Subliminal Extacy #02
01 января 1995

Mother Yolpa Gives Birth

                   Mother Yolpa Gives Birth                     
          By L.A. Of The Yolpa Brothers From Extacy-3           
Yep!  I'm now part of the ELITE section of Extacy-3, The Yolpa  
The Yolpa Brothers where formed on a very stormy night in the   
south-western region of England, in early May.  It consists of 3
brotherly members, Bogie - K-os - and me, L.A.!!  So if you see 
any demos with the Yolpa name or copyright, you know who dunnit!
Why an ELITE section of Extacy-3?  Well soon Extacy-3 will be   
undergoing some major changes.  Changes?  Yep, we started the   
changes in early April when BNR was kicked from the group for   
being too lazy, too lame and too down right dodgy!!             
Let me inform you of some of the productions which the Yolpa    
Brothers plan to release over the next few months.              
Firstly we have Nocturn  - a 128k slideshow by K-oS. It will    
have a couple of interlace screen$ and some normal type of      
screens, although a Hi-res colour screen is still being         
considered for inclusion.                                       
Next is Insanity Part 2 - Pippillea , a 128k demo by all        
Brothers.  It will be much better than Insanity Part 1.         
Then there's Sub-Sonic 3 - A 128k music demo by me (L.A.) which 
will feature as many types of music as I can compose.  I have   
already composed an Acid Jazz tune and some very strange        
melodies. Some songs will be have composed on SQ-Tracker.       
But alot of my older tunes will be included so you may consider 
it as a music collection.  Also as it will have alot of music in
it, guest composures are welcomed.                              
Last and by no means least will be a short little Double Preview
which doesn't yet have a name, but will be a Preview of the     
demos Sub-Sonic 3 and Nocturne.  This should be out before the  
And of course the Yolpa Brothers will continue to produce S.E.  
incorporating Sinclair Classic.                                 
          -=- Yolpa Brothers - The Seed Of Insanity -=-         
          -=* :-) - Bogie    ;-) - L.A.   B-) - K-oS*=-            

Темы: Игры, Программное обеспечение, Пресса, Аппаратное обеспечение, Сеть, Демосцена, Люди, Программирование

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