Adventurer #14
30 июня 2003

Editorial - Our Time Machine.

Our Time Machine        

Our Time Machine

Time changes everything... Can we
change the time? Apparently Not...
But there is a way to escape - ti-
me machines. It's around us, the
point is to feel and use it. Adven-
turer is our private time machine.
Every Alasm mnemonic, every sen-
tence, typed in Horrorword is a
part of a ritual, to make it work.
And as have been said - persisten-
ce is all, it just doesn't work
without that.

Every year we have been resurrec-
ted stronger than before. This is-
sue is not an exception. The time
has come. Our maturity have prepa-
red us to the outerworld. And we
are taking you for a ride. So-
mething is waiting us in the dis-
tant light. Is it shining darkly?
I don't know, but I can feel it in
the air - a constantly morphing
state of the scene. Devouring and
absorbing it we'll release our
energy, to form our tribe, not fol-
lowing anyone, but becoming a pre-
servers of our own culture.

You are one of the initiated.

So, devour, absorb, release...
Don't let anything or anyone spoil
you. Stand your ground and let us
penetrate your time machines to ma-
ke the cycle complete...


Coil influenced Elf of CyberPunks

Темы: Игры, Программное обеспечение, Пресса, Аппаратное обеспечение, Сеть, Демосцена, Люди, Программирование

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