Subliminal Extacy #00
01 января 1994

The Mummy's Curse

The Mummy's Curse
                   <<<<< The Mummy's Curse >>>>>                
                    -= By Bogie Of Extacy-3 =-                  
            Here is just a short story which I had              
            heard a long time ago.  The story is very           
            spooky and could explain one of the                 
            worlds most famous disaters!!!!  If you             
            suffer from a nervous disposition then              
            donot, I repeat DONOT read this!!  It               
            could be bad for your health!!!!                    
              I rate this as one of my favourite                
            'spooky' stories!!!!  So lets begin,                
            shall we?                                           
            In 1910, Douglas Murray, an Englishman,             
            bought an acient Egyptian mummy-case in             
            Cairo.  The case had contained the                  
            mummified body of a princess who had                
            lived in Thebes in the year 1600 bc.                
            Just a few hours after he had purchased             
            the case, the American who had sold it to           
            him died mysteriously.  Following the               
            Americans death, Douglas Murray learned             
            that the princess had been a member of a            
            powerful religous cult and she had placed           
            a dreadful curse on anyone who dared                
            disturb her final resting place.                    
            Murray was an experienced Egyptologist              
            and he had heard of many such curses and            
            the stories which came with then, so he             
            paid very little attention.  But then a             
            few days later, he was on a shooting                
            expedition when his gun went off in his             
            hands. He was so badly injured that his             
            arm had to be amputated from the elbow              
            down.  Then, on the journey back to                 
            England, two of Murry's companions died             
            suddenly.  Afew months later, two of his            
            Egyptian workers also died in mysterious            
            Murray decided that he must get rid of the          
            accursed mummy-case, and a lady offered             
            to but it from him.  Almost immediately,            
            her mother died, and her boyfriend left             
            her.  When eventually, she fell                     
            desperately ill, her lawyer persuaded her           
            to return the mummy-case to Doulas                  
            Murray presented the case to the British            
            Museum, where a photographer and an                 
            Egyptologist both suddenly died.                    
            Finally, a New York museum agreed to take           
            the case and it was shipped to America on           
            a new 'unsinkable' ship - called the                
            Titanic.  The Titanic, as everybody                 
            knows, hit an iceberg and sank, taking              
            down with her alomost 1500 people - and             
            the dreaded mummy's curse.                          
 Well isn't that incredably spooky???  and the worst bit about i
tis, that it is completely TRUE!!!!                             

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