Adventurer #14
30 июня 2003

Interface - Forever Music compo psychology.

Forever Music Compo     

FQ music compo_psychology.

Have you ever been at european de-
moparties? I have not. Perhaps,
you talked with people who have
been there? I did, but of so-
mething else. So, i'm writing just
my personal thoughts. Just a coup-
le of paragraphs about the euro-
pean 8-bit party visitor's psycho-

Everybody wonders, why do usually
europeans win? I don't. Because
it's enough to chat with a man to
understand his nature, and his at-
titude in this life.

If you're going to take part in de-
moparty, first of all you must fi-
gure out your exact intentions.
For example, i have some purposes
of competing and i can pick out
the most essential ones, but the
most common for almost everybody
is to win. I think it's true that
the result of your creative impul-
se corresponds with the purposes
of your appearance at the party.
But it's not the point of this ar-
ticle, maybe somehow it is related
to. Anyway, if you want to present
your contribution at European demo-
party, you have to perceive the vi-
sitor's, the voter's psychology.
Who are they? Europeans. Czechs,
Slovaks, Englishmen, even Spanish,
perhaps. And russians? No, there's
no russians. Maybe, once there was
one, but he couldn't meddle in any
matter. Although, he could have
forgotten about the voting because
of being drunk in his happiness.
So, leave him peacefully and see
the voter is European. Who is euro-
pean? He has a different menta-
lity. He has everything alright
with sewerage, he earns 4 bucks
per hour, and why is he concerned
with Spectrum? Right -for the plea-
sure. It's a hobby. Someone col-
lects coins, stamps, dung-beetles,
and someone is playing with their
old Spectrums. And they are too
far from hard code, lame code -
the demoscene is a pure fun for
them. FOR FUN. FUN. F U N. Remem-
ber this. It's not a mere word.
They don't devote themselves to 8
bits as the almost every russian
spectrumist do.

I'm studying at university, i have
a girlfriend, free time and a lot
of beer (and it's a very good beer
if i live in Czech Rep.). When i
was small, my parents bought be a
computer, and i played games from
tapes with colourful covers that i
could buy in a shop. I liked the
joy and a fun, i was fond of Jet
Set Willy 2, it was marvellous.
Then i got a pc, entered a univer-
sity, i began to eager for the big-
ger fun and creativity. I still
play games, my old games, because
they remember me of my childhood.
About that cheerful and wonderful
world and those hours of joy that
it gave to me. And now i am stu-
dying, have to pass the exams, but
i have no really big problems. I
have a little being used minivan,
i have rented a small apartment, i
date with my girl. And i'm a
ZX-Spectrum fan. I have a lot of
friends, we chat at #z80, someti-
mes we gather at somebody's sum-
mer cottage to drink Czech beer
from the 20 litre barrel. We are
happy of being together, we are
friends. And it's a big fun for us
to do something on Spectrum. Beca-
use we are carefree in this life.
Though someone has to work while
studying, he is also concerned
with Spectrum. To have some fun.
For fun. FUN.

Sometimes we all gather to drink
some beer and to enjoy ourselves
(almost the same things). Ellvis
invites us. Meeting with a tap on
the shoulder and a smile. We enjoy
each other, drink beer and sud-
denly, hehe, a music compo begins.
Or maybe graphics. Or any other.
And i hear the music that my fri-
end has made, here he is, sitting
nearby, drinking beer and la-
ughing. I begin to laugh too. Sud-
denly, i hear the music that is ve-
ry familiar to me, that reminds me
of my childhood! I see the smiling
face of Factor 6 and realize, that
all that i have to do is to give
him the first place. Because he ga-
ve me what i wanted to have. So-
mething that i like. And it's fun-
ny to me.



P.S. Moreover, it's good for dan-
cing (especially after beer that
i've drunk by now).

Темы: Игры, Программное обеспечение, Пресса, Аппаратное обеспечение, Сеть, Демосцена, Люди, Программирование

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