Scream #02
29 января 2002

Zoom - интервью с Baze/3sc.

<b>Zoom</b> - интервью с Baze/3sc.


[?] Current group staff? 

riXta  (pyt0) - coder. the founder of the group, recently almost 
inactive  (although  he significantly participated in demos Open
Your  Eyes  and MQM 5). occasionally he codes some crazy utility 
or  intro for PC. he studies at IT university and he is program-
ming  boards  for  telecommunication voice systems (and he is my
best friend, as we know each other for 13 years :). 

bEETLE - coder.  he  is  very good at optimization and exploring 
new  ideas or tricks. he is our little genius and even if he se-
ems inactive, he provides very useful brainstorming support.. he
studies at two universities (math-physics and also IT). he works
as  artificial  intelligence  programmer  for PC game-developing

huGe (astex) - coder, designer, graphician. huGe has great know- 
ledge  of  hardware, excellent coding skills and most important-
ly - sense  of  art and unconventional thinking. he greatly par-
ticipates  to  overall  look and design of our works. he studies
hardware engineering and works for a company developing UPC's.

baze - coder,  designer, musician, graphician. well... hehe, I'm 
the  founder  of  the group and perhaps the idea-leader. i study
information technologies and i work as a programmer for telecom-
munication  voice  system boards (formerly i coded bank informa-
tion  systems). I'm demoscene addict and i like to do everything
on my own :) Blah, it's hard to write about myself ;)

[?] What are you working on now? What plans for the future? 

As  with  any scener in his middle 20's, we lack spare time  for
coding.  That's  why  we don't plan anything and our productions
are rather spontaneous (and recently also rare :). We decided to
develop  our  skills  and  minds  and not get stuck in one point
(knowing Z80 code, saying that PC sucks and that's all). I would
say  that  we  are  now more into art than into coding. It means
that  code  is  just  the way, not the goal. This is what we are
working  on  now (except  job,  having a break, sleep, sport and
spending good time with friends :):

Square - the  web  gallery of mine and huGe's photos, images and 
drawings.  it  is  oriented  into minimal - industrial - digital
art. we decided to create this gallery because we felt that the-
re are  some ideas and feelings that can not be expressed by co-
de.  There  are already lots of material available. Gallery will
be  placed  at  At  the moment there is just some
pseudo-page.  We  already made a multimedial presentation in the
Theatre  of  Music  containing  this  material and we want to do

Football  robot - this  is  actually a funny university project. 
The  goal  is  to develop a robot team capable of playing robot-
football.  The  only  member  of  our  group that works on it is
bEETLE - he codes all artificial intelligence and physical model 
of the world into robot's "head".

256b  intros - this  is  my hobby, as I like to code not only on 
Z80 but also on x86's. Also, bEETLE likes this kind of coding if
he has some spare time. At the moment I'm coding an intro called
Tube  to  be  presented at Syndeecate party in early August. I'm
always  fighting  hard against my toughest opponents like Serzh,
Dement/Broncs or CPOC/Downtown :) 

Z80  code - I'm intentionally not saying that we are working  on 
THIS  or  THIS project... times are changing, ideas/opinions are 
changing  too. To be honest, I don't think that Spectrum can ex-
press  all  we  want to express, nor that we have to use all our
brainpower  to  code fast and clean code for Z80. But some of us
just love Spectrum. If I get the good idea and motivation, I co-
de some routines that may from time to time appear in  intro. Or
we may suddenly decide to make a "short-kinda-art" demo, like we
did with The Loop, which was misunderstood. However, only me and
maybe  huGe, with enough motivation, are active on ZX scene. The
rest  of the group is no longer interested in Speccy and I comp-
letely  understand them, as they know everything about ZX, their
knowledge is beyond ZX's capabilities and it's no longer a chal-
lenge  for  them. The result - spontaneously, new pieces of code
for  ZX  may  appear, mainly from me with huGe's support, but if
they won't, don't be surprised :) And... yeah, I will try to put
The Loop into presentable state :)

Our  plans?  Easy question, because I said that we don't plan :)
We  just want to keep the spirit, continue contributing to Squa-
re, do some crazy pieces of code on ANY platform and maybe orga-
nize  another  multimedial (or VJ?) show with images/animations,
do  some art webs like :). Our sec-
ret  wish is to produce a PC demo, but heaven knows if that wish
will be ever fulfilled.

[?] Are  you  going to chaos constructions'1 in SPB? Or will you 
    make demo/intro/mus/gfx for it?

No, I'm not going this (and last ;) time. I've been to many gre-
at demoparties around and this time I don't feel like travelling
across  such  distance to see another one. However, I would like
to  meet some of these crazy people somewhere and somewhen and I
believe there will be a chance :)

As  for contributions... I'm not optimistic. It will be a matter
of  last-moment  decision  and that's why NO DEMO, for sure. The
intro  is  possible,  but I would better publish 100% intro some
time  later  than  50% intro just to be ready at CC1. As for mu-
sic... I  think  that my tunes are not presentable to masses and
they  are  not good enough to compete with top musicians (though
they  may  fit as a soundtrack for demo). And ... hm, gfx ... it
would  be  again something strange like Blue from Forever party.
Knowing  nature  of  CC parties, it wouldn't even pass preselec-
tion,  so why to try. People seem to like preciously drawn mons-
ters :)  I  would  rather  support Phat party because I like its

[?] Baze, honey, i want "the  loop";D  When  i will see it on my 

Hehe,  HEAVEN KNOWS :))) As you know, we got a bit disappointed,
because  we  coded  good  engine with semaphores, pipes and some
really  fast  pieces  of code. Idea was also not bad and design,
imho,  was  original  [though hard to watch :]. Result - fiasco.
That's why I'm lacking motivation. Howgh :) We will see.

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Темы: Игры, Программное обеспечение, Пресса, Аппаратное обеспечение, Сеть, Демосцена, Люди, Программирование

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