Subliminal Extacy #00
01 января 1994

Are You A Speccy Freak?

Are You A Speccy Freak?
              >>>>>> Are You A Speccy Freak? <<<<<<             
                    -= By L.A. Of Extacy-3 =-                   
Do you often find yourself thinking that maybe your humble old  
Speccy my own your life? Do you find yourself loading up the    
same old utility or demo and sit in front of your Speccy watch  
it? Well here is a questionaire to found out if you really are  
addicted to using your Speccy!                                  
The scoring is easy. All you have to do is go down this         
questionaire and write down what answers you gave. E.g. For     
question No. 1 you may answer A. So you could write down 1.A.   
Then when you get to the end of this text you will be able to   
total up your scores.                                           
Question 1.                                                     
How often do you use your Speccy?                               
A. 30 minutes a day                                             
B. 1 to 3 hours a day                                           
C. 3 to 5 hours a day                                           
D. I spend every hour God sends on Speccy!                      
Question 2.                                                     
How many spectrum computers do you own?                         
A. One                                                          
B. Two                                                          
C. More than Two                                                
D. I own the entire worlds population of Speccys!               
Question 3.                                                     
How many tapes or disks do you own for your spectrum?           
A. One                                                          
B. 10 to 50                                                     
C. 100 to 200                                                   
D. Greater than 200                                             
Question 4.                                                     
Who uses your computer?                                         
A. Everyone in your family (This includes Granny!)              
B. Everyone in your family except Granny!                       
C. You and your mates                                           
D. You All the time!                                            
Question 5.                                                     
How long have you had your Speccy/Spectrums?                    
A. 5 minutes (This is very unlikely!)                           
B. 1 to 3 years                                                 
C. Greater than 3 years                                         
D. I've had my Speccy since the dawn of time!                   
Question 6.                                                     
How many accessories do you own for your Speccy?                
A. None                                                         
B. One                                                          
C. Two to Four                                                  
D. I've got every spectrum accessory ever made!                 
Question 7.                                                     
Which of following do you use your Speccy for?                  
A. Games (Stop torturing your Speccy!)                          
B. Basic programming                                            
C. Assembling the lastest and coolest software on Speccy!       
D. Watching demos on, writing cool articles for this mag, making
   your own demos and maybe a bit of Video-Digitizing!          
Question 8.                                                     
Do you own any other computers (E.g. Sam Coupe). If so How many?
A. Yes, I have more than two computers ( and I am very greedy!) 
B. Yes, I have Two computers other than Speccy                  
C. Yes, I have One other computer than Speccy                   
D. No, I have only Speccy in my life (Good For You!)            
Question 9.                                                     
What computers do you own with your speccy?                     
A. An Atari (You Are Sad!)                                      
B. A P.C.                                                       
C. An Amiga                                                     
D. A Sam Coupe                                                  
Question 10.                                                    
What do you do first thing in the morning?                      
A. Go back to sleep                                             
B. Make some breakfast                                          
C. Have a wash                                                  
D. Turn on your Speccy and watch the latest demos!              
Question 11.                                                    
How many contacts do you have?                                  
A. None (How the hell did you get this then?)                   
B. 1 to 3                                                       
C. 4 to 6                                                       
D. More than 6                                                  
Question 12.                                                    
A Speccy freak asks you 'Whassa Z80 chip?' do you......         
A. Look very confused and hope he goes away                     
B. Say I'm not hungry                                           
C. Say it's sommit in side a Speccy                             
D. Bore him to death with a 15 hour talk on the Spectrums CPU   
HOW DID YOU SCORE?                                              
A = -10                                                         
B = 0                                                           
C = 10                                                          
D = 20                                                          
LESS THAN 0                                                     
You are in no danger of being addicted to your Speccy. You are  
what Bogie classes as 'A SAD MOTHERFUCKER'! Go get a life!      
Loser! You are no-where near being an 'INSIDER'! You are        
obviously one of the biggest LAMERS ever to walk the face of the
Between 0 and 100                                               
You are still pretty sad but at least you know what a Speccy is!
With a bit of work you could make it, almost! Stop programming  
in basic! Buy an assembler and learn Z-80 code! Basic is        
toooooooooo slow! Stop playing those lame games!                
Between 100 and 200                                             
Yeah! You are obviously well informed about your speccy. You    
must be producing some good demos/utilities/etc. But maybe      
you're not spending enough time on your speccy! Don't be lazy   
and continue the good work! Speccy needs more people like you!  
Over 200                                                        
Wow! Amazing! You must one of the worlds finest Speccy freaks!  
Please send me your address! You most certainly know the score  
on every speccy aspect!                                         
Over 240                                                        
You are obviously an impostor who can't count to save your life!
How We Scored!                                                  
Bogie scored an amazing 170 points! Oh dear Bogie! You better   
had spend more time in the morning on your Speccy!              
L.A. scored an amazing 190 points! Damn! Ten points away from   
that amazing 200 points!! Maybe owning the worlds entire        
population of speccys may help me!!                             

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