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Gameland - прохождение игры The Price of Magik от Level 9.

<b>Gameland</b> - прохождение игры The Price of Magik от Level 9.
            THE PRICE OF MAGIK
              Level 9 (1986)
     Walk Through by Dorothy Millard
        (C64 & Spectrum Versions)

   Графика  напоминает  Snowball, но почти
все экраны разные. Они состоят из стандар- 
тных  объектов  и опять строятся в расчёте 
 на то, что у вас C64 ;) 
    Inventory=INV, Look=LOOK.
   Описание проверено, игра проходится.


  1. There  were  three different versions
available  for  the  Spectrum: A text-only
version, a  graphic  version  with reduced
text,and a Spectrum 128K version with full
text  and  graphics. [Ред.: На  самом деле
игра имеет две версии: 48/128k (без графи- 
ки  в 48k  режиме) и 48k с урезанным текс- 
том. Имеется два .z80, оба сняты в 48k ре- 
жиме. Рекомендуется  взять  образ  ленты и 
загружать  его  в 128k режиме (обязательно 
из  ПЗУ 128k бейсика). Существующая диско- 
вая  версия снята с 48k версии: текст уре- 
зан и нельзя отгружаться в память командой 
 RAM SAVE . ] 
  2. There  is  no  limit to the number of
 items carried.
  3. You  should avoid combat unless it is
essential, as dealing with your opponent's
ghosts  saps  your  stamina and slows pro-
 gress through the game.
  4. Casting  magik spells costs you years
so  check  "SCORE"  at  regular intervals.
Touching  the  red  moon reduces your game
age. If you  become  80 you're living dan-
gerously and at 100 you're dead.

          Magik Spells and Uses

  1. BOM - Brings inanimate items to life
                            (focii trumpet)
  2. DED - Cancels all spells
                        (focii alloy wheel)
  3. DET - Detects danger
                        (focii elder cross)
  4. DOW - Checks the magikal properties
           of target
                           (focii pendulum)
  5. ESP - Look into another room
                       (focii crystal ball)
  6. FIN - Turns mail-clad target into a
                        (focii silver mail)
  7. FIX - Cures target of injuries
                           (focii valerian)
  8. FLY - Causes target to "levitate"
                              (focii broom)
  9. HYP - Hypnotises target to obey you
                              (focii staff)
  10. IBM - Scares the target
                           (focii blue box)
 [Ред.: Голубой ящик с надписью IBM дейст-
 вительно может испугать ;) ] 
  11. KIL - Madly confuses target in
                                (focii axe)
  12. MAD - Angers target
                           (focii grimoire)
  13. SAN - Restores sanity to target
                               (focii claw)
  14. SEE - Detects secret doors
                      (focii feldspar lens)
  15. SPY - See into room of target
                             (focii candle)
  16. XAM - Examines the "magik"
            properties of the target
                              (focii prism)
  17. ZAP - Magikally attacks target with
                              (focii ashes)
  18. ZEN - Transports you to mists of
                            (focii mirror)


               Walk Through

(Start on a winding drive) EXAMINE KNOCKER
(word  "ESP" is moulded into the knocker),
W (woodshed), EXAMINE WOODPILE  (ready for 
a fire, underneath it is something nasty),
EXAMINE NASTY  (it  oozes  away  into  the 
burning  weakly),  LIGHT WOODPILE  (it  is
soon   converted   to  ashes),  EXTINGUISH
CANDLE (if you don't extinguish the candle 
as early  as possible  it burns completely
away - taking with it your "focii" for the
SPY  spell),  GET ASHES, W  (herb garden), 
TAKE ALL (eyebright flowers and mandrake - 
the mandrake screams as you grab it [Ред.:
Корень  мандрагоры  похож  на человеческую 
фигуру, поэтому мандрагоре приписывают ма- 
гическую силу.За бугром популярна легенда, 
что мандрагора кричит,когда её вырывают. ] 
- Do  you  want  to  continue?), YES  (you
wrench  it from the ground and some things
fall  from  around  it's roots... you take
the  skull, knucklebone  and elder cross),
EXAMINE ALL (eyebright flowers  -  magical 
plant, mandrake  -  weed, skull  -  human,
knucklebone  - has a ring, ashes - remains
of woodpile, candle  -  half  burnt, elder
cross - wooden),  EXAMINE RING (set with a
solitaire  diamond), DROP MANDRAKE, REMOVE

E, E,  U (the vine), U, U (top of vine), U 
(onto  the  roof),  U,  RUB EYEBRIGHT INTO
EYES,  W  (into  the  attic),  N,  EXAMINE 
SMALL MIRROR,  LOOK  (a new exit  has been 
created  to  the  south),  S (recess), GET
PRISM, EXAMINE PRISM  (inscribed  "XAM" ), 
N, W,  GET CAGE (this is  to house the bat 
later, but  you  can  also do this without
the cage  if you prefer), SW, SE (office),
EXAMINE TABLE (the word "MAD" is inscribed 
(tells you how to cast spells), NW, NE, E,
E (back  to the roof), D (the vine), D, D, 
D, D (winding drive), CUT VINE  (you cut a 
staff from the vine), GET STAFF.

KNOCK DOOR, OPEN DOOR, IN (entrance hall), 
EXAMINE POSTCARD   (deliveries  have  been 
EXAMINE PENDULUM (enscribed  with "DOW" ), 
WAIT  (until  the  clock  goes  "BOM" ), E 
(broom cupboard), GET BROOM,  W, SE, W, W,
NW, N, NE, N  (anti-alcove - a red moon is 
here  and  there  is  a feeling of magik),
TOUCH MOON,TOUCH MOON (again - this action 
reduces your game age to 20 years old), S,
SW, N, N, UP, E, N, NE, NE  (roof garden), 
herb), GET WOLFSBANE, NW, UP (belfry), GET
BAT, EXAMINE BELL  (caste  from  tonnes of 
bronze),  D, SE, SE,  EXAMINE WARGAME (re-
enacts  a massacre),  SW,  W, W,  DROP BAT
(you  almost fall over a wheel which rolls
out of sight),  CAST HYP AT BAT,  BAT TAKE
WHEEL (the  bat flies off and returns with 
the wheel), GET WHEEL, GET BAT.

S, SE (oak panelled  corridor), PUSH PANEL 
(a group  of panels swing back as a door),
LOOK (there  is a new exit to the east), E 
(store  room), EXAMINE SWORD (it is pushed
into the floor of this room from the ceil-
ing  of the location directly under this),
PULL LEVER (the  sword  drops  down  below 
where  it can be picked up later), W, S, E
(another  store  room), GET SHOVEL, W, NW,
SW (cellar). 

EXAMINE CHESTS  (there are ten of them all 
coloured differently, ie. black,brown,red,
- it  is  necessary  to  magikally examine
each  one  in  turn  with the DOW spell to
establish which one contains the salt that
you will need, to do this you will need to
study  the action of the pendulum when the
spell is cast...a circular movement of the
pendulum  indicates no contents, a side to
side  motion is the indication that you've
located the correct chest... the colour of
the chest  containing  the salt is random-
ly allocated  for  each game), CAST DOW AT
<colour> CHEST  (repeat  this   with  each 
chest  in  turn  until you get the correct
response from the pendulum), OPEN <colour>

NE, SE, SW  (arch-roofed corridor. You see 
an inscription  on  the ceiling), CAST FLY
AT ME  (you  float  into  the  air),  READ 
INSCRIPTION ( HYP ), WAIT (until the "FLY" 
spell wears off),  NE, N, N, NE, S  (Musty
hall), EXAMINE TAPESTRY  (showing  a heal-
er),  E,  D,  W,  NW (bone  chamber),  GET
SWORD,  EXAMINE SWORD  ("Excalibur"  back- 
wards), S (the  werewolf  leaves you alone
because you have the wolfsbane for protec-
tion), SW, SE,  OPEN DOOR,  OUT, W, W (you
have  now  to bury all the bones to enable
you  to get  the plate armour), GET SKULL,
BURY KNUCKLEBONE (a ghost says you can now 
have the plate armour),  E, E,  OPEN DOOR,
IN,  NW, NE, N, NW, N, W  (echoing crypt), 

E, E, N, N (library),  EXAMINE GRIMOIRE (a 
tome  which  explains that you must be mad
to use magik),  GET GRIMOIRE, NW  (study),
(the  "ZEN"  spell allows rapid movement),
SE, S, NW, SW  (collapsing junction),  CUT 
CURTAIN  (the enchanted  curtain  disappe- 
ars), LOOK  (you now go west), W, S (inner
sanctum),  GET FELDSPAR LENS,  N, E, N, NW
(laboratory  where the word "SEE" is writ-
ten  on  one  wall),  SE, S, NE, SE, N, NW
(study  surrounded  by dark shadows), CAST
SEE (you see a hidden exit leading north), 
N (dusty  priest's  hole  where  the  word 
"DET"  is scrawled  in blood on the wall), 
SE,  N  (magnificent  treasury),  GET BAG, 
EXAMINE BAG  (in it is some gold),  S, NW, 
S,SE, S,S, W, S,SE,S, SW,SE, W,W, NW,N,NE, 
N  (anti-alcove),  TOUCH MOON,  TOUCH MOON 
(again), S, SW, S.

S (slime  slide where a giant slug attacks 
you  and  the  blow  strikes your armour),
THROW SALT AT SLUG  (it  drives  it away), 
DOWN, EXAMINE STATUE ( "SPY" is written on 
it's left foot), DOWN (chute to a circular
room),  S, SW, SE,  NE,  S, S, E  (ominous
chamber  where  "FLY"  is  written  on the
wall),  W, N, N,  SW, SW, NW, NW,  S, S, W
(to where the metallic golem is),  EXAMINE
METALLIC GOLEM (wearing some silver mail), 
what he was looking for - he quickly chan-
ges  into the robes and hands you the sil-
ver mail), DOWN, NW, SW, W, SE, E, SE (web
cavern), CUT WEB (it collapses on the spi-
der), GET CROWBAR, W, N, NW, E, NE.

W (landing stage  where a ferryman is here 
standing  in  a boat - he  needs  paying),
GIVE CROWBAR (he says,"I suppose that will 
do, Hop in"),  HOP IN  (you are now in the
boat  on the river),  CAST FIN AT ME  (you
are transformed into a fish), DOWN (river-
bed),  READ PLAQUE  (reads  "SAN" ),  WAIT
(until  the  "FIN" spell wears off and you
are  returned to the boat), TAKE ALL (this
latter  command is extremely important be-
cause  when you  transformed all your pos-
sessions  were  automatically "dropped" in
the  boat - if you  forget  and get out of
the boat  you  cannot retrieve anything as
you  have  nothing  with  which to pay the
ferryman),  N, N, N (to where the colossal
bloodworm  is - the  bat  deals  with  the
bloodworm for you), N,NW,N, SW,S (temple -
above the altar is a weight),  CAST FLY AT
WEIGHT, (to  prevent it  from falling upon 
you when you attempt to take the talisman)

N, NE,NE (hall of statues), EXAMINE CHERUB 
(carrying  a trumpet),  CAST ZAP AT CHERUB
(until  it  is dead and disappears), LOOK,
GET TRUMPET, SE, NE, N (towards the gate - 
a voice says before you may enter you must
offer a gift to Myglar),  GIVE PENDULUM, N
(as  you go through a monkey drops on your
back), S,SW, CAST ZEN (you are transported
to the mists of time), S,S,D (cold store),
WAIT (and the cold is enough to freeze the 
b***s  of  the  monkey - the  monkey  runs
BLACK BALL, CAST ZEN  (you are transported 
to  the  mists  of  time), S, E, D  (anti-
alcove), TOUCH MOON, TOUCH MOON [Ред.: Она
больше  не помогает! ], S [Ред.: Чтобы это 
сделать, вам придется убить этого херувима 
так же,как первого ], SW,S,SE (rock walled 
room),  EXAMINE PICTURE  (of  Stonehenge),
CAST BOM AT PICTURE  (you  are sucked into 
the picture  and transported to a standing
stone at Stonehenge), SE,SE,W,NW,S (carved
( "IBM" is written here), N, SW, W, NE,NE,
N (back to the rock walled room). 

RUB TALISMAN   (you're  transported  to  a 
stone archway on the other plain),  N, NE,
E, E, IN (pillar), D (the steps), D,D, SW, 
N (you are in spherical rock bubble), READ 
RIDDLE  (the answer is "FEAR" ), S, NE, U, 
U, U, OUT, SW  (lake shore),  EXAMINE LAKE 
(sparkling   water),   DRINK WATER,    RUB
TALISMAN  (you're  transported back to the 
rock-walled  room), (check  your "Age" and
"SANITY" at this  stage - if 50 or over go
to  the  red  moon  in the anti-alcove and
touch it twice [Ред.: У меня в этот момент
был Age = 62, к концу игры = 82. Можете не 
ходить в anti-alcove на этот раз. ]), CAST 
ZEN (you are  transported  to the mists of 
time),  S,  E,E,E,E,  S,S,S,S,  D (winding
corridor), N,N, SE, N (dark room), EXAMINE
PICTURE  (showing  a  dark  spawn  clawing 
its  way  through  the earth), CAST BOM AT
PICTURE  (the  dark  spawn  leaps from the 
picture - in it's frenzy  it breaks a claw
on the frame),  GET CLAW, S, CAST ZEN (you
are transported to the mists of time).

S, E,E,E,E,S,S,S, D (portico), CAST IBM AT 
ANTS (they try to hide in a corner),  OPEN 
DOOR, IN, N, NW, N,N, SE (stone room - the 
door to the  east  of this room  cannot be
opened from this side), CAST ESP EAST (and
your  spiritual  form  arrives east of the
door),  EXAMINE IDOL  (a huge stone repre-
sentation  of  Myglar  [Ред.: И перед этим
мне почему-то высветилось "658;". На самом 
деле  CAST ESP  ради EXAMINE делать вообще 
не надо, идол и так подчинится,безо всяких 
BOM AT IDOL  (it  wakes  but  you return), 
looks  at you expectantly), CAST ESP EAST,
IDOL OPEN DOOR,  LOOK  (you return  to the 
stone  room  but  the  eastern door is now
open), E, NE, S (great stone room), S (the
floor is so cold that you jump back), CAST
FLY AT ME (this  first  cast  destroys the 
black  ball  which  was  used to absorb an
offensive  spell  against  you,   but  you
shouldn't  need it's protection any more),
CAST FLY AT ME (you  float  into the air), 

S (moon  room  where the moonbeast attacks 
you), WAVE MIRROR (the moonbeast runs away
from   it's   own   reflection),   EXAMINE
GARGOYLE  (a hideous  winged monster),  NW 
(the  gargoyle  says "Before you may enter
the tomb  of  Myglar, you must tell me the
answer to the riddle"),  FEAR, CAST ESP NW
(this  is  the  only  safe  way  to  enter
Myglar's tomb), CAST SAN AT MYGLAR (Myglar
stares at you from newly sane eyes,haunted
by  the  final realisation of his crimes -
you now return to your normal form back in
the  moon  room), CAST ESP NW, CAST DED AT
MYGLAR  (there is a  loud  thunderclap  as 
Myglar's magik is neutralised... he crump-
les  as time  regains it's power  and soon
nothing  remains  of  the proud wizard but
ancient dust).

Well done,  you have won the right to take 
Myglar's place as guardian of the Red Moon 

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