Adventurer #14
30 июня 2003

Interface - History of Antique Toy.

Демосцена Демопати Обсуждения, дискуссии, мнения, размышления

History of Antique Toy  

elph> As for me, Antique Toy is
the most successfully organized
one among other virtual compos,
which are held not so often as
they could be. I want to ask you
some questions, concerning the or-
ganization of this event, I think
you are experienced now. It's up
to you to decide whether they are
worth of answers or not, but it wo-
uld be great to get this interes-
ting information.

Megus> Thanks for your apprecia-
tion. Really, we don't think that
it was a perfectly organized
compo. Too much mistakes took pla-
ce during the process. I hope
we'll find and eliminate them to
prepare the next compo. The main
drawback - we couldn't make an An-
tique Toy Official Site. The other
big mistake - too low promotional
activity that we held to make peop-
le compete and vote. So, I'll try
to be as more correct as possible
in my answers.

elph> Whose idea was to held the
Antique Toy compo and when did it

Megus> After returning from CC'01
there appeared idea in my mind to
make a virtual compo purely devo-
ted to the music. I was so excited
with this idea and I began to figu-
re out the rules and look for any
cooperation. I decided, that it wo-
uld be nice to convene a
pre-select jury (and I still think
that even virtual compo must have
such thing). I picked out some fa-
mous musicians, from ex-USSR, from
other countries, sent them the in-
vitations to take part in organi-
zing and pre-selecting. But only
few of them replied. Among them
was Siril, who had similar ideas
at that time. And it was his idea
to make a cover compo, and to divi-
de the music compo into mainstream
and progressive entries. Also he
suggested the title - Antique Toy,
it's the name of the track from so-
me electronic project (can't re-
member, maybe Orbital, or some
other). However, the project of An-
tique Toy stopped. I asked Siril
to make a rough version of the
rules, but he didn't reply me. And
later I became frustrated too. But
the compo's new life started at
CAFe'2002. MMCM, Andy Fer, Justi-
nas and me decided to resume this
project. So, I think, this fact
can be called a reference point in
the Antique Toy organizing.

elph> How quickly did you compile
the rules, and the most interes-
ting aspect is dividing music and
graphics entries into the separate
compos correspondingly - it is
what Spectrum compos usually

Megus> The preliminary version of
rules was ready in September. At
first, it must have been only a mu-
sic compo, but Stanly/Stall offe-
red to include also the gfx
compos. That's how he became the
organizer too.

Everything was OK with music
compo, we just had to choose
tracks for cover compo. But it was
a bitter debate about gfx compos.
Organizers almost raised a quarrel
among themselves. They disputed
about gfx dividing into separate
entries, about rules and so on. I
can't remember now, how long they
discussed the rules, I think, for
a month, maybe more. And then the
rules were translated into English
and published.

elph> What did you think during vo-
tesheet collecting and after that?

Megus> I was a little disappointed
with low voter's activity in the
voting period of time. Anyway,
with all mistakes that we had made
in organization we were happy to
get those 40 votes. I think, that
results are quite objective. It's
great that English musician Gasman
took part in a compo held by Russi-
ans and was one of the best. Maybe
this fact will change the attitude
of foreign musicians to our par-
ties? Maybe they will believe that
it's possible to be rated high
here, in Russia? :)

elph> What caused the pc version
of compilation to be late and why
there was no tap version, though
TR-DOS pack was made brilliantly?

Megus> The PC compilation was
late because the last works, that
had been sent after the deadline,
were accepted by Stanly, not by
me. I saw them only when Stanly
sent me the final compilation :)
So I had to ask him for all music
and new gfx works I had to extract
from this pack :) You should ask
Stanly and Capry/Stall about the
absence of the tap version. Ho-
wever, I think it was because of
time. They just had no time to ma-
ke it, but they wanted to.

After all, I hope that people will
support Antique Toy, if we'll deci-
de to make it again, and we'll get
both works and votes :)))

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