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01 января 1994

Last Friday Night

Last Friday Night
                   <<<<< Last Friday Night >>>>>                
                    -= By Bogie Of Extacy-3 =-                  
This is a little story about a party that L.a., Brainer and me  
(Bogie) all went to!! The date of the party was 2nd of June     
It was one of those parties where when you heard about it you   
thought it was going to be really crap!!! But you had better go 
just incase something funny happened!!!! And this was exactly   
what happened, we went to the party, crap as we thought it would
be, and we all got totally pissed out of our heads.  Most of the
music was pretty crap but some Prodigy came on and some other   
good stuff, so L.A. and I started doing our rave-y type dance   
and were complemented by many people at how good at dancing we  
were!!!  But the next day both L.A. and I tried to dance like we
had done the night before, but very unsuccessfully.  We couldn't
dance to save our lives!!!  But anyway that's another story,    
back to my original story about the actual party!!!             
At about 9:30 - 1Opm things started to happen; first of all a   
girl called Rachel (or Ging-er for short, because of her ginger 
hair!!) was going out with this kid called Jodie.  And at around
the stated time Jodie "DUMPED" Rachel and Rachel was very upset 
and crying immensly.  She came up to Brainer and L.A. for       
sympathy and comfort but came nowhere near me after I shouted   
YOU STUPID BITCH!".  As you can guess, I don't get on very well 
with Rachel.  She really does my head in with the amount of crap
that flows out of her mouth!!!!  After about 10-20 minutes of   
her crying she then proceeded to barf her guts up all over the  
place!!!  Good riddence for all I care, she should of died there
and then!!!                                                     
After 1Opm everyone was totally pissed and you know what happens
to pissed women now don't you!!!! Yeah you do, don't lie!!!!    
They get very randy and either want to 'get off' with anyone or 
jump into the nearest bed!!!!!  Well sadly I, in my pissed state
fell into the 'evil' arms of one of these pissed women while she
was looking for L.A.  I wish L.A. hadn't just gone around the   
corner!!!!  Then what I shall proceed to tell you would never of
happened to me but to L.A.!!!!!!  Wanker L.A.!!!!!              
Well while L.A. and Brainer were just around the corner, Katie, 
(the evil women who had 'kidnapped' me) was trying her best to  
try to get me to 'get off' with her!!!!  But as much as I tried 
to control my senses, the evil within me (placed there through  
the beer I expect!!!) took complete control of my body.  So then
Katie and I started to kiss (without me knowing because I was   
fucking pissed!!!) which promptly stopped when I came to my     
senses and saw L.A. and Brainer coming in my direction!!!       
Brainer had to look more than twice at very close range (about 1
inch!!) from my face because that was the furthest he could see 
!!!!  Yes he was just as pissed as me!!!  Then the screams of   
sad bastard were hurlded into my face!!!!  This was because     
Katie is a very sad woman and I was already going out with a    
very good looking girl at the time!!                            
The knowledge of that I had 'got off' with Katie was very       
quickly spread around the people at the party and everyone kept 
coming up to me and laughing for the rest of the night, and most
probably the rest of my life!!!!  This started to piss me off so
I started to head butt the wall and shouting "WHY THE FUCKING   
HELL DID I DO SUCH A SAD THING!!!!!".  This continued for the   
rest of the party until the members of E-3 left.  So I had      
thought that my embarssement had finished for the night, but I  
was sadly wrong!!!!  On the way home I saw some other people who
were at the party but had left earlier than us!!!  And yes      
you've guessed it..... they had a good laugh, along with Brainer
and L.A., at my expense.                                        
Well have you been wondering what my girl friend had to say     
about my pissed exploits?????  Or have you just not taken any   
notice of what I've been writing?????  Well Tracy, my girl      
friend at the time, didn't get to know.  She should of guessed  
by the 'hints' that all my friends were dropping, at the top of 
thier voice!!!  Hints like... " That party was shit until some  
one got off with Katie, eh Bogie!!!!" and "What's all thins     
about Katie then!!!!".  But I can now advertise this because I  
am no longer going out with Tracy!!!!                           
Now for the moral of this story is .....                        
If you get pissed, stay away from sad women.  Or pay the price  
of being called a 'Fucking Sad Bastard'.  Trust me, it's not a  
very nice feeling!!!!!!                                         

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