Inferno #09
31 июля 2006

Advertising - Ads by King Of Evil.

  Ads by King Of Evil

   Pleased to announce that the summer of 2005 was
started production of Pentagon computers

          Pentagon-1024SL v1.41

   Main technical characteristics:

  + The design of the scheme is put
 Pentagon 128 1993 year;

   + CPU: Z80 or equivalent;

  + RAM: 1024k SIMM module (port expansion
 of # 7ffd and # 1ffd);

  + ROM: 64k (with access to
free 16k, also have the opportunity to replace
 Ny ROM on the 0-th page RAM);

   + Kempston joystick;

   + Kempston mouse;

  + ZX Lprint III (implemented only apparatus

  + System Bus ZX-BUS (2 slots). Tse
 Kidney IORQ implemented on KR1533LL1;

  + Floppy disk controller with digital PLL
(No 556RT4) and double the speed positions

  + Dress size 30x18 cm By providing
but the mounting box for installation supplement
lnyh corps circuits (for those who do not
can live without a soldering iron).

   Those wishing to order a Pentagon-1024SL
I offer the following options:

  1. Blank printed circuit board (ver 1.41), sex
kit optional technical documentation (CDROM, containing the 
principal and the mounting circuit, short circuit description 
and instructions assembly and tuning, as well as an archive of 
time Noah useful information, literature and prog

Rummy in the TRD format, etc.).

                                - 600 rubles.


   Boards were made on the 3 rd class of accuracy
at a plant in Zelenograde.K this complex
that can be added: programmed
Naya chip ROM 27512 (order price increases
increases to 75 rubles.) programmed
Microcontroller PIC16C620/622 for Kempston
mouse (order price is increased by 100

  2. Assembled and customized printing plate
the one (ver 1.41), full set of technical
Documentation (CD-ROM, containing the principles
sexual and wiring diagrams, a brief description
schemes, etc., as well as an archive of various useful
Noah media, literature, programs
TRD format, etc.), 2 for the outer loop
peripherals (monitor, keyboard, joystick, and
etc.) - on the one hand socket IDC-34.
Set of connectors for external peripherals.

                               - 2500 rub.


   Build time - a maximum of 2 weeks (usually
but is faster). The kit does not enter
dyat SIMM module and musical co-processor

   There are other options, they must be
discussed separately.

   How to place an order, described in detail in
Support Web site (

   For any questions relating to Pentagon
1024SL, please contact me. My coordinates

 (495) 308-43-88

    (Weekdays from 18.00 to 23.00 msk)
 (49651) 5-69-23

                (Weekends and public holidays)


   Ordinary mail:
105568, Moscow, 24k2 Chelyabinsk apartment. 257
Zhabina Aleksey

   At the moment there are only two boards
(Nenabityh) Pentagon-1024SL v1.41!

           Pentagon-1024SL v2.1

   Main technical characteristics:

  1. The design of the board:

      corresponds to an AT-standard

  2. Architecture:

      open (3 slots ZX-BUS)

  3. CPU Type:

      KR1858VM3 / Z0840008PSC

  4. Clock Speed:

      7 MHz (TURBO) / 3.5 MHz (NORMAL)

   5. RAM: 1024 KB

   6. Volume ROM: 64 KB

  7. Printer Interface: ZX LPRINT III

     (Only implemented hardware

      part), is compatible with CENTRONICS

  8. Joystick Types:


  9. Music coprocessor:

      YM2149F / AY8910
 10. Types of video modes: standard

      ZX-screen, 16 COLOUR, 384 x 304
 11. Drive controller:

      BETA DISK, based KR1818VG93

  12. Audio Amplifier: 2 x 0.5 Tues
 13. Connecting to a monitor / TV: RGB SYNC

     (Yields are calculated on a standard

     75 Ohm load, magnitude 1.5

     peak-peak), built-in encoder PAL / NTSC

   Taken as a basis for Pentagon 128 1991 г. Bo
Most of the schemes (namely, the clock gene
operator, shaper clock, device
the set of memory management, port configuration
tion, the digital part of the video controller) ful
lnena FPGA EPM7128SLC84 (Altera).
This will significantly reduce if
celebrates the simple logic circuits and reduces
stitching area of ​​the board (the board just 32 micro
roshemy, including CPU, ROM, PLD, AY, SH).
In addition to the main FPGA on the board
is an auxiliary (EPM3032ALC44), at
database which implements partial control
ler drives and partially decode ports
I / vyvoda.Po economic reasons
multiplexers and buffers are implemented in RAM
some simple logic chips (IC
using FPGAs for this purpose unjustified
Dunno expensive).

   Now for the extra bells and whistles:

   System bus ZX-BUS is implemented practically
cally in the standard manner. Unlike her
implementation in 1024 KAY-minor: first, it is forbidden to 
switch TURBO / NORMAL signal on the bus, and secondly, it is 
forbidden transition switchover RAM / ROM in the 0-th sector 
signal on the bus. Corresponding pins

ZX-BUS through the 470 Ohm resistor connected to
 supply circuit +5 V

   RAM extended up to 1024k using 5,6,7
bits 7ffd. As RAM is used
SIMM module (you can put SIMM 30 pin on
1, 2 or 4 MB). SIMM is now quite rare
thing, but my experience shows that individual
nye dynamic RAM chips get
even more complicated: they have only to order, need
wait a month and buy at least 1 pack

   At the request of AlCo supported by two additional
Tel'nykh video mode - 384x304 and 16 colour.
Since these modes are easy to implement and
not require drastic alterations to the scheme
managed to implement them directly
firmware in the FPGA core.

   The controller drives the most simplified
Puppy. Initially, the scheme turbirovanie VG93 on
requests Lord'a Vader'a been finalized, but
Then it was decided to completely exclude
turbirovanie VG93 to release dopo
lnitelnye conclusions FPGA. Since the Persian
pektive as major carriers Institute
formation implies the use of CD,
HDD and RAM-disk, floppy disk controller
will be used primarily for
rapid transfer of data from one
computer to another computer and will not work
continuously throughout the session.
Therefore, the extra bells and whistles and usovershenstvova
 is of no use.

   The board realized printer interface
ZX-Lprint III, on the main signal alignment time
sible to CENTRONICS, making prints
algebra equipped with an interface CENTRONICS, may
be connected without any alterations
standard kabelem.Realizovana only an
paratnaya part ZX-Lprint III, ie Ports
IO. Since the software part
ZX-Lprint III, which was contained in the additional
tively ROM, supported only a few
printer models, produced in the mid-
80, now it does not make practical
 Coy benefit.

   The board also divorced Encoder PAL / NTSC,
forming a color video signal for horseshoes
lyucheniya directly to your TV via video
entrance. Of course, the image obtained by means
power of the encoder is worse than using
video monitor with RGB inputs or when under
connecting to your TV via SCART, but it is still better
than just black and white video. Purely
subjectively in NTSC mode image ka
moves better than in the mode of PAL.

   For the convenience of users on board
provided Stereo (2x0.5 W). K
its output can be connected to the dynamic
head 8 ohms, or headphones.
Power is quite sufficient to voice
living room. Allowed to regulate
the volume simply by adding additional
real variable resistor (power
not less than 0.5 W) in series with the dynamic
cally head.

   Configuration port:

  1. 7FFDh (write) (physical address

     % 1xxxxxxxxxxxx0x):

        bit 0, bit 1, bit 2 - selection

     RAM page mode 128k.

        bit 3 - projection screen

     (0 - to address 4000h, 1 - c addresses

     C00h main page).

        bit 4 - Select Page ROM

     (0 - BASIC-128, 1 - BASIC-48).

        bit 5 -

        if bit 2 EFF7h = 0: the first category

     memory expansion in excess of 128k.

        if bit 2 EFF7h = 1: Latch

     (0 - 7FFDh port is operating normally,

     1 - port and all functions performed by

     they are blocked. To exit this mode

     possible only by hardware


        bit 6 - second digit extension

     RAM is over 128k.

        bit 7 - the third expansion razrad

      memory in excess of 128k.

  2. EFF7h (write) (physical address

     % 1110xxxxxxxx0xxx):

        bit 0 - the inclusion of 16 colour mode

     (0 - off 1 - on).

        bit 1 - not Spanish.

        bit 2 - Enabling 128k.

     If bit 2 = 1 memory above 128k

     blocked, and the place of bit 5 7FFDh

     rises latch 48k.

        bit 3 - to disable ROM.

     When bit 3 = 1 at address 0000h instead

     ROM projected 0-i page of RAM.

        bit 4 - turn off TURBO.

     If bit 4 = 0 TURBO ON,

     when bit 4 = 1 TURBO disabled.

        bit 5 - not Spanish.

        bit 6 - Turn on 384x304.

     (0 - off 1 - on).

        bit 7 - not Spanish.

   The remaining I / O ports (Kempston,
ZX Lprint III, Border, Ports muses. process
sor, controller ports Beta Disk) have
standard configuration for the ZX Spectrum.

   Upon completion of the development was ordered
3 boards. Of those currently collected
 Two boards and a third in the build process.

   Now if there was a man who
could at least burn on (or even better, and
set up) fee, the case would go far
vigorously, of course, provided that orders
on the board will act more or less regular
regularly. Really need to make at least five
boards, and even better 10 - 15, but essentially
yuschey dynamics Orders 15 cards will be divergence
ditsya somewhere for two years - three, and this time
to me quite unsatisfactory,
as I have to pay for production immediately,
in a very short time and then wait 2-3
year until the money invested (by the way, many
lye) will return, but still no ha
rentier of the fact that they would return.

   In September, the plant will be commissioned com
plekt likely out of 5 Boards v2.2 (v2.2
differs in that its layout included
corrections made to the v2.1 attachments

   The cost of fees collected by the new version
is not defined yet - probably will remain in
the range of $ 100. Arrange over the phone
or by letter.

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