Adventurer #14
30 июня 2003

Scene - Modern tendencies in demomaking.

Демосцена Демо Создание демо

Modern Demomaking       

Modern tendencies in demomaking

Recently, there formed a difficu-
ilt situation in the modern demoma-
king. Almost every 8-bit platform
practically has reached the climax
in a programming techniques deve-
lopment, at the same time, on the
ibm pc, due to the constant tenden-
cies of the hardware accelerators'
development, the pure and tight
code, generally, is out of use.

So, it's easy to understand that
demomaking from the simple coders'
competition developed into the way
of expressing of personal emotions
and the creator's ideology. Since,
it became easy to deliver the cre-
ator's idea to the public visually
and if it is not enough, then it
is possible to combine it with
text information, presented by me-
-ans of effects.

For those, who don't understand
what i mean, i'll try to explain
it in other way. Let's consider
the first part of 'Matrix'. For
the most of consumers it is a
'super'  block-buster  with
high-tech visual effects; for
those, who understand cyberpunk,
it's a possible way of human evolu-
tion; and if look deeper, then
it's just a parable with beautiful
pictures telling about a world,
that every man can build around
himself and which he want to see
and to live in.

The same thing happens with demo-
making. For the most who doesn't
understand its meaning, demo is
just a beautiful video, with
outstanding audio-video features;
for those who slightly comprehend,
it's just another manner of
dick-comparison, whose is longer
(i.e. whose code, music or gfx is
better); and finally, the most dee-
pest understanding of a demo -
what stands behind that pretti-
ness, the sense, i.e. the inner
world, either current state of cre-
ators' minds, which they want to
deliver to the public.

However, there's no need in tight
code to make others see, what you
feel, if you have an interesting
idea and its proper realization.
For example, demos from skrju, or
Timewaster, which has nothing dif-
ficuilt in code, but has a great
emotional affection.

I'm not making an appeal for crea-
ting funny crap demos, we just ha-
ve to forget about this
dick-length competition and try to
concentrate on really interesting
things, that force to comprehend
the meaning of life and the world,
surrounding us, or to make demos,
which let us see the creator's in-
ner state, it has a big importan-
tance too.

p.s. I hope, Sair00s will present
the next progressive engine :)

p.p.s. By the way, conversions are
not the cure, though it is a
simple way of achieving novice
coder's purposes. You don't have
to follow someone's conceptions,
create your own and you'll gain a
biiiig satisfaction.

Темы: Игры, Программное обеспечение, Пресса, Аппаратное обеспечение, Сеть, Демосцена, Люди, Программирование

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