Subliminal Extacy #00
01 января 1994

A Message To PD Libraries

A Message To PD Libraries
              >>>>> A Message To PD Libraries <<<<<             
                    -= By L.A. Of Extacy-3 =-                   
Good news for you guys, Subliminal Extacy is Public Domain!     
However you may only sell it providing you don't charge any more
         `2.50 for a complete copy of Subliminal Extacy         
(The above price is in UK pounds sterling).  This price includes
the cost of any disks, tapes, duplication, labour, postage and  
packaging and ALL OTHER OVERHEADS.                              
If you do not respect our rules, you will find future editions  
loading page stating "THIS MAY NOT BE DISTRIBUTED BY XXX PD",   
with XXX being your companies name.                             
PD libraries may however, charge as little as they like, infact 
they can feel free to pay people to have a copy this magazine!  
Subliminal Extacy MUST be distributed with all the files that   
where on the original disk.  If you're unsure then again write  
to either L.A. or Bogie at the usual addresses.                 
If your PD library makes any money from selling Subliminal      
Extacy then how about you supporting it with an article! (Come  
on you meanies, we are helping to keep your library active, it's
the least you could do, or maybe we should withdraw it from PD  
If you buy future issues of Subliminal Extacy from a PD library 
and pay more than our maximum sale price, or found any of the   
files missing, then PLEASE contact Bogie or L.A. and give them  
full details, they will be pleased to hear from you!            
Subliminal Extacy still remains copyright to Extacy-3, all      
rights reserved.  We reserve the right to withdraw PD           
distrubution rights of any or all issues at any time.           
If you wish to distribute Subliminal Extacy and receive your    
copy from someone outside the Extacy-3 team then please let us  
know.  Extacy-3 are easy to get along with providing we are     
consulted before you decide to distribute Subliminal Extacy.    
This also let's us check you have a 100% bug free, unaltered    
Any mail regarding distribution etc. should be sent to L.A. or  
Bogie at the following addresses:                               
                       28 Wilshire Avenue                       
                            BS15 ЗQT                            
                        14 DeVerose Court                       
                            BS15 ЗSW                            
        Or Phone Bogie On +44 (0272) 605975 Ask for Alec        
            Or L.A. On +44 (0272) 618082 Ask for Neil           

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A Message To PD Libraries

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