Subliminal Extacy #00
01 января 1994

The End Is Near

The End Is Near
                   <<<<< The End Is Near >>>>>                  
                   -= By Bogie Of Extacy-3 =-                   
Well now as the end of the first issue of Subliminal Extacy     
draws to an end I thought it would be nice for you to know      
exactly how much memory that this disk mag takes up!!!!         
 First of all I shall break it down into what the memory was    
used for!!!                                                     
From 25000-30000 the menu text and the nescessary varaibles for 
the mag was kept!                                               
From 30000-58000 is the article buffer!                         
From 58000-65535 is the music and menu code with the page       
printer routine!!!                                              
All the usefull 16K memory pages will be used but in this one,  
one was left empty!                                             
The amount of article text was  113149 bytes!                   
The amount of menu code ect was  12535 bytes!                   
The amount of code the end part takes up is 11000 bytes         
The total amount of uncompressed memory used is a staggering... 
                          136684 bytes                          
That is all the info I am going to give you and now all I have  
left to say is goodbye!!                                        

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The End Is Near

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