Subliminal Extacy #02
01 января 1995

Who To Write Too

                        Who To Write Too                        
                   By Ebi Of Users Vote Specci                  
Hi Folks, this time I will tell you, whom you can write letters 
and whom not.                                                   
- The Unbelievables: Yes, write letters, send discs (Opus or +D)
  with good stuff! (Lechz)                                      
- Talisman: Oh no, you will never get an answer. Talisman has   
  stopped on Specci and moved to Berlin. (The city.ED)          
- Xterminator of TMG: Write to him only if  ou want some silly  
  pics and a lot of blabla                                      
- Vision of TMG: Write to him, but do not send discs. He may    
  take the disc and not answer your letter                      
- Extacy 3: Write to them, and send articles for SE. (Yes, write
  loads of letters and articles.ED)                             
- Matasoft: Also write to him, and tell him that Amiga is big   
  shit! (As big shit as Atari?.ED)                              
- My girl: Don't write to her you fucking arsehole!             
- WoMo Team: Write only to Mo, because Wo don't like writing so 
  much. In fact he nearly never writes anything.                
- Datasoft: Write to him, your letter will be answered (in a few
- Exodus-Team: You want the newest stuff? Write to Exodus!      
- CIR: He got only Spectrum on his PC-Emulator. Never written   
  before to a total PC-loser? Then write to him !               
- Omega: If you have some tips for him, how to code a demo, then
  write to him.                                                 
- United Minds: I have never written to them...and I am still   
  alive. Write not and you will also stay alive.                
- Zack: Write now, because if you wait longer you have to send    
 the letter to Germany and postage is higher (I think).         
- Qjeta: Don't write long letters. Send him a parcel with       
  cigarettes and alcohol and he will do a song for you. (Send me
  cigarettes and alcohol and I will do you a song.ED)           
- Format: Don't write there, or do you want to buy a fucking    
- Spectrum UK: Write in, and get the mag. It's the best you can   
Some lines are really true, others are jokes. Write to all and  
find out yourself, which are jokes and which not!               
Or write to me:                                                 
             EBI, PLK 120 154 E, 70794 Filderstadt               

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