Inferno #05
30 апреля 2004

Inferno - The authors and editorial contacts.

<b>Inferno</b> - The authors and editorial contacts.
       The authors of the journal

             Inferno Guide # 5


   Editor in Chief:

- Shaitan / SoK
- Alone Coder/i8

   Graphics and design:

- Alone Coder/i8
- Silent / Delta (screensaver)
- RamTop / CAIG (article, "We wrote ...")

   Shell and an intro:

- Alone Coder/i8

   The magazine used the following music

- Nick Gibson (10)
- Alone Coder (5)
- Macros (4)
- C-Jeff (3)
- Risk (3)
- John Silver (2)
- Basil (1)
- Mm 

Other articles:

CacheVox - The code for import and subsequent playback of digital music from floppy disks.

For Coderz - RAYCASTING - make yourself a little DOOM'a. Tracing algorithm 3D maze in the game WOLF.

Inferno - O magazine.

DIY - Fits the mouse from the Amiga to the ZX Spectrum.

Softinka - an overview screen wrappers for ZX Spectrum.

Inferno - The authors and editorial contacts.

Gameland - description of the game Stronghold (Bastion).

Softinka - Package CacheVox v1.0 to import and play digital music from floppy disks.

Interview - an interview with Disabler'om - coder, artist and zhelezyachnikom from Rostov-on-Don.

Others - Bugs writing to floppy disks. Causes and methods of struggle.

Gameland - Short description of the problems the game Dune: Imperia 2.

Inferno - Errors in the previous numbers.

For Coderz - Small programmers' tricks.

Spectrum - compressed data format on the ZX Spectrum.

Gameland - the game Hexagonal Filler.

Softinka - Hrum 3.5i - the fastest LZ-extractor with the bit stream.

DIY - Production of the tail for the mouse.

Iron - We investigate the chip K561IE10A.

Iron - We investigate the chip KR1533IE7.

Iron - We investigate the chip K561TL1. .

Softinka - display compressor Laser Compact 4.0.

Inferno - Letters to the Editor.

Softinka - Compressor texts MS Pack 01.96.

Inferno - On the shell.

Softinka - the benefits archiver Rar.

Softinka - Packer RGB images Powerful Code Decreaser v6.2.

Likbez - What are the plus and minus voltage.

Likbez - How does the protection of the circuit elements.

For Coderz - Nuances Raycasting-a.

Softinka - Real Information Packer 0.2x - one of the most powerful compressor on the ZX.

For Coderz - autobuild program. Optimize the assembly process.

Inferno - Intro.

Others - The results of the survey.

Others - The Compo. On the survey.

About Spectrum - thinking about the future of the Spectrum.

Iron - Once again, the protection circuits KR1818VG93.

Темы: Игры, Программное обеспечение, Пресса, Аппаратное обеспечение, Сеть, Демосцена, Люди, Программирование

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