Scenergy #02
31 декабря 1999

Illegal Corner - Welcome to Scenergy Release Charts (SRC).

<b>Illegal Corner</b> - Welcome to Scenergy Release Charts (SRC).
Welcome to Scenergy Release Charts (SRC)

Directories, named /firstreleases/, are created for special
purpose, so don't use them for uploads unless you didn't read

These directories can be found on several speccy scene FTP sites
and are created especially for firstreleases - all cracks of
games, which are finished and released (and therefore also
cracked not earlier) after 01.01.2000. The word "firstrelease"
may tell you the essence - it means that the group who managed
to crack and upload it first, have the firstrelease, all other
groups can have simple release or in some cases - rerelease.
To have a firstrelease, group have to upload crack to as much
FTP sites (there are five sites taken in consideration) as
possible. If some site is down, group should send e-mail to
Scenergy magazine ( informing about time
and site it happened and try to upload again a bit later.

While these directories were made for SRC, they can be surely
used as source for release charts in other magazines as well as
they can set up and use their own sites.

See for latest news
about our thing.

Rules (for SRC).

1. All releases, uploaded to directories /firstreleases/ will be
pretending to status "firstrelease"

2. Release must be game released by author after 01.01.2000 and
that also means that crack can't be performed earlier.

3. Crack have to be uploaded to as much of FTP's listed below as
possible. If any of these are down, please inform Scenergy by
sending e-mail and try again later. If upload will not suceed
later, it will be counted as firstie anyway. However, if any
other group upload the same release to more FTP's than first
group, they will get the firstrelease except cases when Scenergy
received e-mail about sites being down. See also rule #5.

4. All the cracks of the same game which will be uploaded to FTP
sites later than three hours after first group uploaded their
version, will be counted as rereleases. Also, minus points as
rerelease will get all the games made before 01.01.2000.

5. There exist a three hours rule. It means that if there will
be uploaded crack of the game already upped by other group
earlier within 3 hours, it will not be punished with minus
points. However, it will not receive points at all unless rule
#3 will activate.

6. Minor bugs will be get minus points, but major bugs which
makes game unplayable, will not be counted as firstrelease.
Non-english games will be counted as firstrelease, but they will
recieve less points if they are unplayable for these knowning
only english, also group which will release translated version
later, will recieve points.

7. Game can be released both in TAP and TR-DOS formats. First
release not depending on format will recieve usual points, while
release in other format uploaded later (it can be release of
some other group too) will get from 1 to 2 points. If there is
uniloader in the first release, it will recieve usual points
plus 2 to 3 points bonus.

8. Points for the firstreleases will be given depending on the
quality of the game and quality of the crack. The judgement will
be performed by editors of SRC.

9. All cracks will be tested at least on differently configured
pentagons and scorpions.

10. Editors of SRC have rights to add or remove points for
special things not included in rules.

11. Detailed information about SRC:
Editors of Scenergy Release Charts:
Max Iwamoto/Code Busters

Used FTP sites:
Acid Nature [Phantasy and Progress HQ]

Chaosite [Concern Chaos HQ]

Sweet Confusion [Phantasy and Fatality HQ]

Ascendancy [Ascendancy Creative Labs HQ]

Soul's Storage [Digital Reality HQ]

Main points:
English or foreign language playable previews: 1-2 points
Unplayable foreign previews: 1 point
English or foreign language playable full games: 3-5 points
Unplayable foreign full games: 3 points

Crack points:

Trainer: 0-2 points
Translation: 0-2 points
Missing format (TAP/TR-DOS): 1-2 points
Uniloader: 2-3 points

Bonus points:

Multicolor/#FD fix: 0-2 points
Docs included: 0-2 point
TR-DOS save/load added: 1.5 points
Hi-score saver installed: 1.5 points

Minus points:

Rerelease: -5 points
No crunching: -3 points
No trainer: -1 point
Minor bugs: -1 point
Not onefiled: -1 point (except uniloaders)

Happy Cracking!

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Темы: Игры, Программное обеспечение, Пресса, Аппаратное обеспечение, Сеть, Демосцена, Люди, Программирование

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