within 10 minutes my
phone rang and it was him. As soon as he spoke I knew he was
here because I didn't hear that beep or echo as you would on an
overseas call. I will tell you one thing... I would rather meet
someone right away rather then speak to them for such a long
time and then meet. I was not dressed and I was shocked!!! He
was supposed to be at work in Germany! I told him to give me 10
minutes to get dressed. I showered, dried my hair at warp speed
and my stomach was in knots. Would this guy be a stranger to me
now or the same Oliver I knew? I did not like this feeling at
all, who would? But I went out (he had rented a car) and the car
was in front of my house and got in. When i think about it now
I have to laugh. How strange it was to actually SEE him talk. We
had exchanged pictures but I always wondered what it looked like
when he moved, or talked. Things like this cross your mind. He
was shy in the begining and I asked him in a loud way (because I
was still shocked) "What are you doing here???". He laughed. It
was a suprise he told me. (For anyone reading this in a similar
situation, NEVER suprise a girl in that way. It can cause bodily
harm when she kicks you!). Girls need a chance to get ready! We
started talking and I just stared at his mouth moving and the
voice coming out. It was amazing. But before long we were ok.
This was the same guy I knew for so long on the phone and visa
versa. On that trip he stayed for 3 weeks and we had the best
time ever! His leaving was so sad but he came back. And within
1 year he came back and forth 6 times. We just fell in love over
and over. How powerful the feeling is! We decided to get married
and almost 7 years later here we are. Now that more people have
access to the internet a long distance relationship is more
comon. Not easier, just more of an average thing but 99% of them
probably will not work out because it is a very hard thing to
do. One person must make a big move and thats scary. But you
will get those couples who beat the odds and have a wonderful
life from it.

[?] what did scene meant to you back then? and what does it mean
now, even if not as important part of your life, but as
phenomenal thing at all. you know, it's alive.

[!] Back then the scene meant alot of competition, fun, creati-
vity and work. Not to mention huge phone bills. We had good
groups and excellent fixers. A group called Empire fixed our
games and they were the best. They were also our friends. This
is another thing that the scene meant. Meeting some awsome int-
eresting people who really made you laugh and sometimes drove
you crazy. It was a love/hate relationship between groups too.
What confusing creatures we 64 people are.


[?] silly question which i simply had to ask - will you ever
come back and do something for the scene?

[!] There is nothing for us to do in the scene right now except
to share memories for the people who were in it with us during
those days and letting the people newer to the scene and who are
interested know what it was like back in the days when new wares
were coming out non stop and how different it was back then. The
Euro scene was over just about the time that we got married. (Or
so we thought until we saw the 64 sites on the internet) So im
speaking of 6 to 7 years ago. And the U.S. scene was over long
before that. The companys stopped making 64 games and computers.
Thats when they (the Americans) turned to fixing.

[?] are you planning to visit Europe somewhen? some copyparty,
old friends, relatives (for Oliver) and the continent itself?

[!] Well, Im a chicken when it comes to flying especially when
its a 6-7 hour plane trip but Oliver does visit his parents
around once a year and maybe one time I will hold my breath and
get on that plane. His family dont speak english that much so it
makes it all the more harder for me. We do keep in contact
through the internet and phone aswell. The copy parties are a
thing of the past because everyone is new. There are no old
friends (or very few friends) that attend them that we know
these days. Plus there is so much going on over here between
work and living. Our location is a factor aswell. If they had
some more local it might be a different story.

Its hard to fit all the exciting stories into one interview
because so much has happened concerning the scene back in those
days. I can actually fill a book filled with interesting and
funny stories. There are so many people in the scene today who
will never know the great crackers and fixers that came and left
their mark in the history of the c64 and its sad because they
made the scene what it is today. But I learned that if you take
one group that stays productive and sticks together through the
good and the bad, you can consider them an Elite group because
this is what its all about.

[?] so maybe you could once start writting for some magazine!
why should we be taking the scene so serious, but what is seri-
ous then? only the things which helps you to earn money? i think
that scene history is just as interesting as movie producing
history, for example. it's more strange though and it's sad no-
body is really working on the historical chronicles or something
like that. it'll all be gone soon. maybe the Propaganda could be
released again (Newscopy stopped the production a couple of
months ago saying that it'll not be here till he or Antichrist
decides to release it again)?

[!] Antichrist won't be going back to doing Propaganda because
he has very many projects he is working on right now and they
are all time consuming. He has his cartooning, his internet
work, plus he is working for a newspaper so doing a scene mag
again is not likely going to happen. Plus sinse he is no longer
in the scene he would have no idea of what to write about. There
will never be a Propaganda the way he used to make it. Im not
saying that in a selfish way. But he risked many people not
liking him for being truthful in the original Propaganda and I
think thats why it was so popular. People hated him for writing
it but they also couldnt wait for it to be released.

[?] and at last, maybe Antichrist have something to say about
OMG matter? another question is, do you still have the bread-
box(es)? there's some game, probably you've played it, called
C64 Scene Adventure, made by Gotcha, and it's really funny!

[!] No, we don't have a 64's anymore. Oliver or I have never
heard of the game called C64 Scene Adventure but I can only
IMAGINE what the game is like. It must be really funny. As for
the OMG and Antichrist names... They are one and the same per-
son. All Oliver's friends knew it was him so it was not to hide
fool people. He had trouble twice in the past from the police
concerning the c64 and wanted to create a legal name.  People
just blew that way out of proportion.

Thank you for letting us do this interview and if you would like
to come and visit us, here are our urls:


Signed: Antichrist/G*P and The Sorceress/G*P

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